Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1008 COWAN, HELEN I. “Charles Williamson and the Southern Entrance to the Genesee Country.”
1009 COWAN, HELEN I. “Williamsburg: Lost Village on the Genesee.”
1007 COWAN, HELEN I. Charles Williamson: Genesee Promoter--Friend of Anglo- American Rapprochement.
1010 COWAN, HELEN I., and A.J.H. RICHARDSON, eds. William Berczy's Williamsburg Documents.
1011 COX, ISAAC J. Hispanic-American Phases of the 'Burr Conspiracy.'
1012 EVANS, PAUL D. The Pulteney Purchase.
1013 HAIGHT, SAMUEL S. A Reply to Col. Troup's Defense, of the Agency of the Pulteney Estate, against the Charge of Exerting Its Influence in the State Elections …
1014 HAMILTON, M. H. A Leaf from the Past. Some Memories of "Grieg Hall," Canandaigua.
1016 McNALL, NEIL A. John Grieg: Land Agent and Speculator.
1017 N.Y. LEGISLATURE. Acts of the Legislature of the State of New-York, Respecting the Titles of the Pulteney & Hornby Estates, and Reports of Attorneys- General Hall and Barker on the Same.
1018 PARKER, ARTHUR C. Charles Williamson, Builder of the Genesee Country.
1019 PULTENEY, ESTATE, complainant. In the Court of Chancery, between Sir John L. Johnstone, Complainant, and Sir James Pulteney, Sir Thomas Jones, Christopher Codrington, Robert Troup, Mary Foster, and Andrew Craigie, Defendants. Case both on the Part of the Complainant and of the Defendants.
1020 PULTENEY, ESTATE, complainant. (Pulteney and Hornby Estates, 1850.)
1021 PULTENEY, ESTATE, complainant. Pulteney and Horby Titles. Supreme Court. Masterton Ure and Others, vs. Almerin Graves. Opinion of the Supreme Court in Favor of the Title, Delivered by Justice Welles, at the Monroe General Term, September, 1850. Also copies of Various Public Documents Respecting the Title.
1022 PULTENEY, ESTATE, complainant. respondent. In the Supreme Court. ... Henry C. Howard, George C.K. Johnston, Henry Chaplin and James R. Farquharson, Respondents, against Geo. K. Moot, Appellant ... Dated March 20th, 1875 ....
1015 ROACH, GEORGE, ed. Johnstone-Troup Correspondence.
1023 SNYDER, ALONZO, defendant. In the Supreme Court. The People of the State of New York, vs. Alonzo Snyder: Notice of Appeal from Judgment.
1024 SOMMERFELDT, JOHN HENRY. The Diary of a German on his Way to Upper Canada. ed. G. Elmore Reaman.
1025 TRIPP, WENDELL. Robert Troup: A Quest for Security in a Turbulent New Nation, 1775-1832.
1026 TROUP, ROBERT. In Assembly … Feb. l, 1814: The Committee to Whom were Referred the Several Petitions of the Settler of the Pulteney Estate.
1027 TROUP, ROBERT. A Defense of the Agency of the Pulteney Estate, against the Charge of Exerting Its Influence in the State Elections.
1028 TROUP, ROBERT. Instructions from Robert Troup, as Chief Agent of the Pulteney Estate, to William M'Cay, in Respect to the Management of the Estate ...
1029 VAN DEUSEN, JOHN G. Robert Troup: Agent of the Pulteney Estate.
1030 WILLIS, CLARENCE. Pulteney Land Title, Together with the Illustrations of Characters Prominent in the Colonization and Settlement of Western New York.

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