Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2619 "The Story of Norton Village."
2590 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Report on Housing of Families under Care of Rochester Social Agencies.
2591 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Housing of Families Served by Family Caring Agencies, Rochester, New York.
2592 DALE, JOHN. "The Rochester Plan Ten Years Later."
2593 DONALDSON, PAUL J., comp. Directory of Apartment Houses and Apartment House Owners.
2594 GAYNOR, JAMES W. Report of Survey of Hanover Houses.
2595 GRASBERGER, FRIEDRICH J. Town Zoning and the Shortage of Moderate and Low Income Housing, Monroe County, New York.
2596 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS. Housing Needs, Monroe County.
2598 MASON & CUNNINGHAM, architects. User Study and Design Handbook.
2597 McCANNE, LEE. The Latent Demand for Middle Income and Luxury Apartments, Downtown in Rochester, New York; Including Survey Responses of Preferences as to Location, Size, Garage Space, Services.
2599 MEYER, CARSON. Some Rochester Programs for the Rehabilitation of People and Housing.
2600 MILLIMAN, ELMER B. "Rochester's Plan for GI Housing."
2605 MONROE COUNTY, Human Relations Commission. Housing '67: An Index of Housing Programs in Monroe County.
2602 MONROE COUNTY, Human Relations Commission. A Description of the History and Nature of Housing Programs in Greater Rochester, New York.
2603 MONROE COUNTY, Human Relations Commission. Housing in Rochester: The Problem, the Solution.
2604 MONROE COUNTY, Human Relations Commission. Make Open Occupancy a Living Reality in 1966.
2601 MONROE COUNTY. Department of Planning. Housing Problems of the Public Assistance Recipient.
2606 MONROE COUNTY. Planning Council. Annual Survey of Housing and Population; Towns and Villages of Monroe County, New York.
2607 MONROE COUNTY. Planning Council. Toward a Positive Housing Program: An Initial Assessment of Housing in Monroe County, New York.
2608 MORTON, HOFFMAN & CO. An Analysis of the Housing Assistance Needs of Lower Income Households and Characteristics of Selected Other Household Groups, City of Rochester, as of October, 1975.
2609 MYLER, JOSEPH J. "What the RHIAC Means to Rochester."
2610 N.Y. Temporary State Housing Rent Commission. Survey of Residential Rents and Rental Conditions in the State of New 'York.
2611 N.Y. Temporary State Housing Rent Commission. People, Housing and Rent Control in Rochester.
2612 PEMBERTON, PRENTISS L. A Survey of Interracial Housing Attitudes in White Neighborhoods of Rochester Suburbs.
2613 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. A Real Property Inventory of Rochester, New York, 1940.
2614 ROCHESTER CENTER FOR GOVERNMENTAL & COMMUNITY RESEARCH. Housing in Monroe County, New York; Summary of Research Staff Findings and Recommendations..
2615 ROCHESTER MANAGEMENT CORP. The Rochester Plan for Veterans Housing.
2616 ROCHESTER MANAGEMENT CORP. Not Beyond Reach: The Story of How Rochesterians Helped Solve the Problem of Housing for Senior Citizens.
2617 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. "Shall Rochester Have a 200-Family Tenement?"
2618 SOMERVILLE, CLARA O. From Survey Made by Miss Clara O. Somerville for the Young Women's Christian Association--Rochester, N.Y. ...
2620 URBAN LEAGUE. Racial Steering in the Monroe County Housing Market: Special Report.

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