Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
5390 "A Thriving New York Village, a Review of the Social and Business Advantages of Geneva."
5381 An Easter Egg.
5383 Geneva Centennial Celebration, 1806-1906. Souvenir Program.
5384 Geneva Daily Times, May 16, 1906.
5385 Geneva Daily Times, July 15, 1983.
5386 Geneva on Seneca Lake.
5387 Geneva Sesqui-Centennial Celebration, Commemorating 150 years of Progress, August 18-24, 1957 ...
5379 BEAN, CHARLES D. Geneva Historical Descriptive of Its Scenery, Palatial Residences, Public Buildings, Fine Blocks and Important Industries. Published under the auspices of the Delphian Literary Society.
5380 BRUMBERG, G. DAVID. "Geneva, New York: A Community Study, 1786-1860."
5382 EMMONS, E.T. The Story of Geneva.
5388 GRILLS, RUSSELL A., and ROBERT E. DORAN, comps. The Historic Geneva Calendar …
5916 GROVER, KATHRYN. Geneva's Changing Waterfront, 1779-1989.
5389 RIFKIND, CAROLE. Main Street--The Face of Urban America.

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