Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1922 "Fifty Years of Lapp Insulator Company."
1968 "Garlock's Diversified Mechanical Facings: The Leak Stopping Business Employs Eighteen-Hundred People."
1980 "Linus Day, Pioneer Hatmaker of Bennington."
1981 "A Merchant's Ledger, 1840."
1950 History and Commerce of Central New York. With Illustrated Supplement of the Columbian World's Fair at Chicago.
1941 Livingston County Pocket Business Directory of Leading Firms ...
1945 Community Spotlight: Knowing Geneva.
5510 Geneva Advertiser-Gazette Industrial Property Edition, Feb. 1907.
5511 A History of the Locke Insulator Corporation.
5512 The Story of Victor and Purified Porcelain.
5513 Workshops of the Silsby Manufacturing Company at Seneca Falls, N.Y. 1885-1886.
5514 A History of the Glass Works, Clyde, N.Y.
1930 Avon, New York, As It Is Today.
1928 AVON BOARD OF TRADE. Avon, N.Y. Year Book, 1912.
1929 AVON. Report on the Availability and Suitability of Avon, N.Y. as Location for U.S. Veterans' Hospital.
1917 BATAVIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. The City of Batavia, N.Y.
1953 BEACH, B.F. "Early Merchants of Seneca Falls."
1972 BENHAM, F.H. "The Old Stone Mill at Lamont, N.Y."
1974 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Warsaw's Relyea Creek and Its Industries."
1975 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "The Salt Industry of Wyoming County."
1976 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "The Saltvale Settlement, Town of Middlebury."
1973 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "The Bradley; Warsaw Salt Community."
1954 BOLTON, ARMAND S. Historiette of Pump & Fire Apparatus Manufacturers of Seneca Falls, New York.
5505 BOUCK, WARREN L. "The Alfred Club and Hotel Association."
1944 CAPLISE, J. FRANK. Canandaigua: Its Advantages, Growth and Beauty.
1955 CARLS, J. NORMAN, and WALTER W. RISTOW. "The Industrial Geography of Seneca Falls, New York."
1956 CHAMBERLAIN, HARRISON. "Early Taverns of Seneca Falls."
1957 CHAMBERLAIN, HARRISON. "Early Flouring Mills."
1958 CHAMBERLAIN, HARRISON. "Early Industries."
1959 CHAMBERLAIN, HARRISON. "Banking Houses of Seneca Falls."
1960 CHAMBERLAIN, HARRISON. "Early Barrel and Boat Manufacturing."
1946 CONGDON, CHARLES H., ed. Geneva, New York, the Lakeside City: Its lndustrial, Social, Educational and Residential Advantages.
1967 COOPER, RUTH. "The History of Iron Mining in Ontario."
1961 COWING, JANET McKAY. "Early Milliners of Seneca Falls."
1952 EARBEN, ARNOLD H. Cowing & Co., Great Fire Engine and Pump Works, Seneca. Falls, N.Y. 1840-1875. A Story of Their Fire Engines.
5506 ECKERT, EDWARD K. "Empire State no. 5 Petroleum.""
5509 ELWELL, MERRITT. "Arms as Strong as Iron Bands."
1934 FOSTER WHEELER CORP. Welcome to Foster Wheeler Corporation, Dansville, N.Y. Plant: Home of the World's Best Boilermakers.
1978 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "A.P. Sherril and His Country Emporium."
1977 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "The Early Foundries of Wyoming County."
5503 FRIEDBURG, ROBERT. Paper Money of the United States: A Complete Illustrated Guide with Valuations. 10th ed.
1935 FULTS, RICHARD. A Study of the Annual Expenditures Patterns of the Faculty and Staff at the State University of New York College at Geneseo.
1923 GENERAL FOODS CORP. A Brief History of Jell-O.
1936 GENESEE & WYOMING RAILROAD CO. Industrial Sites in the Heart of the World's Richest Market on the Main Line of the Genesee and Wyoming Railroad.
1947 GENEVA NATIONAL BANK. Centennial Anniversary of Geneva National Bank.
1948 GENEVA NATIONAL BANK. The National Bank of Geneva: Being an Account of the Bank & the Community It Has Served for a Century & a Quarter, 1817-1942.
1938 HALL, BOWMAN N. The Economic Impact of the State University of New York College of Arts and Science at Geneseo on the Village of Geneseo, 1971-72.
1949 HAYES, GEORGE M. History of Banking in Canandaigua from 1813 to 1951.
1903 HERRICK, JOHN P. Empire Oil: The Story of Oil in New York State.
1919 JOHNSTON HARVESTER CO. Souvenir of Batavia. Photo-Gravures.
1962 KING, WILLIAM T. History of the American Steam Fire-Engine.
1939 KINGSBURY, H.D. "Livonia--The Distilleries."
1963 KLINE, SAMUEL. "Saw Mills of Seneca Falls."
1920 LEROY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Perspective on LeRoy.
1940 LIVINGSTON COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Industry Today in Livingston County, New York.
1942 MARTIN, DAVID A. "A Study of the Geneseo Shopping Plaza Market Area: Summary Findings."
1969 McRORIE, DENNIS G. "Mills of the Old Town of Wolcott."
1924 McVEAN, ALBERT F. "The LeRoy Salt Company."
5502 MORRISON, Grant. “A New York City Creditor and His Upstate Debtors: Isaac Bronson's Moneylending, 1819-1836.”
1904 N.Y. Dept. of Commerce. New York Means Business in the Rochester Area.
1905 N.Y. Dept. of Commerce. New York State Business Facts, Rochester Area.
1906 N.Y. Dept. of Commerce. Business Fact Book, Rochester Area, 1957.
1907 N.Y. Dept. of Commerce. Business Fact Book, 1962, Rochester Area. Part l: Business and Manufacturing. Part 2: Population and Housing.
1908 N.Y. Dept. of Commerce. Rochester Area Business Fact Book. Part l: Business and Manufacturing.
1909 N.Y. Dept. of Commerce. Rochester Area Business Fact Book. Part l: Business and Manufacturing. Part 2: People, Jobs, and Housing.
1910 N.Y. Dept. of Labor.. Industrial Directory of New York State ... 1912. 1913.
1911 N.Y. Division of State Planning. Industrial Directory of New York State.
1921 NICHOLS, C.M., and F.D. HYDE, comps. Genesee County of Today, Anno Domini 1917. Special Number of the Batavia Times ...
1931 PRUNER, HARRY M. Avon. A Complete Description of the Village and Its Sulphur Springs.
1912 REDDEN, ROBERT. The Kind and Quantity of Manufacturing Industry in Communities under 10,000 population in Western New York.
1979 ROLL, EDWARD B. "Inns and Innkeepers of Attica."
1933 ROTARY CLUB, Dansville. Dansville.
1926 RUSSELL, MARIAN A. "Kemp and Lane, Inc."
1925 RUSSELL, MARIAN A. "The Genesee Pure Food Company and Jell-O."
1964 SANFORD, Mrs. L.R. "Early Industries."
1913 SILSBY, ROBERT W. “Frontier Attitudes and Debt Collection in Western New York,” in The Frontier in American Development: Essays in Honor of Paul Wallace Gates, ed. David M. Ellis.
5507 SIPPERLEY, LEONARD. One Hundred Years of Fire Insurance: Being a History of the Livingston Mutual Insurance Company, Dansville, New York, 1877-1977, ed. David Parish.
1927 SPILLER, BURTON. "The Jell-O Story."
1951 TAYLOR, FRANK H., comp. Geneva on Seneca Lake.
1943 THOMAS, DOUGLAS A. " A Study of College Student Expenditures in the Village of Geneseo in the Academic Year, 1968-69.
1914 TRYON, ROLLA M. Household Manufactures in the United States, 1640-1860; A Study in Industrial History.
1982 TUSTIN, E.B., JR., and CLAYTON I. RUSTED. "Silver Springs."
1970 U.S. 90th Congress, 2d Session. House of Representatives Report no. 1977. "Small Business in Smaller Cities and Towns. A Report of Subcommittee no. 4 on Urban Areas to the Select Committee on Small Business."
1915 U.S. Patent Office. “Letter from the Secretary of State, Transmitting a List of Patents Granted for Useful Inventions during the Year 1830.”
1916 U.S. Patent Office. “Letter from the Secretary of State Transmitting a List of All Patents Granted by the United States ...”
1971 WAPLES, ROBERT M., SR., and JR. Garlock: The First Fifty Years, 1887-1937.
1965 WEAVER, MARION M. History of Tile Drainage. Waterloo: Privately published, 1964.
1983 WELLMAN, GEORGE A. "A 50 Year History of Oatka Vault."
1966 WETMORE, Mrs. S. A. "An Old-Time Lawsuit."
5508 WINGATE, BARBARA. "Ice Harvesting on Conesus Lake." "
5504 WISMER, D.C. New York Descriptive List of Obsolete Paper Money.

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