Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
426 Historical Highlights of the Village of Wolcott...
428 "Old Livingston Cemetery ..."
429 "Van Vleet Cemetery, Township of Wolcott ..."
407 "Furnaceville Cemetery in Wayne County, New York."
406 "Lakeside Cemetery of Ontario Twp. ..."
5947 Palmyra, New York, 175th Year, 1789-1964.
422 "Walworth Freewill Cemetery in Wayne County, New York."
424 "Fish Cemetery ..."
5954 Town of Wolcott Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1810-1960 (Comprising the Towns of Huron, Butler, Wolcott and Rose)....
402 Macedon Village Cemetery, Wayne County ..."
425 "Williamson Cemetery, Wayne County ..."
411 The First Settlement and Early History of Palmyra, Wayne County, N.Y. A Review of Rev. Mr. Eaton's Thanksgiving Sermon, with Notes and Additions, by the "Wayne Democratic Press;" Embracing Some Incidents and Anecdotes Hitherto Unpublished.
412 A Memorial of the Celebration at Palmyra, N.Y of the Centennial Fourth of July, 1876, Including the Oration by Theodore Bacon, and a Sketch of the Early History of Palmyra, by Rev. Horace Eaton, D.D.
413 Palmyra, Wayne County, New York.
416 Village of Savannah Centennial, 1867-1967.
5950 Arms' Crossroads - Wallington.
5413 Palmyra,
5417 Wayne County, Turning the Century.
423 AMERICAN LEGION, Williamson Post No. 394. A Directory and Brief History of the Town of Williamson (with Map), as Compiled by Members of Williamson Post, No. 394, the American Legion.
408 BENJAMIN, ALICE EAGAN. History of Palmyra, 1789-1865.
5943 BLYTH, JOHN E., ed. Macedon in 1976.
5945 BURGESS, W. C. Plain Facts About Newark, Wayne County, New York, the Town of Opportunity.
418 COOK, A. ISABELLA. Pioneer History of Sodus Point, N.Y.
409 COOK, THOMAS L. Palmyra and Vicinity.
5952 COOPER, DAVID E. Friendly Folks and Proud,
390 COWLES, GEORGE W., ed. Landmarks of Wayne County, New York.
410 EATON, HORACE. The Early History of Palmyra: A Thanksgiving Sermon, Delivered at Palmyra, N.Y., November 26, 1857.
401 ELDREDGE, MARY L., comp. Pioneers of Macedon, and Other Papers of the Macedon Historical Society.
5411 ENNIS, GERTRUDE LAKE. Tales of Alloway: Settled in 1791.
5412 ENNIS, GERTRUDE LAKE. Lyons, the Shire Town.
5415 FROST, GRACE M. Four Corners to Westbury.
5416 FROST, GRACE M. Red Creek: Once Upon a Time.
419 GREEN, WAITER. H. History, Reminiscences, Anecdotes and Legends of Great Sodus Bay, Sodus Point, Sloop Landing, Sodus Village, Pultneyville, Maxwell and the Environing Regions, the Ridge Road end the 4 Horse Post Coaches.
5944 HAMMOND, ENSIGN D. Souvenir of Marion, New York.
394 JACKSON, CECILIA BOLUS. One Hundred Years, 1853-1953.
5408 JACKSON, CECILIA B. Annals of Arcadia.
414 JOHNSON, LAURENCE A. "The Money Diggers' of Rose."
5953 KANE, ROBERT. Sailors and Whalers: Lakemen of Pultneyville.
391 McINTOSH, W.H., ed. History of Wayne County, New York: with Illustrations Descriptive of Its Scenery, Palatial Residences, Public Buildings, Fine blocks, and Important Manufactories.
5406 MEYER, WILLIAM B. “The Wayne County Seat Controversy.”
5414 MONETT, Mrs. D.F. Great Sodus Bay: A Beautiful Sketch of this Famous Resort.
403 MORGAN, VERA CURTIS. History of the Town. of Marion, Wayne County, State of New York, 1795-1937.
397 MORRISON, ARETTA J., and WAYNE E. Morrison's History of Clyde, Wayne Co., New York. With Illustrations Descriptive of Its Scenery, Buildings, Prominent Men, &c.
392 MORRISON, WAYNE E., comp. Morrison's History of Wayne County, New York; with County, Town & Village Descriptions, Profusely Illustrated & c.
5410 MORRISON, WAYNE E., comp. History of Clyde, Wayne County, N.Y.
421 ONTARIO FAY LAND AND IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION. Fair Haven. Ontario Bay,) The Terminus of the Lake Ontario, Auburn and New York Railroad.
393 PALMER, RICHARD F., comp. “Erections of Wayne County from Ontario and Seneca Counties and Formation of Its Towns.”
398 PARSONS, GERALD J. "The Story of Clyde, 1722 to 1850."
396 PARSONS, GERALD J. "The History of the Wilson Store at South Butler Wayne County, New York."
5951 PEMBROKE, CHARLES H. Walworth, as I Remember It.
5407 PEREZ, MARJORY ALLEN, and MARY ANN BLIEK. Wayne County Looking Back.
404 RICH, JOHN S. "A Day at the Fair: The Guideless Wonder."
417 ROBINSON, PEARL, and others. Historical Notes of Savannah.
415 ROE, ALFRED S. Rose Neighborhood Sketches, Wayne County, New York; with Glimpses of the Adjacent Towns: Butler, Wolcott, Huron, Sodus, Lyons and Savannah.
5946 SCULLY, VIRGINIA D. Heritage Square at the Brick Church Corners, Ontario, New York.
5949 SPELLMAN, JOHN. Savannah: A Pictorial History.
395 STROUP, IRMA GALLUP. Around the Town in By-Gone Days. Newark and Town of Arcadia, N.Y., 1791-1853.
405 TRIMBLE, AUGUST, ed. History of the Town of Ontario.
5948 TROSKOSKY, BETTY, ed. Palmyra: A Bicentennial Celebration, 1789-1989.
427 WADSWORTH, JOHN O., Comp. Wolcott, New York, Old and New: A History of the Original Town of Wolcott and the Four Present Townships, Butler, Huron, Rose, Wolcott, into Which the Original Town was Divided; and Genealogic Sketches of the Pioneer Families.
420 WEBER, JAMES. "History of Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario, Wayne County, New York."
430 WELCH, EDGAR L. "Grip's" Historical Souvenir of Wolcott, N.Y.
399 WELCH, EDGAR L. "Grip's "Historical Souvenir of Clyde, N.Y.
5409 WILLIAMS, HOWARD. Williams Updated History of Butler Township.
400 WLECH, EDGAR L. "Grip's" Historical Souvenir of Lyons, N.Y.

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