Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2935 “Monroe County Sesquicentennial, 1821-1971: Democracy in Action.”
2963 "Relative Strength of Parties in Monroe County since 1900."
2973 “Notice of Meeting to Form New County from Tompkins and Seneca Counties, New York, 1835.”
2957 "How Rochester and Monroe County Vote."
2909 ALEXANDER, DE ALVA S. A Political History of the State of New York.
5572 ALLEGANY COUNTY REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE. Allegany County Republican Centennial, 1854-1954. Wednesday, August 18, 1954, Cuba Lake, N.Y.
2910 BARKAN, ELLIOTT R. “The Emergence of a Whig Persuasion: Conservatism, Democratism, and the New York State Whigs.”
2911 BARNES, GILBERT H. The Antislavery Impulse, 1830-1844.
2912 BENSON, LEE. The Concept of Jacksonian Democracy: New York as a Test Case.
2913 BERGER, MARK L. The Revolution in the New York Party Systems, 1840-1860.
2914 COFFEY, JOHN J. A Political History of the Temperance Movement in New York State, 1808-1920.
2915 DAVIS, DAVID B. “Some Themes of Counter-Subversion: An Analysis of Anti- Masonic, Anti-Catholic, and Anti-Mormon Literature.”
2938 DONALD, AIDA DI PACE. "The Decline of Whiggery and the Formation of the Republican Party in Rochester: 1848-1856."
2916 DONALD, AIDA DI PACE. Prelude to Civil War: The Decline of the Whig Party in New York, 1848-1852.
2917 DONOVAN, HERBERT D.A. The Barnburners: A Study of the Internal Movements in the Political History of New York State and of the Resulting Changes in Political Affiliation, 1830-1852.
2956 DUTKO, JOHN. "Socialism in Rochester, 1900-1917.
2918 ELLIS, DAVID M. “'Upstate Hicks' versus 'City Slickers.'“
2966 FAUSOLD, MARTIN L. James W. Wadsworth, Jr. The Gentleman from New York.
2967 FAUSOLD, MARTIN L. James W. Wadsworth, Jr. “James W. Wadsworth Sr. and the Meat Inspection Act of 1906.”
2919 FITCH, CHARLES E., ed. Official New York from Cleveland to Hughes.
2939 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Daniel Webster in Rochester.
2940 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. "Hard Cider Victorious."
2920 FOX, DIXON R. The Decline of Aristocracy in the Politics of New York, 1801-1840.
2941 GOLER, FRANK H. "Marching Clubs of the Eighties."
5573 GOLLADAY, DENNIS. “John Nicholas: Virginia Congressman, New York Quid.”), 5-28. "
2921 HAMMOND, JABEZ D. The History of Political Parties in the State of New-York, from the Ratification of the Federal Constitution to December, 1840 ... Cooperstown: H. & E. Phinney, 1845. 3d ed. 2 vols.
2968 HOLTHUSEN, HENRY F. James W. Wadsworth, Jr.: A Biographical Sketch.
2958 ISSERMAN, MAURICE. "Inheritance Lost: Socialism in Rochester, 1917-1919."
2922 KASS, ALVIN. Politics in New York State, 1800-1830.
2969 KROUT, JOHN A. “The Maine Law in New York Politics.”
2970 KUTOLOWSKI, KATHLEEN SMITH. The Social Composition of Political Leadership: Genesee County, New York, 1821-1860.
2971 KUTOLOWSKI, KATHLEEN SMITH. “Identifying the Religious Affiliations of Nineteenth Century Local Elites.”
5574 KUTOLOWSKI, KATHLEEN SMITH. “The Janus Face of New York's Local Parties: Genesee County, 1821-1827.”
2959 LANNI, CLEMENT G. Traveling on the Democratic Donkey.
2960 LANNI, CLEMENT G. Beat 'Em or Join 'Em.
2961 LANNI, CLEMENT G. George W. Aldridge: Big Boss, Small City.
2942 LEWIS, MERTON E. "When the City bought Whiskey and Cigars."
2972 McELWAIN, JOHN A. “1820 Election in Warsaw.”
2934 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Rochester's Political Trends: An Historical Review.
2923 MILES, EDWARD J. Political Regionalism in New York, 1860-1954.
2962 MILLET, JOHN, and DAVID PITTMAN. "The New Suburban Voter: A Case Study in Electoral Behavior."
2924 MOHR, JAMES C. The Radical Republicans and Reform in New York during Reconstruction.
2936 MONTAGUE, MARTHA. “The Presidents Come to Rochester.”
2925 MOSCOW, WARREN. Politics in the Empire State.
2943 OLNEY, MABEL GLEASON. William Lyon Mackenzie: The Rochester Years, 1838-1842.
2944 OLNEY, MABEL GLEASON. "William Lyon Mackenzie: Rochester Newspaper Man."
2945 OTIS, IRA L. "Henry Clay's First Visit to Rochester."
2946 PENNEY, SHERRY. Patrician in Politics: Daniel Dewey Barnard of New York.
2947 PERKINS, DEXTER. "A Rochester Speech which Stirred the Nation."
2948 PIERCE, SAMUEL C. "Three Famous Visitors to Rochester: Daniel Webster-- General Winfield Scott--Abraham Lincoln."
2927 POCOCK, EMIL. “Wet or Dry? The Presidential Election of 1884 in Upstate New York.”
2926 PRICE, HARRY S., JR. The Regions of New York in the Election of 1828.
2928 REMINI, ROBERT V. Martin Van Buren and the Making of the Democratic Party,
2937 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. “Canvass of Votes and Political History of Rochester's Councils and Mayors and Monroe County's Board for 100 Years, 1834-1934.”
2964 ROSENBAUM, RICHARD M. They Said "It Couldn't Be Done."
2949 SAUNDERS, LUCILLE STILLMAN. The Dissolution of the Whig Party in Monroe County (1848-1856).
2965 SCHOENBERGER, ROBERT A. "Conservatism, Personality and Political Extremism."
2929 SCISCO, LOUIS D. Political Nativism in New York State. (Studies in History, Economics & Public Law, XIII, no. 2)
2950 SUMNER, ELSIE GRAHAM. "Activities of Canadian Patriots in the Rochester District, 1837-1838."
2951 TRUE, CHARLES H. Lincoln in Rochester: A Memorable Journey.
2952 TRUESDALE, DOROTHY S. "'Speak No Ill of the Dead.'" -
2953 TRUESDALE, DOROTHY S. "Rochester Views the Third Term, 1880."
2954 VAN DEUSEN, GLYNDON G. "Thurlow Weed in Rochester."
2930 VAN DEUSEN, GLYNDON G. Thurlow Weed: Wizard of the Lobby.
2955 VAN DEUSEN, GLYNDON G. "A Young American, Frontier Style: The Early Years of a Famous Citizen of Rochester."
2931 WEED, THURLOW. The Life of Thurlow Weed. Vol. I: Autobiography of Thurlow Weed, ed. Harriet A. Weed. Vol. 2: Memoir of Thurlow Weed, by Thurlow W. Barnes,
2932 WILLIAMSON, CHILTON. American Suffrage: From Property to Democracy, 1760-1860.
2933 YOUNG, ALFRED F. The Democratic Republicans of New York: The Origins, 1763-1797.

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