Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3934 CUTLER, JAMES G. Address of Hon. James G. Cutler, Mayor, before the Rochester Ministerial Association, January 30, 1905.
3935 GENESEE REGION HEALTH PLANNING COUNCIL. Drug Use and Abuse Program in Monroe County: An Inventory.
3936 HART, WILLIAM T., and others. “Community Facilities for Alcoholics in Rochester, N.Y.”
3937 HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF ROCHESTER & MONROE COUNTY. Restart: A Treatment Program for Monroe County Residents Caught in the Spiral of Drug Abuse.
3938 HESS, JOSEPH F. The Autobiography of Joseph F. Hess, the Converted Prize-Fighter. A Book of Thrilling Experiences and Timely Warnings to Young Men ...
3939 KINGSTON, PATTI J., and JEFFREY O. SMITH. A Study of Drug Abuse in Rochester and Monroe County.
3940 MONROE COUNTY. Mental Health Department. Directory of Agencies in Monroe County Providing Services on the Use and Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs.
3941 PITTMAN, DAVID J., and C. WAYNE GORDON. Revolving Door: A Study of the Chronic Police Case Inebriate. Glencoe, III.: The Free Press;
3942 RICHARDS, THOMAS B. Drinking Patterns among Fifty Police Case Alcoholics.
3943 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. “Drunks, but Citizens: An Appeal for the Conservation of Rochester Men.”
3944 ZAX, MELVIN, and others. “Public Intoxication in Rochester: A Survey of Individuals Charged during 1961.”
3945 ZAX, MELVIN, and others. “A Survey of the Prevalence of Alcoholism in Monroe County, N.Y., 1961.”

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