Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1734 CLARK, WALTER. "C.E. Kenneth Mees: Pioneer in Industrial Research."
1735 CRITTENDEN, A. WHITMAN. Kodak Park 50 Years Ago; A Boy's Eye-View of 1904.
1739 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Kodak Retirement Annuity Life Insurance and Disability Plan.
1740 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Kodak:. Facts about the World's Largest Organization Engaged in the Manufacture of Photographic Materials.
1741 EASTMAN KODAK CO. A Brief History of the Contributions of the Eastman Kodak Company to Photographic Progress.
1742 EASTMAN KODAK CO. All Rochester Units of the Eastman Kodak Company Receive the Army-Navy Production Award for High Achievement in the Production of War Equipment.
1747 EASTMAN KODAK CO. A Kodak Report: When Business Gets Involved.
1736 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Rochester: The City Photographic.
1737 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Kodak Park in War Time.
1738 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Industrial Relations.
1744 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Story of the Kodak Camera.
1745 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Kodak Park; Its Products and People.
1746 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Brief History of the Eastman Kodak Company.
1743 EASTMAN KODAK CO. F.W. Lovejoy: The Story of a Practical Idealist ...
1748 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Kodak Milestones.
1749 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Our Share & More.
1750 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Kodak through Its Customers' Eyes.
1751 JENKINS, REESE V. Images and Enterprise: Technology and the American Photographic Industry, 1839 to 1925.
1752 MEES, C.E. KENNETH. An Address to the Senior Staff of the Kodak Research Laboratories, November 9, 1955.
1753 SETHI, S. PRAKASH. Business Corporations and the Black Man. An Analysis of Social Conflict: The Kodak-FIGHT Controversy.

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