Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3820 Report of the Addresses and Sermon at the Dedication of the Clifton Springs Water-Cure, Held July 25, 1856.
3812 "Castile Sanitarium Observes Centennial."
3813 "Dr. Mary T. Greene Sanitarium: 100 Year Celebration."
5641 A Collection of the Published Analyses of Avon Mineral Springs, with Remarks on the Use of the Waters, Public Houses, Bathing Establishments, Natural Curiosities, &c.
5642 Dedication of the New Building of the Sanitarium at Clifton Springs, N.Y., 1896.
5643 Report of the Addresses and Sermon at the Dedication of Clifton Springs Water-Cure Held July 25, 1856.
3806 ADAMS, SAMUEL H. Life of Henry Foster, M.D.: Founder, Clifton Springs Sanitarium.
3807 ATWATER, EDWARD C., and LAWRENCE A. KOHN. Rochester and the Water-Cure, 1844-1854.
3808 BURR, NANCY J. "The Water-Cure."
3809 CARPENTER, CATHY A. "Our Castle on the Hill."
3810 CARSON, GERALD. "Bloomers and Bread Crumbs."
3811 CONKLIN, WILLIAM D., comp. The Jackson Health Resort: Pioneer in Its Field, as Seen by Those Who Knew It Well ...
3814 FRANCIS, JOHN W. Observations on the Mineral Waters of Avon, Livingston County, New-York.
3815 GORDON, ELIZABETH PUTNAM. The Story of the Life and Work of Cordelia A. Greene, M.D.
3816 GREENE, EDWARD. "Recollections of Early Days at the Water Cure with Dr. Cordelia Greene."
3817 JOHNSON, JOSEPHINE M. "The Water Cure at 'The San.'"
3818 KURTZ, DONALD. "The Warsaw Sanitarium."
3819 LOSSING,BENSON J. "Sulphur Springs of New York."
3821 TREUSDELL, CAROL S. "Greenwood Springs."

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