Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1047 The Holland Land Company.
1054 “The Holland Land Office: The Genesee Story Yesterday and Today.”
1062 "Sesqui-Centennial of Ellicott Survey."
1031 AMERMAN, RICHARD H. The Holland Land Company in Western New York.
1032 BARTLETT, G. HUNTER. Andrew and Joseph Ellicott: The Plans of Washington City and the Village of Buffalo and Some of the Persons Concerned.
1033 BUTTERWORTH, ELSIE WALKER. John Lincklaen of the Holland Land Company.
1034 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. Joseph Ellicott Enters Politics.
1035 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. “Joseph Ellicott's Big Family.”
1036 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. “Politics, Roads, and Taxes in the Holland Purchase.”
1041 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. Joseph Ellicott and the Holland Land Company: The Opening of Western New York.
1038 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. “Joseph Ellicott and the Bank of Niagara.”
1039 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. “Joseph Ellicott, the Embargo, and the War of 1812.”
1040 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. “The Van Eeghen Collection.”
1037 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. “Joseph Ellicott and the Grand Canal.”
1042 COLT, JUDAH. Judah Colt's Narrative. Experiences as Pioneer Surveyor in Western New York, and as Agent for the Pennsylvania Population Company, 1789-1808.
1044 ELLICOTT, JOSEPH. “Extracts from Jos. Ellicott's Letter Books and Early Correspondence.”
1043 ELLICOTT, JOSEPH. The Holland Land Company and Canal Construction in Western New York. Correspondence Now First Published. Publications of the Buffalo Historical Society, 14 (1910), 3-185.
1045 ELLICOTT, JOSEPH. Reports of Joseph Ellicott as Chief of Survey (1797-1800) and as Agent (1800-1821) of the Holland Land Company's Purchase in Western New York, ed. Robert W. Bingham.
1046 EVANS, ELLICOTT. Reminiscences of Joseph Ellicott.
1048 FRENCH, ROBERT M. Merchandizing New Lands.
1049 HOLLAND LAND CO. Refutation of the claim of John Livingston, Esquire, to Lands in the Western District of the State of New-York, under Certain Indian Leases; together with the Opinions of Counsel Thereon.
1050 HOLLAND LAND CO. .. Memorial of Paul Busti. To the Honorable the Legislature of the State of New-York, in Senate and Assembly Convened.
1051 HOLLAND LAND CO. Proceedings of the Meeting Held at Lockport, Jan. 2-3, 1827 ... and of the Convention of Delegates from the Several Counties Held at Buffalo on the Holland Purchase ...
1052 HOLLAND LAND CO. An Address to the Landholders and Inhabitants of the Holland Purchase. on the Subject of the Holland Land Company's Title, and Remonstrating against the Proceedings of a County Convention, Held at Buffalo, 11th Feb., 1830.
1053 HOLLAND LAND CO. A Deduction of the Titles to the Several Tracts of Lands in the State of New York, Composing the Tract of Country Called the Holland Purchase.
1055 KENNEDY, JOHN. Robert Morris and the Holland Purchase.
1056 LEWIS, SIMEON D. "Land Policies in Wyoming County."
1058 LIVINGSTON COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. A History of the Treaty of Big Tree, and an Account of the Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Making of the Treaty, Held at Geneseo, N.Y., September the Fifteenth, Eighteenth Hundred Ninety-Seven.
1057 MILLIKEN, CHARLES F. "Thomas Morris."
1059 N.Y. ASSEMBLY. Report of the Minority of the Select Committee on the Petition of Inhabitants Residing on the Holland Purchase.
1060 PEDERSEN, GILBERT. J. "Early Title to Indian Reservations in Western New York."
5459 PIETERSE, WILHELMINA C. Inventory of the Archives of the Holland Land Company, Including the Related Amsterdam Companies and Negotiations Dealing with the Purchase of Land and State Funds in the United States of America, 1789-1869, trans. Sytha Hart.
1061 SAMSON, WILLIAM H. "The Treaty of Big Tree."
1063 SILSBY, ROBERT W. "The Holland Land Company in Western New York."
1064 WILKINSON, NORMAN B. "Robert Morris and the Treaty of Big Tree."
1065 WILLIAMS, CLARA L. T. Joseph Ellicott and Stories of the Holland Purchase.
5460 WYCKOFF, WILLIAM K. “Joseph Ellicott and the Western New York Frontier: Environmental Assessments, Geographical Strategies and Authored Landscapes, 1797-1811.”
1066 YOUNG ELEANOR. Forgotten Patriot: Robert Morris.

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