Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2678 BACKUS, OSWALD P., JR. "History of the Monroe County Court."
2690 BIGELOW, FANNIE R. "The Children's Court of Monroe County under the New Law."
2679 BROWN, SELDEN S. "The Surrogate's Court, 1821-1929."
2680 CHURCH WOMEN UNITED. Task Force on Courts. 3 vols.
2681 CROFT, ELIZABETH BENZ. A Plan for Court and Probation Services.
2682 CRONIN, ROBERTA C., and LOIS K. HORWITZ. The Court System in Monroe County, New York.
2691 DEFABAUGH, GRETCHEN L. The Juvenile Justice System in Monroe County, New York.
2683 GLYNN, JAMES F. Monroe County Bar Association History and 75th Anniversary Program, 1892-1967.
2684 HOCH, EARL B. Courts of Law in the Rochester Area.
2685 HUMPHREY, GEORGE H. "Changes in Practice of Law in Rochester."
2686 JURY REFORM ASSOCIATION. The Commissioner of Jurors for Monroe County: A Discussion of the Proposed Measure, for the Purpose of Giving Clear and Definite Information to the People of Monroe County.
2687 LYNN, JOHN D. The Life and Times of John Mastick, the Pioneer Lawyer of Rochester.
2692 MONROE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION. Report of Task Force on Monroe County Family Court.
2688 NATIONAL LEGAL AID AND DEFENDER ASSOCIATION. The Public Defender's Office in Monroe County, New York--An Evaluation.
2689 PHILLIPS, JANES E. The Probation Employment end Guidance Program: An Evaluation of Impacts on Employment and Recidivism.
2693 WOLF, RUTH. "At the Juvenile Court: Another Rochester Story."

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