Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2850 Regional Economic Development: An Analysis of Prospects. (Report no. 11)
2851 Housing: Regional Analysis and Program. (Report no. 12)
2852 Educational, Health and Social Service: Regional Analysis and Program. (Report no. 13)
2846 Economic Prospects of Manufacturing: A Regional Survey. (Report no. 7)
2847 Social Services Agencies. Regional Survey. (Report no. 8
2848 Land Use: Regional Inventory and Analysis. (Report no. 9)
2849 Regional Population: Distribution and Projections. (Report no. 10)
2853 The Migrant: A Human Perspective. (Report no. 14)
2841 Regional Economic Demographic Analysis. (Report no. 1)
2842 Demographic Analysis: Regional Summary. (Report no. 3)
2843 Historical Perspective, Genesee/Finger Lakes Region. (Report no. 4)
2844 Planning Studies: Regional Inventory of Existing Reports. (Report no. 5)
2845 Human and Cultural Resources. Study Needs. (Report no. 6)
2854 Economic and Housing Analysis: (Report no. 15)
2855 Migrant Shelter: A Housing Dilemma. (Report no. 17)
2856 (Report no. 18)
2857 Technical Coordination and Management Services to New Community Developments. (Reports no. 19)
2858 Cultural Resources: A Regional Survey. (Report no. 20)

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