Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
949 Sketch of Rochester,
964 The Lilac City: Live, Work & Play in Rochester, New York.
911 Five O'Clock. 'Old Times Number.'
927 Maplewood Community History ...
840 History of Rochester Portrayed in Stamps.
912 "Folklore in Rochester."
871 "Two Interesting Letters."
797 "Documents of Early Rochester."
830 Official Programme and Souvenir of the Rochester Semi-Centennial, June 9th and 10th, 1884.
815 In Honor of Nathaniel Rochester. Exercises Held at Rochester, New York, Saturday Afternoon, June Twenty-eight, Nineteen Twenty Four ...
951 Horner's Rochester City Guide, and Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge, Carefully Compiled.
734 Rochester in 1827, with a Map of the village.
737 Proceedings at the Annual Festivals of the Pioneers of Rochester, Held at Blossom. Hall, September 30, 1847, and October 13, 1848.
802 "Map of Rochester in 1814."
806 The Pioneers Days of Rochester Illustrated.
834 The Book of the Rochester Centennial.
780 "The City that Reaches Outward Touches Every Corner of the World: Rochester."
784 "Growth of Cities in the United States."
831 Celebration of the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the City of Rochester. Exercises Held in Convention Fall, October Nineteen, Nineteen Hundred Nine. 1834-1909.
866 "Scrantom Letters on the Beginnings of Rochester,"
952 Rochester City Index and Guide Book.
953 Pocket Directory Containing General Information of the City of Rochester, 1891.
956 Rochester Guidebook; Maps and Illustrations ...
957 Eighteenth Convention of the National Association of Letter Carriers, Rochester, N.Y. Souvenir, September 4th to 9th, 1911.
958 The City of Rochester and Vicinity. Where to Go, How to Go, and What to See in and About the Flower City ...
963 Introducing Rochester to You.
960 Introducing Rochester to You.
961 Rochester, City with a Purpose.
878 ABBOTT, GEORGE. 'Mister Abbott.'
876 ADAMS, SAMUEL HOPKINS. Grandfather Stories.
833 ADAMS. MORRIS. "The Last Quarter of Rochester's Century on Parade; The Golden Era: 1910-1934."
792 ALLEN, JOHN G. History of Rochester in Verse with Illustrations.
877 ANGEVINE, R. ELBERT. Short Skyride: A Story of Golden Days in Rochester.
778 ARNOT, RAYMOND H. "The City of Rochester, Illustrated."
779 ARNOT, RAYMOND H. Rochester; Backgrounds of Its History."
907 ASH, MARTHA MONTAGUE. "The Social and Domestic Scene in Rochester, 1840-1860."
841 ATWATER, MOSES. Moses Atwater of Canandaigua, N.Y. to Samuel J. Andrews of Derby, Conn. A Packet of Letters Relating to the Early History of Rochester, 1812-14.
772 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "The Annexation of Brighton Village."
773 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "The City's Golden Age."
775 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "The annexation of Charlotte."
776 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "Canaltown:' A Focus of Historical Traditions."
842 BISSELL, JOSIAH W. "Reminiscences of Early Rochester."
843 BLANCHARD, HIRAM LAVIRA. "Reminiscences of McCrackenville as Related by Mrs. Hiram Lavira Blanchard."
810 BOOTHBY, WILLIAM B. "Nathaniel Rochester in the Revolution."
844 BRADSTREET, HOBART. The Real Diary of A Rochester Boy, 1864, ed. James H. Thompson.
879 BRAGDON, CLAUDE. "Reminiscences of Rochester of the Eighties."
880 BROWNYARD, MARY JANE. The Diary of Mary Jane Brownyard, ed. Theodore L. Brownyard..
829 BUTLER, WILLIAM M., and GEORGE S. CRITTENDEN. The Semi-Centennial Souvenir. An Account of the Great Celebration, June 9th and 10th, 1884. Together with a Chronological. History of Rochester, N.Y.
908 CASE, WHEELER G. "In the Looking-Glass of 1834."
845 CHAPIN, EDWARD D. "Recollections of Fitzhugh Street South of the Canal."
846 CHAPPELL, JANE M. "Livingston Park People and Traditions."
881 CLUNE, HENRY W. Main Street Beat.
882 CLUNE, HENRY W. The Rochester I know. .
781 CLUNE, HENRY W. "Why I Live in Rochester."
941 COAPMAN, DAVID. "The Grave of Sam Patch."
847 COATES, HILDA A. "Purple Passages from a Mauve Decade."
883 COATES, ROBERT M. The View from Here.
744 CROSS, WHITNEY R. "Creating a City: The History of Rochester from 1827 to 1834."
884 DANFORTH, Mrs. Henry G. "Rochester's Gay Nineties."
962 DARCY, MARTHA HARBRECHT. Living in Rochester.
782 DAVIS, JOHN E. "Here's Rochester, New York."
909 DENGLER, DOROTHY. "Tales of Buried Treasure in Rochester."
741 DEVOY, JOHN, comp. Rochester and the Post Express. A History of the City of Rochester from the Earliest Times; The Pioneers and Their Predecessors--Frontier Life in the Genesee Country--Biographical Sketches; with a Record of the Post Express.
811 DEWEY, CHARLES A. "Nathaniel Rochester: Patriot-Pioneer-Founder."
885 DIENSTAG, ELEANOR. Whither Thou Goest: The Story of an Uprooted Wife.
942 DORSON, RICHARD M. "Sam Patch, Jumping Hero."
943 DORSON, RICHARD M. "The Story of Sam Patch."
944 DORSON, RICHARD M. "The Wonderful Leaps of Sam Patch."
910 DOW, HARRIET BROWN. "Rochester, the City of Beginnings."
848 FARLEY, PORTER. "Rochester in the Forties."
745 FENNEMORE, GEORGE. "The Growth of a City: The History of Rochester from 1839 to 1843."
839 FLORACK, BERNARD H. "Rochester/Monroe County Almanac, 1776-1976."
886 FLORENCE, LOUISE. "Sunday at the Glen House: A Letter of 1880 Describing the Simple Pleasure of Early Rochester Life," ed. Landis Smith.
743 FOREMAN, EDWARD R., ed. Centennial History of Rochester, New York. 4 vols.
812 FOREMAN, EDWARD R., ed. Rochester Historical Society Publication Fund Series, 3 (1924), 368-85.
836 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Annals of Rochester.
813 FOREMAN, EDWARD R., ed. "Discovery of an Audubon Portrait of Col Nathaniel Rochester."
916 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. "One of the Famous Falls of Rochester."
814 FOREMAN, EDWARD R., ed. "Rochester; Its Name and Its Founder."
913 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. The First White Child Born in Rochester.
914 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. "The East Avenue Swamp."
915 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. "Judge Lynn and Venus."
849 FREEMAN, ASHER. The Autobiography of Asher Freeman, ed. Blake McKelvey.
887 GERLING, CURT. Smugtown, U.S.A.
888 GERLING, CURT. Good Enough for Grandpa ...
889 GERMANOW, HARRY. Harry Germanow, My Own Story.
890 GOLER, FRANK H Random Recollections of the Eighties.
891 GOLER, FRANK H "Rochester of the Seventies."
892 GOLER, FRANK H "Rochester Street Scenes in the Eighties."
893 GOLER, FRANK H "Main Street: In Retrospect."
850 GRANGER, ELI. "Diaries of 1796-1797," ed. Margaret Toth.
783 GREELEY, HORACE. "Editorial Correspondence."
917 GREER, EMMA POLLARD. "Saved from the Lake."
798 GREER, EMMA POLLARD. "Home Builders of Old Charlotte."
799 HAMIL, FRED C. "Ebenezer Allan in Canada."
918 HANFORD, FRANKLIN. "On the Origins of the Names of Places in Monroe County, New York."
919 HANMER-CROUGHTON, AMY. "Panorama of Social Rochester."
920 HANNAN, S.F. Old Times and Old Timers of Now and Fifty Years Ago in Rough and Ready Rhyme ...
921 HARRIS, JULIA HUGHES. "Early Births in Rochester."
851 HATCH, JESSE W. "Memories of Village Days: Rochester, 1822 to 1830."
852 HAUSHALTER, Mrs. Michael. "Some Side Squints on Old Rochester."
894 HITCHCOCK, S. EDWARD. 'My First Visit to Rochester."
922 HOLTON, GLADYS REID. "Notes on Social History of Early Rochester."
800 HOOKER, ELON H. "Memories of Carthage."
801 HOOKER, SUSAN H. "The Rise and Fall of Carthage."
895 HOSMER, HOWARD C. No Pure Delight: A Newspaper Columnists' Scrapbook.
853 HUMPHREY, GEORGE H. "Old East Avenue Days."
785 HUNGERFORD, EDWARD. "Tale of Three Cities: Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo."
786 HUNGERFORD, EDWARD. The Personality of American Cities.
923 JANTON, VICTOR. "Rennes: Its Past, Its Present, Its Future."
855 JOHNSON, ROSSITER. The Grandest Playground in. the World. Delivered before the Rochester historical Society, April 15, 1918.
856 JOHNSON, ROSSITER. "Excerpts from the Diary of Rossiter Johnson."
945 KAVANAGH, KATHLEEN M. "The Limited Fame of Sam Patch."
896 KENDRICK, RYLAND M. "One Impression of Rochester in the Nineties."
857 LANGWORTHY, LYMAN B. Desultory Notes and Reminiscences of the City of Rochester; Its Early History, Remarkable Men and Events, Strange Revelations, of the Murders, Mysteries, and Miseries, Casualties, Curiosities and Progress of the Young and Growing City, for the Last Fifty Years. By an Octogenarian.
787 LEVEY, STANLEY. "The Cities of America: Rochester, N.Y."
926 MAINE, HENRY C., ed. Rochester in History, with Portraits and Our Part in the World War.
788 MASON, GRACE SARTWELL. Rochester: The Flower City. A City, Likewise, of Clean Milk, Social Centers and Progress in Many Directions."
899 McKAIG, THOMAS H. "Boyhood Memories of the 'Ditch.'"
897 McKAIG, THOMAS H. "Jerry."
753 McKELVEY , BLAKE. "Touring Backwards: A 'Visit to Rochester in 1818, and Again in 1838."
754 McKELVEY , BLAKE. 'Rochester's Mid-Years: Center of Genesee Country Life: 1854-1884.
756 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Economic Stages in the Growth of Rochester.
757 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Water Power City Overflow, or Leaves from an Historian's Notebook."
758 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "A Panoramic View of Rochester's History."
759 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Rochester at the Turn of the Century."
760 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Rochester's Historic Markers."
803 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Rochester's Historic Markers.
816 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Colonel Nathaniel Rochester.
924 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Christmas Traditions in Rochester.
925 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Some Rochester 'Firsts.'"
767 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "A Sesquicentennial Review of Rochester's History."
748 McKELVEY, BLAKE FAUS. Rochester: The Flower City, 1855-1890.
749 McKELVEY, BLAKE FAUS. Rochester: The Quest for Quality, 1890-1925.
750 McKELVEY, BLAKE FAUS. Rochester: An Emerging Metropolis, 1925-1961,
751 McKELVEY, BLAKE FAUS. Rochester on the Genesee.
774 McKELVEY, BLAKE. A, City Historian's Report.
768 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "The Changing Face of Rochester."
769 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Rochester at the World's Fairs."
770 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The Metropolis and the Historian.
771 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Sesquicentennial of Rochesterville."
858 McKELVEY, BLAKE, ed. Letters postmarked Rochester, 1817-1879.
761 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Rochester's Metropolitan Prospects in Historical Perspective.
762 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Our City Today: Some Facts and Figures of Economic and Civic Import on Rochester, New York."
835 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The Anniversary of Rochester's Permanent Settlement in 1812.
793 McKELVEY, BLAKE. A Story of Rochester.
747 McKELVEY, BLAKE FAUS. Rochester: The Water-Power City, 1812-1854.
763 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "The Rochester Area in American History."
764 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Rochester's 125th Birthday."
765 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Rochester in Retrospect."
766 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Rochester in Retrospect and Prospect."
777 McKELVEY, BLAKE, and JOSEPH W. BARNES. 'Blake McKelvey's Rochester': Script from a One-Hour Film Documentary..
946 MERRILL, ARCH. "Sam's Last Leap."
928 MONTAGUE, MARTHA E. "Rochester's Gold Diggers."
794 MOORE, EVELYN L. Rochester's Story.
929 NAYLOR, HARIETT J. "The Ancient Little City of Rochester in Kent."
746 NORTON, HERBERT A. "Prosperity and Adversity: The History of Rochester from 1834 to 1839."
832 OGDEN, CHARLES E., And THOMAS T. SWINBURNE, comps. Centennial Day Celebration, Rochester, N.Y.
805 OLDS, NATHANIEL S. "From La Salle to Indian Allan: The Appraisal of a Cataract's Utility."
735 O'REILLY, HENRY. Settlement in the West. Sketches of Rochester; with Incidental. Notices of Western New-York. A Collection of Matters Designed to Illustrate the Progress of Rochester during the First Quarter-Century of Its Existence. Including a Map of the City and Some Representations of Scenery, Edifices, etc.
736 O'REILLY, HENRY. Rochester in 1835. Brief Sketchs of the Present Condition of the City of Rochester. ...
817 OSGOOD, HOWARD L. Rochester: Its Founders and Its Founding. Read before the Rochester Historical Society, April 13th, 1894.
818 OSGOOD, HOWARD L. "Sesquicentennial of Nathaniel Rochester's First Visit to the Falls of the Genesee."
819 OSGOOD, KATHARINE ROCHESTER MONTGOMERY. Backward Glances at Old Rochester.
837 PARKER, ARTHUR C., comp. Centennial Almanac Commemorating the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Charter of Rochester, New York, 1834-1934.
930 PARKER, ARTHUR C. "The Natural Forces that Molded the Genesee Country."
931 PARKER, ARTHUR C. "The Funny-Bone of Early Rochester."
739 PARKER, JANE MARSH. Rochester, A Story Historical.
820 PARKER, JANE MARSH. "The Opening of the Genesee Country."
789 PARKER, JANE MARSH. "The City of Rochester and the Genesee Valley."
947 PARSONS, GERALD. "Second Thoughts on a 'Folk Hero': or, Sam Patch Falls Again."
896 PAVIOUR, ERNEST A. "The Days of the Waltz and Two-Step."
740 PECK, WILLIAM F. Semi-Centennial History of the City of Rochester, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers.
742 PECK, WILLIAM FARLEY. History of Rochester and Monroe County, New York, from the Earliest Historic Times to the Beginning of 1907.
821 PEET, ANNE OLMSTEAD. "Nathaniel Thrift Rochester Goes to Paris in 1832."
932 PEET, ANNIE OLMSTEAD. "A Rochesterian with Perry in Japan."
752 PERKINS, DEXTER. "Rochester One Hundred Years Ago."
755 PERKINS, DEXTER. "Rochester Fifty Years Ago."
807 PIONEER ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN NEW YORK. Names of Members of the Pioneer Association of Western New York up to 1866. Organized 1847.
859 POND, CHARLES F. "History of the Third Ward."
900 REMINTON, HARVEY F. "Recollections of Rochester at the Close of the Nineteenth Century."
901 RHEES, HARRIET SEELYE. "Rochester at the Turn of the Century."
790 RICHARDSON, ANNA STEESE. "'Do It For Rochester.' That It Means to Live in a City of Optimism."
862 ROBINSON, CHARLES MULFORD. The Third Ward Catechism, to Which is Appended an Order of Service Designed for Use in the School and the Home. A Text Book for the Unversed.
863 ROBY, ALICE ROGERS. "A Pioneer Rochester Family: Vignette."
838 ROCHESTER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Golden Jubilee Almanac...
795 ROCHESTER MUSEUM OF ARTS & SCIENCES. Notes on Early Rochester History, Intended for Use in Conjunction with Museum Exhibits.
933 ROCHESTER, Charlotte High School, Class of 1932. Keep the Beacon Burning! Sketches--Charlotte and Vicinity.
864 ROCHESTER, HENRY E. "Early Conditions of the Genesee River in the One Hundred Acre Tract."
823 ROCHESTER, NATHANIEL, JR. "Early History of the Rochester Family in America ..."
822 ROCHESTER, NATHANIEL. "A Brief Sketch of the Life of Nathaniel Rochester Written by Himself for the Information of His Children."
824 ROCHESTER, SOPHIA E. " A Letter of 1817 from Sophia Elizabeth Rochester, to Her Father, Col. Nathaniel Rochester, at the Mansion House, Albany, N.Y."
825 ROGERS, FANNIE ROCHESTER. "Colonel. Nathaniel Rochester."
955 Royal Arcanum. Twentieth Annual Session, Grand Council of the State of New York, at Rochester, April 26 & 27, 1898.
865 SCRANTOM, EDWIN. "And This Was Rochester: Excerpts from the Old Citizen Letters of Edwin Scrantom," ed. Harriett J. Naylor.
826 SCRANTOM, EDWIN. "Reminiscences of Colonel Nathaniel Rochester."
934 SCRANTOM, EDWIN. "The First Wedding in Rochester."
935 SELDEN, GEORGE. "The 'Devil Plate' of Irondequoit Bay."
827 SHEPARD, CHARLES. Centennial and Bicentennial: Nathaniel Rochester, 1752; Thomas Rochester Shepard, 1852.
902 SILVER, HENRY D. "Diary of a One-Horse Enterpriser: Fifty Years Ago in Upstate New York," ed. James W. Silver.
903 SILVER, HENRY D. 'Making a Living in Rochester: The Diary of Henry D. Silver, 1906-1914," ed. James W. Silver.
904 SLATER, JOHN R. "Rochester Forty Years Ago."
905 SLOAN, WILLIAM E. Recollections of Sixty Years, 1870-1930.
808 SLOCUM, HELEN EDSON. King's Landing: A History of the First White Settlement West of the Genesee River in the State of New York, 1797.
867 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. "Reminiscences of the Third Ward."
868 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. "Reminiscences of the Ruffled-Shirt Ward."
936 SPEARE, JOHN W In Rochester: 100 Years Ago and Now. Centennial Year of the Rochester Savings Bank, 1831-1931.
869 STANTON, HENRY B. Random Recollections. 3d rev. ed.
870 STRONG, AUGUSTUS H. Reminiscences of Early Rochester: A Paper Read before the Rochester Historical Society, December 27, 1915.
950 SUTHERLAND, D. Rochester City Guide, Indicating the Chief Objects and Places of Interest in and about the City, with a Glance at Its Public Buildings, Some of Its Leading Manufactories, Most Popular Business Houses and Great Commercial Enterprises.
937 TAYLOR, MARJORIE A. "Rochester Breaks into Print in England."
938 THOMAS, W. STEPHEN. "Folklore Figures of Rochester."
906 TRIMBLE, JEANNETTE HOOKER. "St. Paul St. in the Old Days."
940 TRUEDALE, DOROTHY S. "The Marriages and Bereavements of Captain Samuel Currier."
939 TRUEDALE, DOROTHY S. "The Younger Generation: Their Opinions, Pastimes, and Enterprises, 1830-1850."
796 TRUESDALE, DOROTHY S., and BLAKE McKELVEY. The Rochester Area in American History: Materials Compiled in the Office of the City Historian for Supplementary Use in Eight Grade Social Studies.
809 TURPIN, MORLEY B. "Ebenezer Allan in the Genesee Country."
959 U.S. Federal Writers' Project. American Guide Series. Rochester and Monroe County.
954 United Typothetae of America. Tenth Annual Convention, Rochester, New York, September 7-10, 1896.
872 VARNEY, ELIZABETH J. "Panorama of Rochester in Its Early Days."
738 WARP, FERDINAND DeW. "An Address."
828 WHITEHOUSE, HENRY J. "Sermon Preached at the Funeral of Colonel Nathaniel Rochester (Held in St. Luke's Church, May 19, 1831)."
874 WHITTLESEY, FREDERICK A. "Remembrance and Prophecy: Tales of a Grandfather."
791 WILLIAMS EDWIN. "Sketch of Rochester, Monroe County, New-York."
875 WILSON, JOHN S. "Rochester's Centenarian of 1915: The Reminiscences of John S. Wilson." ed. Frederick M. Whitney.
965 WILSON, PAT and BRUCE. Surprising Rochester.
948 WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR. "Reply to Gerald Parsons' 'Sam Patch.'"

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