Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
871 "Two Interesting Letters."
866 "Scrantom Letters on the Beginnings of Rochester,"
841 ATWATER, MOSES. Moses Atwater of Canandaigua, N.Y. to Samuel J. Andrews of Derby, Conn. A Packet of Letters Relating to the Early History of Rochester, 1812-14.
842 BISSELL, JOSIAH W. "Reminiscences of Early Rochester."
843 BLANCHARD, HIRAM LAVIRA. "Reminiscences of McCrackenville as Related by Mrs. Hiram Lavira Blanchard."
844 BRADSTREET, HOBART. The Real Diary of A Rochester Boy, 1864, ed. James H. Thompson.
845 CHAPIN, EDWARD D. "Recollections of Fitzhugh Street South of the Canal."
846 CHAPPELL, JANE M. "Livingston Park People and Traditions."
847 COATES, HILDA A. "Purple Passages from a Mauve Decade."
848 FARLEY, PORTER. "Rochester in the Forties."
849 FREEMAN, ASHER. The Autobiography of Asher Freeman, ed. Blake McKelvey.
850 GRANGER, ELI. "Diaries of 1796-1797," ed. Margaret Toth.
851 HATCH, JESSE W. "Memories of Village Days: Rochester, 1822 to 1830."
852 HAUSHALTER, Mrs. Michael. "Some Side Squints on Old Rochester."
853 HUMPHREY, GEORGE H. "Old East Avenue Days."
855 JOHNSON, ROSSITER. The Grandest Playground in. the World. Delivered before the Rochester historical Society, April 15, 1918.
856 JOHNSON, ROSSITER. "Excerpts from the Diary of Rossiter Johnson."
857 LANGWORTHY, LYMAN B. Desultory Notes and Reminiscences of the City of Rochester; Its Early History, Remarkable Men and Events, Strange Revelations, of the Murders, Mysteries, and Miseries, Casualties, Curiosities and Progress of the Young and Growing City, for the Last Fifty Years. By an Octogenarian.
858 McKELVEY, BLAKE, ed. Letters postmarked Rochester, 1817-1879.
859 POND, CHARLES F. "History of the Third Ward."
862 ROBINSON, CHARLES MULFORD. The Third Ward Catechism, to Which is Appended an Order of Service Designed for Use in the School and the Home. A Text Book for the Unversed.
863 ROBY, ALICE ROGERS. "A Pioneer Rochester Family: Vignette."
864 ROCHESTER, HENRY E. "Early Conditions of the Genesee River in the One Hundred Acre Tract."
865 SCRANTOM, EDWIN. "And This Was Rochester: Excerpts from the Old Citizen Letters of Edwin Scrantom," ed. Harriett J. Naylor.
867 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. "Reminiscences of the Third Ward."
868 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. "Reminiscences of the Ruffled-Shirt Ward."
869 STANTON, HENRY B. Random Recollections. 3d rev. ed.
870 STRONG, AUGUSTUS H. Reminiscences of Early Rochester: A Paper Read before the Rochester Historical Society, December 27, 1915.
872 VARNEY, ELIZABETH J. "Panorama of Rochester in Its Early Days."
874 WHITTLESEY, FREDERICK A. "Remembrance and Prophecy: Tales of a Grandfather."
875 WILSON, JOHN S. "Rochester's Centenarian of 1915: The Reminiscences of John S. Wilson." ed. Frederick M. Whitney.

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