Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2662 BARRINGTON & CO. A Study of the Organization, Procedures, and General Management for the County of Monroe, New York.
2663 BRITTON, ELIZABETH B. How It Has Grown! A History of the League of Women Voters of the Rochester Metropolitan Area, 1924-1969.
2664 BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. New York City. Government of Monroe County, N.Y. (Including Town Government). Description of Organization and Functions ...
2665 CATHOLIC CHURCH. Diocese of Rochester. 1974-75 Monroe County Legislature --Personal Profile--Discussing Issues.
2666 CENTER FOR GOVERNMENTAL RESEARCH. Governing Monroe County: A Staff Report to the Charter Study Commission.
2667 CRAPSEY, ARTHUR H., comp. County Manager Government in Effect in the County of Monroe, State of New York.
2668 GREATER ROCHESTER INTER-GOVERNMENTAL PANEL. Report of the Great Rochester Inter-Governmental Panel, Submitted to the National Academy of Public Administration and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
2669 GREATER ROCHESTER INTER-GOVERNMENTAL PANEL. Two-Tiered Government in Monroe County, New York
2671 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS. Metropolitan Development in Monroe County, Rochester: 1960. 22 pp.
2672 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS. Local Governments, Rochester-Monroe County.
2670 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS. Your County, Monroe, and the Government within It.
2673 N.Y. Department of Civil Service. Management Survey Report of the Monroe County Civil Service Commission.
2674 SMITH, CRAIG W., and W. EARL WELLER. Ten Years of County Manager Government.
2675 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. Management. Clinics. Are We Heading toward a New Community Concept? Some Observations on Our Local Government Economy by the Report Group of the Local Government Committee.
2676 WATSON, ADA. A Survey of the Government of Monroe County, New York. Part I. The Board of Supervisors.
2677 WELLER, W. EARL, and CRAIG M. SMITH. "Sixteen Years of Progress."

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