Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
352 Morrison's history of Ovid, Seneca Co., New York. 1794-1876.
5400 As We Were--The Life and Times of the 19th Century in Seneca Falls, New York.
5401 As We Were--The Life and Times of the Early 20th Century in Seneca Falls, New York. Vol. 2.
353 "1800 Federal Census, Heads of Families, Town of Ovid, Seneca. County."
5937 ALTSCHULER, GLENN C., and JAN M. SALTZGABER. Clearinghouse for Paupers: The Poorfarm of Seneca County, New York, 1830-1860.
357 BAILEY, PRICE W. "The Personal Narrative of Price W. Bailey."
358 BEACH, B.F. Seneca Falls Sixty or More Years Ago.
359 BEACH, W.H. "History of Bridgeport."
385 BECKER, JOHN F. A History of the Village of Waterloo, New York and Thesaurus of Related Facts.
386 BECKER, JOHN F. "Waterloo, New York, Seneca County."
346 BUCKLEY, ETHEL. Diedrich Willers: Local Historian of the Centennial Years.
361 CHAMBERLAIN, HARRISON. "Five Pivotal Years of Our History."
387 CONOVER, GEORGE S. "Skoi-yase," pp. 314-25 in The Centennial Celebration of General Sullivan's Campaign against the Iroquois, in 1779. Held at Waterloo, September 3rd, 1879.
388 CONOVER, GEORGE S. Echoes of Seneca Lake, or the Reminiscences of a Centenarian.
362 COWING, JANET. The Streets of Seneca Falls.
363 COWING, JANET. "Some Early Advertisements."
364 DELAVAN, ELIZABETH. Upstate Family.
365 DELAVAN, ELIZABETH. Upstate Tillage.
5938 DELAVAN, ELIZABETH. Lake Country Views.
366 EISENHART, EDWARD. A Century of Seneca Falls History, Showing the Rise and Progress of a New York State Village.
343 FINCH, JESSIE EVERTS HOWELL, comp. Some cemeteries of the Between the Lakes Country (Portions of Seneca, Schuyler, and Tompkins Counties, N.Y.), ed. Carl W. Fischer and Harriet Jackson Swick.
367 GAY, JOHN S. The Insurance Agents of Seneca Falls.
368 HOWLAND, ROBERT J. "Seneca Falls Dentists, Past and Present.
369 JACOBY, SAMUEL. L. Reminiscences of Seneca Falls and Seneca County,
370 LESTER, CAROLINE F. Quaint Sayings and Doings of Older Seneca Falls,
371 LESTER, CAROLINE F. "The Cycle of the Seneca Falls Dry-Goods Store."
372 LESTER, FREDERICK W. The Junius Debating Society,
373 LESTER, FREDERICK W. "The Drugstores of Seneca Falls."
351 LOTT, HELEN E. The "School Ma'am."
374 LUM, DAVID B. The Seneca Falls of David B. Lum, 1806-1875.
350 LUTZ, ELLA M. History of Town of Junius, 1803-1921 ...
382 McGRANE, AGNES. Varick: A History of Varick, Seneca County, New York.
344 McINTOSH, W. H. History of Seneca County, New York ...
375 McKEON, MATTHEW. The Present Seneca. Falls Police Department,
5404 MCLAFFERTY, HENRY JR. “Romulus Revisited: Extracts from the Diary of Henry McLafferty, Jr., 1856-1857. Rochester: History, 42, no. 2 (Apr. 1980), 1-28. “New York Antimasons, 1826-1833.”
376 MEDDEN, FREDERICK J. Early Police System of Seneca Falls,
377 MONROE, STEPHEN. "Seneca Falls in Earlier Days."
383 MONROE, STEPHEN. School District No. 11, Town of Varick, from 1850,
5942 MORRISON, PATRICIA J., compiler. Name Index: History of Ovid, Seneca Co., 1789-1889.
5402 MORRISON, WAYNE E., SR., comp. Early History, &c., Town of Covert, Seneca Co., N.Y.
5403 MORRISON, WAYNE E., SR., comp. Town & Village of Ovid, Seneca Co., N.Y.: An Early History.
348 PATTERSON, MAURICE L. Between the Lakes: The Settlement and Growth of South Seneca County, the Town of Covert, the Village of Interlaken.
384 ROBERTS, ISAAC P. Autobiography of a Farm Boy.
378 SANDERSON, JAMES S. Some Early Recollections of Seneca Falls,
5405 SMITH, E. PAYSON. Smiths of Tyre: Asa Smith, 1758-1841, Jason Smith, 1795-1883, Pulaski F. Smith, 1829-1916.
379 STOWELL, HENRY. A History of Seneca Falls, N.Y. (1799-1862).
380 TELLER, FRED. "Samuel Harris and His Son John Harris."
5941 VECSEY, CHRISTOPHER, and WILLIAM A. STARNA, editors. Iroquois Land Claims.
5940 WATROUS, HILDA R. The County Between the Lakes: Life and People to Be Remembered, Seneca County, New York, 1895.
5939 WATROUS, HILDA R. The County Between the Lakes: A Public History of Seneca County, New York, 1876-1982.
389 WELCH, EDGAR I. "Grip's historical Souvenir of Waterloo, N.Y.
381 WELCH, EDGAR L. "Grip's Historical Souvenir of Seneca Fall, N.Y.
355 WILLERS, DIEDRICH, ed. Centennial Celebration of the Official Organization of the Town of Romulus, Seneca County, New York, June 13, 1894.
356 WILLERS, DIEDRICH, ed. Historical Address Delivered by Diedrich Willers of Varick, June 13, 1894, at the Centennial Celebration of the Official Organ-ization of the Town of Romulus, N.Y.
345 WILLERS, DIEDRICH. “Seneca County: An Historical Address.”
349 WILLERS, DIEDRICH. Centennial Historical Sketch of the Town of Fayette, Seneca County, New York.
347 WILLETT, JOHN. “Seneca. County.”

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