Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2999 A Narrative of the Facts and Circumstances Relating to the Kidnapping and Presumed Murder of William Morgan, and of the Attempt to Carry off David C. Miller, and to Burn or Destroy the Printing Office of the Latter, for the Purpose of Preventing the Printing and Publishing of the Book, Entitled “Illustrations of Masonry.” Prepared under the Direction of Several Committees Appointed at Meetings of the Citizens of the Counties of Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Monroe, and Niagara, in the State of New York.
2974 BENTLEY, A.P. History of the Abduction of William Morgan, and the Anti- Masonic Excitement of 1826-30, with Many Details and Incidents Never Before Published.
2975 BERNARD, DAVID. Light on Masonry: A Collection of All the Most Important Documents on the Subject of Speculative Free Masonry: Embracing the Reports of the Western Committees in Relation to the Abduction of William Morgan ...
2976 BRACKNEY, WILLIAM H. Religious Antimasonry: The Genesis of a Political Party.
5575 BRACKNEY, WILLIAM H. “Experience versus Conviction: The Baptist Response to the Antimasonic Impulse, 1826-1830.”
2977 BRADLEY, J. An Address to Masons, on the Importance of Forming Associations; Spreading Light among Uninformed Brethren; Securing Their Funds from Failures, and Establishing Academies ...
2978 BROWN, HENRY. A Narrative of the Anti-Masonick Excitement, in the Western Part of the State of New-York, during the Years 1826, '7, '8, and a Part of 1829.
2979 BURNS, ROBERT D. “The Abduction of William Morgan.”
2980 CHASE, JAMES S. Emergence of the Presidential Nominating Convention, 1789-1832.
2981 CONVENTION OF DELEGATES OPPOSED TO FREE MASONRY. Proceedings of a Convention of Delegates Opposed to Free Masonry, which Met at LeRoy, Genesee Co., N.Y., March 6, 1828.
2982 CUMMINGS, WILLIAM L. A Bibliography of Anti-Masonry,
2983 DAVIS, DAVID B. “Some Themes of Counter-Subversion: An Analysis of Anti-Masonic, Anti-Catholic, and Anti-Mormon Literature.”
2984 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “The Legend of William Morgan.”
2985 FORMISANO, RONALD P., and KATHLEEN SMITH KUTOLOWSKI. “Antimasonry and Masonry: The Genesis of Protest, 1826-1827.”
2988 FREEMASONS, Monroe County. Address of the Freemasons of Monroe County to the Public, on Returning Their Charter.
2989 GIDDINS, EDWARD. An Account of the Savage Treatment of Captain William Morgan, in Fort Niagara, Who Was Subsequently Murdered by the Masons, and Sunk in Lake Ontario, for Publishing the Secrets of Masonry ...
2986 GREENE, SAMUEL D. The Broken Seal; or, Personal Reminiscences of the Morgan Abduction & Murder.
5576 GREGORIO, DAVID I. “Antimasonry: Political Action or Collective Disorder? An Inquiry Concerning the Structural Determinants of a Social Movement.”
2990 GRIFFEN, LELAND M. The Antimasonic Persuasion: A Study of Public Address in the American Antimasonic Movement 1826-1838.
5577 HAIGH, ELIZABETH B. “New York Antimasons, 1826-1833.”
2987 HAMILTON, MILTON W. “Anti-Masonic Newspapers, 1826-1834.”
2991 KNIGHT, THOMAS A. The Strange Disappearance of William Morgan.
2992 LACKEY, JAMES, and others, defendants. The Trial of James Lackey, Isaac Evertson, Chauncy H. Coe, Holoway Howard, Hiram Hubbard, John Butterfield, James Ganson, Asa Knowlen, Harris Seymour, Henry Howard, and Moses Roberts, for Kidnapping Capt. William Morgan; at the Ontario General Sessions, Held at Can-andaigua, Ontario County, Aug. 22, 1827 ...
2993 LANE, WILLIAM T. “The William Morgan Affair. Articles Appearing in the Livingston Register, Oct. 1826-Dec. 1827. A Chronological Bibliography.”
2994 LANG, OSSIAN H. History of Freemasonry in the State of New York.
2995 MCCARTHY, CHARLES. The Antimasonic Party: A Study of Political Anti- Masonry in the United States, 1827-1840, pp. 365-574 in Annual Report of the American Historical Association, 1902, Vol. 1.
2996 MONROE COUNTY COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO ASCERTAIN THE FATE OF CAPT. WILLIAM MORGAN. Supplementary Report of the Committee Appointed to Ascertain the Fate of Capt. William Morgan.
2997 MORGAN, WILLIAM. Illustrations of Masonry, by One of the Fraternity, Who Has Devoted Thirty Years to the Subject ...
2998 MORRIS, ROBERT. William Morgan; or Political Anti-Masonry, Its Rise, Growth and Decadence.
3001 N.Y. Assembly. Select Committee on the Abduction of William Morgan. Report of the Select Committee on That Part of the Governor's Message Relating to the Abduction of William Morgan. Made to the Assembly, Feb. 16, 1829.
3002 N.Y. Senate. Committee on the Abduction of William Morgan. Report of the Committee on the Abduction of William Morgan, Made to the Senate, Feb. 14 1829.
3000 NATIONAL CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. ... Fourteenth National Convention Held in Opera hall, Batavia, N.Y., September 12th, 13th & 14th, 1882. Reports of Proceedings, Addresses, the Unveiling of the Morgan Monument, and Letter of Thurlow Weed.
3003 O'REILLY, HENRY. American Political-Antimasonry, with Its “Good-Enough Morgan.” “One of the Most Singular Features in American Social, Religious and Political History ... Brief Notices of Some Events in the History of the Political-Antimasonic Excitement ...
3004 STONE, WILLIAM L. Letters on Masonry and Anti-Masonry, Addressed to the Hon. John Quincy Adams.
3005 VALANCE, HENRY L. Confession of the Murder of William Morgan. As Taken Down by L. John L. Finery, of Racine County, Wisconsin, in the Summer of 1848, Now First Given to the Public.
5578 VAUGHN, WILLIAM P. The Antimasonic Party in the United States, 1826-1843.
3006 WAKEMAN, WILLIAM S. The William Morgan Mystery Solved.
3007 WEED, THURLOW, defendant. Trial for Libel. Circuit Court... Jacob Gould vs. Thurlow Weed. Albany, Sept. 13, 1831.
3008 WEED, THURLOW, defendant. The Facts Stated. Hon. Thurlow Weed on the Morgan Abduction. A Document for the People.
3009 WHITNEY, PARKHURST, and others, defendants. Trial of Parkhurst Whitney, Timothy Shaw, Noah Beach, William Miller, and Samuel P.T. Chubbock; for a Conspiracy; The Abduction, False Imprisonment, and Assault and Battery, of William Morgan: Held at a Special Circuit Court, Held at Lockport, Niagara County, 1831...

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