Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
49 Lenderman's Thousand Characters and Ten Thousand Practical Facts from Common Life. Introduced in an Amusing and Exciting Narrative of His Own Varied and Singular Life…
47 ABBOTT, ELOISE MILES. Personal Sketches and Recollections: In a Series of Familiar Letters to a Friend. And Miscellaneous Essays.
14 ADAMS, SPENCER L. The Long House of the Iroquois...
15 CARMER, CARL. Listen for a Lonesome Drum: A York State Chronicle.
16 CARMER, CARL. Dark Trees to the Wind: A Cycle of York State Years
17 CARMER, CARL., comp. The Tavern Lamps Are Burning; Literary Journeys through Six Regions and Four Centuries of New York State.
18 CARMER, CARL. My Kind of Country: Favorite Writings about New York.
19 CONDON, GEORGE E. Stars in the Water; the Story of the Erie Canal.
54 DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE. "Pronunciation of Upstate New York Place-Names."
55 ENO, JOEL N. "New York County Names."
56 ENO, JOEL N. "A Tercentenary History of the Towns and Cities of New York; Their Origin, Dates and Names, 1614-1914."
57 GANNETT, HENRY. American Names: A Guide to the Origin of Place Names in the United States.
48 HOPKINS, SAMUEL. M. "Sketch of the Public and Private Life of Samuel Miles Hopkins, of Salem, Connecticut, Written by Himself, and Left as a Token of Affection to His Children."
20 HUNGERFORD, EDWARD. Pathway of Empire.
58 KANE, JOSEPH N. Nicknames and Sobriquets of U.S. Cities and States.
21 KENNEDY, JOHN. The Genesee Country.
59 KURATH, HANS. A Word Geography of the Eastern United States.
60 KURATH, HANS. The Pronunciation of English in the Atlantic States, Based upon the Collections of the Linguistic Atlas of the Eastern United States.
61 MAAR, CHARLES. "Origin of the Classical Place Names of Central New York."
63 McDAVID, RAVEN I., JR. "The Folk Vocabulary of New York State."
62 McDAVID, RAVEN I., JR. "Midland and Canadian Words in Upstate New York."
64 McKAIG, THOMAS H. "Place Names of Western New York."
50 McKENZIE, DONALD. Early History of the Genesee Country.
37 MERRILL, ARCH. Fame in Our Time.
38 MERRILL, ARCH. Down the Lore Lanes.
22 MERRILL, ARCH. The Ridge: Ontario's Blossom Country.
36 MERRILL, ARCH. Gaslights and Gingerbread.
32 MERRILL, ARCH. Our Goodly Heritage.
33 MERRILL, ARCH. Pioneer Profiles.
34 MERRILL, ARCH. “Old Legends Never Die.”
35 MERRILL, ARCH. Bloomers and Bugles.
23 MERRILL, ARCH. The Towpath.
24 MERRILL, ARCH. Rochester Sketchbook.
25 MERRILL, ARCH. Stagecoach Towns.
26 MERRILL, ARCH. Tomahawks and Old Lace: Tales of Western New York.
27 MERRILL, ARCH. Land of the Senecas.
28 MERRILL, ARCH. Upstate Echoes…
29 MERRILL, ARCH. Shadows on the Wall.
30 MERRILL, ARCH. Southern Tier.
31 MERRILL, ARCH. The White Woman and Her Valley.
39 MERRILL, ARCH. The Underground, Freedom's Road and Other Upstate Tales.
40 MERRILL, ARCH. The Changing Years.
41 MERRILL, ARCH. From Pumpkin Hook to Dumpling Hill.
42 NOYES, J. O. The Lakes & Legends of Central New York... A Virtually Unknown, Rambling Account of Life and Times in Upstate New York 1857.
43 O'CONNOR, LOIS. Crossroads Comment: Selections from Crossroads Columns Published in the Ithaca Journal during the summers of 1952-1953.
44 O'CONNOR, LOIS. A Finger Lakes Odyssey.
65 PALTSITS, VICTOR H. "The Classic Nomenclature of Western New York."
51 PARTRIDGE, GEORGE F., ed. "A Yankee on the New York Frontier, 1833-1851."
52 SPALDING, LYMAN A. "Recollections of the War of 1812 and Early Life in Western New York."
66 STEWART, GEORGE R. American Place-Names: A Concise and Selective Dictionary for the Continental United States of American.
67 STONAKER, JANICE HARNED. Studies in Rochester Pronunciation.
68 THOMAS, C. K. "Pronunciation in Upstate New York."
45 THOMPSON, HAROLD. Body, Boots & Britches.
46 VAN DER HOOF, ELISHA W. Historical Sketches of Western New York; The Seneca Indians, Phelps and Gorham Purchase, Morris Reserve and Holland Purchase, Mary Jemison, Jemima Wilkinson, Joseph Smith, Jr., and Mormonism, Morgan and Antimasonry, the Fox Sisters and Rochester Knockings.
53 WEED, THURLOW. "Stage-Coach Travelling Forty-Six Years Ago. A Chapter from Mr. Thurlow Weed's Autobiography."

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