Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2529 "Rochester and Its Water Works."
2519 EDDY, HARRISON P. and others. Report on the Rochester Water Works.
2520 GAYLORD, ANNE E.. Water Supply Problems in the Rochester, New York Area.
2521 LATTIMORE, SAMUEL A. Report ... on the Water Supply of the City of Rochester.
2523 MARSH, DANIEL. Report on the Introduction of a Supply of Pure Water into the City of Rochester, Made to the Mayor and Common Council, September 1860.
2522 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Water for Rochester.
2530 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Rochester and Its Water Works: The Story of One City's Quest for a Domestic Supply of Pure and Wholesome 'Water, 1834-1954.
2528 ROCHESTER BUSINESS DISTRICT ASSOCIATION. Report on the Rochester Water Works.
2527 ROCHESTER Water Works. Report of Chief Engineer J.N. Tubbs, with Reference to Additional Water Supply.
2525 ROCHESTER. ... In the Matter of the Application of the City of Rochester to Acquire the Permanent and Perpetual Right to Draw from Hemlock and Canadice Les and Amount of Water Sufficient for the Use of Said City and Its Inhabitants ... Record on Appeal from Order Confirming Report of Commissioner of Appraisal
2526 ROCHESTER. Committee on Water Supply. Report of Water Committee on Additional Supply and Equalization of Water Rates to the City Council.
2531 SKINNER, JOHN F. "Cobb's Hill Reservoir, Rochester, N.Y."
2532 STUART, CHARLES B., and DANIEL MARSH. Engineers' Report for Supplying the City of Rochester With Water from Various Sources, Made to the Directors of the Rochester Water Works Co.

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