Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2636 "Lilacs Grace Flower City for over Half a Century."
2643 Presentation of the Ellwanger & Barry Memorial Pavilion, Highland Park. Rochester, N.Y. ... September 29, 1890.
2637 Henry Lomb Memorial Park, May 30, 1932.
2641 The Origin & Development of Rochester's Park System, by a Veteran Reporter.
2642 The Playground: A Monthly Journal, no. 22 (Jan. 1909), 24 pp.
2629 The Garden Club of America, Annual Meeting, May 20, 21, 22.
2628 BENTON, DOROTHY. "Rochester Parks."
2631 HARKNESS, BERNARD. "A Checklist of the Cultivated Woody Plants of the Rochester Parks."
2630 HARKNESS, BERNARD. Plants of Highland Park.
2633 HORSEY, RICHARD E. "Plants and Trees in Highland Park."
2632 HORSEY, RICHARD E. Lilacs in Rochester Parks.
2634 HORSEY, RICHARD E. "The Lilac, Official Flower of Rochester."
2635 LANEY, CALVIN C. "Trees in Rochester Parks."
2638 McKELVEY, BLAKE. An Historical View of Rochester's Parks and Playgrounds.
2639 OLDS, NATHANIEL S. "The Parks and the People."
2640 O'NEIL, MARTIN B. "Dr. Edward Mott Moore: Father of the Rochester Park System."
2644 RAITT, CHARLES B. A Survey of Recreational Facilities in Rochester, N.Y.
2645 RHEES, RUSH. "The Gift and the Donor: James Goold Cutler,"
2646 RICE, RICHARD E. "how to Make a City Park: Rochester's Manhattan Square Park."
2650 ROCHESTER. Recreation Advisory Committee. Plan for Public Recreation, Rochester, New York.
2647 ROCHESTER. Bureau of Planning. Recreation Plan. Phase I: Recreation Facilities Improvement Program.
2648 ROCHESTER. Department of Parks. Report of the Board of Park Commission-ers of the City of Rochester, N.Y. 1888 to 1898.
2649 ROCHESTER. Department of Parks. The Public Parks of the City of Rochester, New York, 1888-1904.
2651 WYMAN, DONALD. Crab Apples for America.

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