Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2529 "Rochester and Its Water Works."
2475 "Biggest Fire that Rochester Has Ever Known."
2507 The Hand-Book of Rochester. A Complete Street Directory. Also Other Information.
2619 "The Story of Norton Village."
2491 "Cows Break City Ordinance."
2472 "Rochester's Police Pension Fund, Its Beginning and Development."
2481 "100 Years of Service: The Protectives, Rochester Fire Department."
2482 The Organization of the Fire Department.
2483 "Passing of City's Volunteers Tells End of a Glorious Era."
2485 Protectives, Incorporated, Rochester Fire Department, 1858-1958. 100th Anniversary Celebration.
2438 "Mayors of Rochester."
2439 "The Mayors of Rochester."
2547 "City Planning in Rochester--The Olmstead and Fisher Flans."
2424 “History of Civil Service in Rochester.”
2425 “How the City of Rochester Grew.”
2562 "Rochester Research Bureau, Started by Eastman, Has Saved Millions."
2513 Bausch Memorial Bridge.
2636 "Lilacs Grace Flower City for over Half a Century."
2643 Presentation of the Ellwanger & Barry Memorial Pavilion, Highland Park. Rochester, N.Y. ... September 29, 1890.
2637 Henry Lomb Memorial Park, May 30, 1932.
2641 The Origin & Development of Rochester's Park System, by a Veteran Reporter.
2642 The Playground: A Monthly Journal, no. 22 (Jan. 1909), 24 pp.
2499 "Report Filed on Downtown Traffic."
2502 "Rochester Adept at Fighting Snowdrifts."
2505 The Drew Allis Co. City Guide and Street Directory of Rochester ...
2627 "Rochester's Experience in Public Welfare a Half Century Ago."
2629 The Garden Club of America, Annual Meeting, May 20, 21, 22.
2423 “Historical Facts about the Council.”
2448 ADAMS, JEANNETTE L., and OTAKAR KUTVIRT. Assessed Valuations, Tax 190 Delinquencies, and Tax Yields for the City of Rochester by Census Tracts.
2441 ADLER, ISAAC. "The City Manager Movement in Rochester."
2449 AEX, ROBERT P. "Millions for Improvements Result of Fiscal Planning."
2621 ALEXANDER, FRANK D. "Evaluation of Selected Aspects of the Homemaking Service Program in the City of Rochester, New York."
2412 ANGLE, JAMES M. “Early Rochester Records.”
2510 ANGLE, JAMES M. "Early Genesee River Bridges in Rochester."
2622 APPLEBAUM, S.J. Chronic Relief: A Study of 147 Families Chronically in Receipt of Relief from the Department of Public Welfare, Rochester, New York.
2564 ARONSON, JOAN SCHWEIGER. Non-Residential Displacement by Urban Renewal: A Case Study of the Genesee Crossroads Project _in Rochester, New York.
2511 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "Bridging the Lower Falls."
2533 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "Rochester's Original Pure Waters Program, 1904-1917."
2537 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "Solid Waster Disposal, 1912."
5558 BARNES, JOSEPH W. “Rochester's Congressmen. Part 1789-1869.”
5559 BARNES, JOSEPH W. “Rochester's Congressmen. Part 1869-1979.” Rochester: History, 41, no. 4 (1979), 1-24.
2474 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "The Arson Years: Fire Protection, Fire Insurance, and Fire Politics, 1908-1910."
2413 BARNES, JOSEPH W. Rochester's Era of Annexations, 1901-1926.
2512 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "Historic Broad Street Bridge and the Erie Canal Sesqui centennial, 1825-1975."
2545 BARROWS, C. STORRS. A Civic Center for Rochester on the Banks of the Genesee.
2462 BARRY, DAVID, and others. The Screening and Selection of Police Candidates in Rochester, New York.
2628 BENTON, DOROTHY. "Rochester Parks."
2514 BORN, ERNEST. "Veterans Memorial Bridge at Rochester: Gehron and Ross, Architects."
2442 BREWER, JAMES L. A Greater Boss for a Greater Rochester. The Extension of the Mellon-Coolidge Government for Business to Municipal Affairs. The Meaning of the City Manager Government as Underwritten by Money Bags to Which the Business-Controlled Press Denies Expression.
2546 BRUNNER, ARNOLD W. and others. A City Plan for Rochester: A Report Pre-pared for the Rochester Civic Improvement Committee, Rochester, N.Y.
2565 BUB, JEAN, comp. Youth Board of Southeast Study.
2414 BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH, New York City. Government of the City of Rochester, N.Y. General Survey, Critical Appraisal and Constructive Suggestions. Prepared for the Rochester Bureau of Municipal Research ...
2415 BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH, New York City. Government of the City of Rochester, N.Y. Description of Organization and Functions ...
2476 BUTTERFIELD, MARGARET. "Fire Fighters of the Past."
2416 CENTER FOR GOVERNMENTAL RESEARCH. The Governance of Rochester; a Staff Report to the Rochester Charter Commission; Decision-Making, Managerial Processes, Representation, Citizen Participation, New Concerns.
2534 CHRISTENSEN, N.A. Monroe County Comprehensive Sewerage Study: Summary Report.
2582 CITIZENS' PLANNING COUNCIL. Needs of the Elderly in the Model Cities Area, Rochester, New York.
2623 CIVIC COMMITTEE ON UNEMPLOYMENT. Four Years' Experience with Self-Help or Subsistence Gardens in Monroe County, New York.
2504 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Rochester House Numbers by Census Tracts.
2583 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Social and Health Services in the Model Cities Area, Rochester, New York; An Analysis of Health and Social Services Offered to 200 to the Model Cities Population Based on Agency Inventory and Community Survey.
2590 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Report on Housing of Families under Care of Rochester Social Agencies.
2591 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. Housing of Families Served by Family Caring Agencies, Rochester, New York.
2566 COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES. The Human Side of Urban Renewal: A Report ...
2592 DALE, JOHN. "The Rochester Plan Ten Years Later."
2561 DALTON, CHARLES R. Five Years of Municipal Research in the City of Rochester, New York: A History of Achievement.
2593 DONALDSON, PAUL J., comp. Directory of Apartment Houses and Apartment House Owners.
5560 DRESSAYRE, PHILIPPE. “Pouvoirs sur la ville: les 'machines' de
2492 EASTMAN KODAK CO. Committee on Civic Affairs. Parallel Streets in Rochester.
2519 EDDY, HARRISON P. and others. Report on the Rochester Water Works.
2450 EWING, FRED, and OTAKAR KUTVIRT. The Rochester City Debt; A Report of a Factual Study of the Rochester City Debt from 1920 to 1943, and a Projection of the Existing Debt to Its Extinguishment in 1962.
2443 FAIRCHILD, HERMAN L. "Commission Government for Rochester."
2489 FISHER, EDWIN A. "Engineering and Public Works in the City of Rochester during the Past Century."
2493 FISHER, EDWIN A. Paving and the Care of City Streets.
2488 FISHER, EDWIN A. "History of Engineering in Rochester."
2417 FISHER, EDWIN A. “Memoranda Relative to the City of Rochester.”
2548 FISHER, EDWIN A. "City Planning in Rochester."
2535 FISHER, EDWIN A. Report on the Sewage Disposal System of Rochester, N.Y.
2538 FISHER, EDWIN A. Report to Hon. James G. Cutler, Mayor, on the Collection and Disposal of Garbage and Other Refuse in the City of Rochester...
2515 FISHER, EDWIN A., and HERBERT A. ZOLLIWEG. "The East Main Street Bridge-- The First Grade Crossing Ekunubation in Rochester."
2516 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Smith Street and Its Bridge.
2420 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. “The Official Flag of Rochester.”
2418 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Historical Backgrounds of Rochester Charter Law.
2506 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Early Changes in Street Names.
2477 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Fire Fighting in Early Rochester.
2419 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. “The Official Seal of Rochester.”
2567 GALINSKY, SETH E. "The Struggle for Monroe County."
2520 GAYLORD, ANNE E.. Water Supply Problems in the Rochester, New York Area.
2594 GAYNOR, JAMES W. Report of Survey of Hanover Houses.
2421 GILBERT, DONALD W. The Government and Finances of Rochester, New York ...
2595 GRASBERGER, FRIEDRICH J. Town Zoning and the Shortage of Moderate and Low Income Housing, Monroe County, New York.
2451 GRASBERGER, FRIEDRICH, J. The Real Property Tax.
2568 HAMMER & CO. ASSOCIATES. Development of the Genesee River in the City of Rochester: A Reconnaissance Study of Re-Use Potentials and Indicated Courses of Action by the City.
2452 HANMER-CROUGHTON, AMY. "High Finance of Village Days."
2453 HANSEN, ELIZABETH STAFFORD. City Finances in Perspective: Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse, New York, 1975-1976.
2631 HARKNESS, BERNARD. "A Checklist of the Cultivated Woody Plants of the Rochester Parks."
2630 HARKNESS, BERNARD. Plants of Highland Park.
2544 HARLAND BARTHOLOMEW & ASSOCIATES. A Preliminary Report on a System of Recreational Facilities for Rochester, New York.
2542 HARLAND BARTHOLOMEW & ASSOCIATES. A Preliminary Report on Railroad and Water-Borne Transportation Facilities for Rochester, New York.
2543 HARLAND BARTHOLOMEW & ASSOCIATES. A Preliminary Report on Transit Facilities for Rochester, New York.
2541 HARLAND BARTHOLOMEW & ASSOCIATES. A Major Street Plan for Rochester, New York.
2422 HARRISON, W.S. The Political Blue Book of Rochester, N.Y. ...
2634 HORSEY, RICHARD E. "The Lilac, Official Flower of Rochester."
2633 HORSEY, RICHARD E. "Plants and Trees in Highland Park."
2632 HORSEY, RICHARD E. Lilacs in Rochester Parks.
2571 I.M. PEI & ASSOCIATES. Twin Bridge. Redevelopment, Rochester, N.Y. n.p., 1960. unp.
2624 JACKSON, HUGH R. Welfare Administration in New York State Cities.
5561 JAYNES, FRANK. Historical Sketches of the Fire Department of Rochester.
2635 LANEY, CALVIN C. "Trees in Rochester Parks."
2521 LATTIMORE, SAMUEL A. Report ... on the Water Supply of the City of Rochester.
2596 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS. Housing Needs, Monroe County.
2584 LEGGE ASSOCIATES. Management Evaluation, Model Cities Program, Rochester, N.Y.
2463 LOMBARD, WILLIAM M. "The Morals Squad."
5562 LOUIS, DOROTHY. How Lilacs Came to Rochester: A Musical Narration of Rochester, New York. Features during the 1976 Bicentennial Celebration and Again in 1980.
2494 MacFARLANE, JANET R. "Changes in Broad Street Surface."
2478 MacFARLANE, JANET W. "Rochester Fires."
2554 MARGRANDER, E.C. "Proposed Improvement of the City of Rochester."
2523 MARSH, DANIEL. Report on the Introduction of a Supply of Pure Water into the City of Rochester, Made to the Mayor and Common Council, September 1860.
2598 MASON & CUNNINGHAM, architects. User Study and Design Handbook.
2479 MATHEWS, HENRY W., ed. Fire Service of Rochester, N.Y. Containing a Sketch of the Old Volunteer Department, also the Present Fire Department.
2597 McCANNE, LEE. The Latent Demand for Middle Income and Luxury Apartments, Downtown in Rochester, New York; Including Survey Responses of Preferences as to Location, Size, Garage Space, Services.
2553 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "A City Historian's Holiday."
2638 McKELVEY, BLAKE. An Historical View of Rochester's Parks and Playgrounds.
2495 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Accidents and Their Prevention: A Revealing Phase of Rochester's History.
2496 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Snowstorms and Snow Fighting--The Rochester Experience."
2497 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Names and Traditions of Some Rochester Streets."
2498 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "East Avenue's Turbulent History."
2522 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Water for Rochester.
2570 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Housing and Urban Renewal: The Rochester Experience."
2464 McKELVEY, BLAKE. A History of the Police of Rochester, New York.
2465 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "A History of the Police of Rochester, New York," pp. 7-37 in Rochester Police Bureau, 1819-1969, 150 Years of Service.
2550 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "The Physical Growth of Rochester."
2551 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "A Local Historian's Reflections after Visiting Foreign Cities."
2552 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Rebuilding Rochester and Remembering Its Past."
2549 McKELVEY, BLAKE. A History of City Planning in Rochester.
2437 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "The Last Eleven Mayors, the First Eleven Managers, and Twenty County Chairmen."
2569 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Historical. Antecedents of the Crossroads Project.
2426 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Civic Developments of Rochester's First Half-Century, 1817-1867.
2427 McKELVEY, BLAKE. “Turbulent but Constructive Decades in Civic Affairs: 1867-1900.”
2434 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Rochester Mayors before the Civil War.
2435 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "The Mayors of Rochester's Mid Years.: 1860-1900."
2436 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "His Honor, the Mayor of Rochester, 1900-1928."
2626 McLEAN, FRANCIS H. Abstract of a Report on the Department of Charities of the City of Rochester, N.Y.
2536 METCALF, & EDDY. Report to Harold W. Baker, Commissioner of Public Works, Upon Sewage Disposal Problem, Rochester, New York.
2599 MEYER, CARSON. Some Rochester Programs for the Rehabilitation of People and Housing.
5563 MIKOLJI, BORIS H. "Race, Nationality, and Politics in an Urban Community (Rochester)."
2600 MILLIMAN, ELMER B. "Rochester's Plan for GI Housing."
2555 MINDER, EDWARD G. "Why Favor a City Plan for Rochester?"
2480 MISSISSIPPI WIRE GLASS CO., New York. A Reconnaissance of the Baltimore and Rochester Fire Districts with Some Illustrations and Excerpts from Opinions No Less Authoritative than Significant.
2605 MONROE COUNTY, Human Relations Commission. Housing '67: An Index of Housing Programs in Monroe County.
2604 MONROE COUNTY, Human Relations Commission. Make Open Occupancy a Living Reality in 1966.
2602 MONROE COUNTY, Human Relations Commission. A Description of the History and Nature of Housing Programs in Greater Rochester, New York.
2603 MONROE COUNTY, Human Relations Commission. Housing in Rochester: The Problem, the Solution.
2601 MONROE COUNTY. Department of Planning. Housing Problems of the Public Assistance Recipient.
2606 MONROE COUNTY. Planning Council. Annual Survey of Housing and Population; Towns and Villages of Monroe County, New York.
2607 MONROE COUNTY. Planning Council. Toward a Positive Housing Program: An Initial Assessment of Housing in Monroe County, New York.
2608 MORTON, HOFFMAN & CO. An Analysis of the Housing Assistance Needs of Lower Income Households and Characteristics of Selected Other Household Groups, City of Rochester, as of October, 1975.
2444 MOSHER, FREDERICK C. City Manager Government in Rochester (New York)... for the Committee on Public Administration of the Social Science Research Council ...
2466 MOSS, ALBERT J. History of the Police Bureau, Rochester, N.Y. Department of Public Safety, form Its Earliest Days to May 1, 1929, with a Record of Principal Investigations and Personnel of Organization.
2609 MYLER, JOSEPH J. "What the RHIAC Means to Rochester."
2610 N.Y. Temporary State Housing Rent Commission. Survey of Residential Rents and Rental Conditions in the State of New 'York.
2611 N.Y. Temporary State Housing Rent Commission. People, Housing and Rent Control in Rochester.
2639 OLDS, NATHANIEL S. "The Parks and the People."
2640 O'NEIL, MARTIN B. "Dr. Edward Mott Moore: Father of the Rochester Park System."
2567 OSGOOD, HOWARD L. A Pedestrian Mall for Rochester.
2484 PEAKE, MARION R. "Fire Fighting in Rochester, 1819."
2440 PECK, WILLIAM F. "Elisha Johnson: President of the Village and Mayor of the City of Rochester."
2467 PECK, WILLIAM F. History of the Police Department of Rochester, N.Y., from the Earliest Times to May 1, 1903 ...
2517 PEET, ANN OLMSTEAD. "The Ridge Road."
2612 PEMBERTON, PRENTISS L. A Survey of Interracial Housing Attitudes in White Neighborhoods of Rochester Suburbs.
2468 PERRY, DAVID C. "The Rochester Police Advisory Board: A Community Response to Racial Unrest."
2454 PRATT, HAZEN C. Current Revenue and Expense of the City of Rochester, N.Y., for 1930; A Comparison with the Ohio Cities of Dayton and Columbus ...
2644 RAITT, CHARLES B. A Survey of Recreational Facilities in Rochester, N.Y.
2645 RHEES, RUSH. "The Gift and the Donor: James Goold Cutler,"
2646 RICE, RICHARD E. "how to Make a City Park: Rochester's Manhattan Square Park."
2556 ROBINSON, CHARLES M. "The History of the New Rochester Plan."
2460 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. A Summary Analysis of the Financial Past and Future of the City of Rochester and the Rochester Board of Education.
2558 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. A Municipal Reconstruction Program, Suggesting Certain Steps that May Be Taken to Plan for the After-the-War Rochester.
2540 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Refuse Collection and Disposal. Part III: Garbage and Rubbish Disposal.
2539 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Report on the Problem of Refuse Collection in the City of Rochester, N.Y.
2613 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. A Real Property Inventory of Rochester, New York, 1940.
2581 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Economic and Population Studies for the Community Renewal Program of the City of Rochester. Vol. I: Analysis of Population. Vol. II: Economic Studies--Manufacturing, Wholesaling, Retailing, and Service Trades.
2530 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Rochester and Its Water Works: The Story of One City's Quest for a Domestic Supply of Pure and Wholesome 'Water, 1834-1954.
2445 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Memorandum on a Model Charter for Rochester ...
2446 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Rochester Since 'Twenty-Eight; a Diagrammatic Appraisal of Council-Manager Government in Rochester, New York.
2471 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Report on a Survey of the Police Bureau of the City of Rochester, N.Y.
2563 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. The Purpose and Organization of the Rochester Bureau of Municipal Research, Inc.
2500 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Report on the Problem of Snow Removal in the City of Rochester, N.Y.
2501 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Report on the Problem of Street Cleaning in the City of Rochester, N.Y.
2459 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. A Financial Program for Rochester.
2455 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Report of the Assessment of Real Property in the City of Rochester, New York.
2456 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Report of a Study of the Financial Condition and Practices of the City of Rochester, N.Y. ...
2457 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Memorandum on the Automobile as a Source of Municipal Revenue.
2458 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. The Organization and Methods of the Department of Assess ment in Rochester, New York.
2528 ROCHESTER BUSINESS DISTRICT ASSOCIATION. Report on the Rochester Water Works.
2614 ROCHESTER CENTER FOR GOVERNMENTAL & COMMUNITY RESEARCH. Housing in Monroe County, New York; Summary of Research Staff Findings and Recommendations..
2615 ROCHESTER MANAGEMENT CORP. The Rochester Plan for Veterans Housing.
2616 ROCHESTER MANAGEMENT CORP. Not Beyond Reach: The Story of How Rochesterians Helped Solve the Problem of Housing for Senior Citizens.
2588 ROCHESTER MODEL CITIES PROGRAM. Comprehensive Model Cities Plan.
2589 ROCHESTER MODEL CITIES PROGRAM. Community Development Plan: A Presentation by Model Cities.
2527 ROCHESTER Water Works. Report of Chief Engineer J.N. Tubbs, with Reference to Additional Water Supply.
2469 ROCHESTER, Citizen's Committee on Police Affairs. Final Report ...
2557 ROCHESTER, City Planning Commission. An Economic Study of Rochester.
2525 ROCHESTER. ... In the Matter of the Application of the City of Rochester to Acquire the Permanent and Perpetual Right to Draw from Hemlock and Canadice Les and Amount of Water Sufficient for the Use of Said City and Its Inhabitants ... Record on Appeal from Order Confirming Report of Commissioner of Appraisal
2650 ROCHESTER. Recreation Advisory Committee. Plan for Public Recreation, Rochester, New York.
2573 ROCHESTER. City Planning Commission. City Planning Commission. Comprehensive Master Plan, 1980 ...
2585 ROCHESTER. Bureau of Planning. Model Cities Land Use Policies Plan.
2575 ROCHESTER. Bureau of Planning. Planning Study for Intown Area Development.
2576 ROCHESTER. Bureau of Planning. Rochester Facts & Facets.
2574 ROCHESTER. Bureau of Planning. Maplewood Neighborhood Study.
2574a ROCHESTER. Bureau of Planning. The Genesee River Plan: A Comprehensive Development Plan for the Genesee River in Rochester.
2647 ROCHESTER. Bureau of Planning. Recreation Plan. Phase I: Recreation Facilities Improvement Program.
2508 ROCHESTER. City Engineer. Revised List Showing Street Names Changed Prior to January 1, 1900.
2486 ROCHESTER. City Engineer. Report of Edwin A. Fisher, City Engineer, on Recommendations of the National Board of Fire Underwriters Committee of Twenty.
2509 ROCHESTER. City Planning Bureau. Index to Names of Street and Roads Shown on City Planning Bureau Maps and Surrounding Area of Rochester, N.Y., Revised to March, 1921.
2526 ROCHESTER. Committee on Water Supply. Report of Water Committee on Additional Supply and Equalization of Water Rates to the City Council.
2648 ROCHESTER. Department of Parks. Report of the Board of Park Commission-ers of the City of Rochester, N.Y. 1888 to 1898.
2649 ROCHESTER. Department of Parks. The Public Parks of the City of Rochester, New York, 1888-1904.
2586 ROCHESTER. Department of Urban Renewal & Economic Development. Final Relocation Report: Baden-Ormond Urban Renewal Project ...
2587 ROCHESTER. Department of Urban Renewal & Economic Development. Rochester, New York Northeast General Neighborhood Renewal Plan.
2577 ROCHESTER. Department of Urban Renewal & Economic Development. Community Renewal Program.
2578 ROCHESTER. Department of Urban Renewal & Economic Development. The Future of Downtown Rochester: Central Business Dis trict General Neighborhood Plan.
2579 ROCHESTER. Department of Urban Renewal & Economic Development. The Untold Story: A Report on Activities of the City of Rochester in the Area of Economic and Industrial Development.
2580 ROCHESTER. Genesee Corridor Task Force. Genesee Corridor Plan: City of Rochester.
2428 ROCHESTER. Office of Federal Program Review. City of Rochester, New York, Federal Programs Inventory, Fiscal Years 1973 -74.
2470 ROCHESTER. Police Bureau. Blue Book, Police Department of Rochester, New York, with Complete Biographical Sketches of Each Member ...
2560 ROY WENZLICK & CO. Economic Factors and Probable Trends Affecting City Planning in Rochester, New York.
2572 RTKL ASSOCIATES. Report on the Development Plan for Downtown Rochester 199 New York. housing, some street changes.)
2617 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. "Shall Rochester Have a 200-Family Tenement?"
2503 SIMPSON & CURTIN. Downtown Rochester: An Appraisal of Traffic, Transit and Parking Needs of Downtown Rochester over the Next Fifteen Years for the City Planning Commission.
2531 SKINNER, JOHN F. "Cobb's Hill Reservoir, Rochester, N.Y."
2473 SMITH, THOMAS S., and others. The Police-Civilian Foot Patrol: An Evaluation of the PAC-TAC Experiment in Rochester, New York.
2618 SOMERVILLE, CLARA O. From Survey Made by Miss Clara O. Somerville for the Young Women's Christian Association--Rochester, N.Y. ...
2487 St. Paul Boulevard Fire Association, Incorporated. 24th Annual Carnival, July 14th-17th, 1948.
2532 STUART, CHARLES B., and DANIEL MARSH. Engineers' Report for Supplying the City of Rochester With Water from Various Sources, Made to the Directors of the Rochester Water Works Co.
2447 STULL, JOHN M. "The Efficiency of the Rochester Charter for Good Government."
2518 TRUESDALE, DOROTHY S. "Historic Main Street Bridge."
2625 U.S. Department of Agriculture. Facts about the Food Stamp Plan to be Tried Out in Rochester upon an Experimental Basis.
2461 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. Rochester; A Study in Civic Values.
2620 URBAN LEAGUE. Racial Steering in the Monroe County Housing Market: Special Report.
2559 VALENTINE, LUCIA. "Rochester's Planning Problem."
2432 WELLER, W. EARL. “The Expanding Boundaries of Rochester.”
2433 WELLER, W. EARL. “The Development of the Charter of the City of Rochester, 1817 to 1938.”
2430 WELLER, W. EARL. “The Changing Charter of Rochester.”
2431 WELLER, W. EARL. “The Expanding Charter Life of Rochester.”
2490 WILDES, WALDO G. "Edwin Augustus Fisher, 1847-1948: An Appreciation and Outline of His Career."
2651 WYMAN, DONALD. Crab Apples for America.

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