Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1679 "Whatever Your Favorite Flavor, RICHARDSON Has It."
1678 "Unique Business Has World Market."
1672 "Batholomay--A Rochester Institution for One Hundred Years."
1673 "The Dairy of the Future, Serving Today's Customers."
1781 "Rochester Stationery Co., Inc., 35 Years of Progress."
1675 "The Fanny Farmer Story: Answer to America's Sweet Tooth."
1780 "Four Generations of the Lennox Family Span 100 Years in the Graphic Arts."
1646 "Youth Carries on at Hickock Company."
1647 "Max Lowenthal Sons, Inc.--100th Birthday."
1644 "The World's Largest Clothing Plant."
1650 "Superba Celebrates 75th Anniversary This Year."
1652 "John Taylor & Sons."
1773 "Cramer-Force Company, Inc.--100 Years Young."
1774 "Erdle Perforating Co., Inc.: 100 Years Young."
1776 "Kee Lox Celebrates 60th Year."
1771 "Rochester Printers Expand."
1772 "Cramer-Force Company Has Colorful History."
1769 ALLING & CORY CO. One Hundred Years in the Paper Business, 1819-1919 ...
1770 ALLING & CORY CO. One Hundred Twenty-Five Years in the Paper Business, 1819-1944 ...
1775 ANDREWS, MELVIN D. "Fifty Years in a Rochester Industry."
1674 CURTICE-BURNS, Inc. C-B Foods ...
1778 HALE, EZRA A. The Co-Ops and You: Being a Brief History of the Lawyers Co-Operative Publishing Company and an Outline of the Benefits Available to Its Employees.
1645 HICKEY-FREEMAN CO. Souvenir of a New Business Home, Rochester: 1912, 46 pp.
1681 KELLY, ARTHUR P. "9,000 Miles of Sausage."
1676 KELLY, ARTHUR P. "French's ... The Rochester Food House that Good Taste Built."
1680 KELLY, ARTHUR P. "Profile of a Man Who Favors More Drinking."
1677 KLOS, LLOYD E. "The Palmer Fish Co., 126 Years Young."
1777 LAWYERS CO-COOPERATIVE PUBLISHING CO. An Inside Story of Law Publishing, with Hints and Information for Authors and Brief Writers.
1648 MICHAELS/STERN. 125th Anniversary.
1779 SHEDD, H.D., JR. "How the Lawyers Co-Operative Publishing Company Got Its Name."
1649 STEIN-BLOCH CO. Fifty Years of Knowing How.
1651 SUPERBA CRAVATS, INC. The First Hundred Years, 1873-1973.

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