Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
815 In Honor of Nathaniel Rochester. Exercises Held at Rochester, New York, Saturday Afternoon, June Twenty-eight, Nineteen Twenty Four ...
810 BOOTHBY, WILLIAM B. "Nathaniel Rochester in the Revolution."
811 DEWEY, CHARLES A. "Nathaniel Rochester: Patriot-Pioneer-Founder."
812 FOREMAN, EDWARD R., ed. Rochester Historical Society Publication Fund Series, 3 (1924), 368-85.
814 FOREMAN, EDWARD R., ed. "Rochester; Its Name and Its Founder."
813 FOREMAN, EDWARD R., ed. "Discovery of an Audubon Portrait of Col Nathaniel Rochester."
816 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Colonel Nathaniel Rochester.
817 OSGOOD, HOWARD L. Rochester: Its Founders and Its Founding. Read before the Rochester Historical Society, April 13th, 1894.
818 OSGOOD, HOWARD L. "Sesquicentennial of Nathaniel Rochester's First Visit to the Falls of the Genesee."
819 OSGOOD, KATHARINE ROCHESTER MONTGOMERY. Backward Glances at Old Rochester.
820 PARKER, JANE MARSH. "The Opening of the Genesee Country."
821 PEET, ANNE OLMSTEAD. "Nathaniel Thrift Rochester Goes to Paris in 1832."
823 ROCHESTER, NATHANIEL, JR. "Early History of the Rochester Family in America ..."
822 ROCHESTER, NATHANIEL. "A Brief Sketch of the Life of Nathaniel Rochester Written by Himself for the Information of His Children."
824 ROCHESTER, SOPHIA E. " A Letter of 1817 from Sophia Elizabeth Rochester, to Her Father, Col. Nathaniel Rochester, at the Mansion House, Albany, N.Y."
825 ROGERS, FANNIE ROCHESTER. "Colonel. Nathaniel Rochester."
826 SCRANTOM, EDWIN. "Reminiscences of Colonel Nathaniel Rochester."
827 SHEPARD, CHARLES. Centennial and Bicentennial: Nathaniel Rochester, 1752; Thomas Rochester Shepard, 1852.
828 WHITEHOUSE, HENRY J. "Sermon Preached at the Funeral of Colonel Nathaniel Rochester (Held in St. Luke's Church, May 19, 1831)."

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