Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1666 "Langie's 100 Years in Heating Service."
1664 "Since Otto Bernz Company 'Went Public.'"
1665 "Davis-Howland Oil Co. Celebrates 40th Anniversary."
1667 "The Story of Hirman B. Everest, Founder of the Vacuum Oil Company."
1759 "Dynacolor's Rapid Growth."
1761 "Graflex, A Rochester Success Story."
1763 "Photo Firm Ends First Century."
1764 ("American Historical Catalog Collection")
1765 "Varden Studio: 40 Years of Friendship and Photography."
1760 GRAFLEX CORP. The Story of Graflex, as Told to Al Sisson by Members of the Graflex Organization; a Quarter Century of Progress from June 9, 1926 to June 9, 1951.
1762 KINGSLAKE, RUDOLF. The Rochester Camera and Lens Companies.
1668 TARBELL, IDA M. The History of the Standard Oil Company.

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