Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
279 "From a Farmington, Ontario Co., N.Y., Account Book."
275 "Tombstone Inscriptions from East Bloomfield, N.Y."
272 A Bicentennial Sketchbook of Bloomfield, New York, 1789-1976.
274 A Short History of the Town of East Bloomfield, County of Ontario, New York.
299 "Greenhouse Cemetery."
313 (Crittenden Cemetery, Phelps, N.Y.)
314 "Pioneer Cemetery in the Town of Phelps."
315 "Inscriptions from Pinewood Cemetery ..."
316 "Some Burials at the Old Cemetery ..."
317 “Cemetery in the North Part of Town of Phelps.” Same, 5 (1962), 184-85. 318. "Westfall Cemetery ..."
319 An Informal History of Richmond, New York; for the Settlements of Honeoye, Allen's Hill, Richmond Mills, Richmond Center and Dennison's Corners.
300 "Sunnyside Cemetery, Located East of Manchester Village, …
327 The Program. Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town of Victor, Ontario County … 1913 …
5392 A History of the Town of Victor, Ontario County, New York, 1656-1898.
5393 History of Victor ...
5394 Clifton Springs Scrap Book.
5395 Naples Record, July 4, 1976.
5390 "A Thriving New York Village, a Review of the Social and Business Advantages of Geneva."
311 Phelps Sesqui-Centennial Celebration Presents the Historical Spectacle "Conquest of the Years" August 10th, 11th and 12th …
5904 Inventory to the Naturalization Records of the Ontario County Clerk, 1803-1932, by the Staff of the Ontario County Records Center and Archives.
289 "Geneva: Queen City of the Finger Lakes."
5914 The War Years in Bloomfield, 1941-1945.
5915 History of the Town of Farmington, New York, 1788-1988: Town of Farmington Bicentennial.
5920 Naples Bicentennial Souvenir Program.
5923 Chronicles of Ash Grove, 1882-1982.
5356 The Daily Messenger (Canandaigua), April 28, 1972.
5358 Bristol Briefs. Town of Bristol, Ontario County? New York.
5360 Canandaigua, a Bicentennial Potpourri.
5361 (Canandaigua Bicentennial Calendar.)
5362 Canandaigua Daily Messenger, Sesquicentennial Edition, Dec. 9, 1947.
5363 Finger Lakes Festival, August 16, 17, 18, and 19--1951 Sesqui-Centennial Commemorating Canandaigua's 150th Birthday ... Canandaigua: 1951.
5364 Glimpses of Canandaigua and the Lake.
5367 The "Old Cemetery." An Historical Statement about the Condition of the Cemetery and the People Buried There and about Its Care.
5373 The Gem of the Inland Lakes ...
5374 A Lake of Ice. A Discovery which Greatly Mystifies the Scientists Threatens a Cold Summer: and Throws Canan-daigua into a Fever of Excitement. Reprinted from the Ontario County Times of April l, 1885.
5377 A Bicentennial Scrapbook of Bloomfield, New York, 1789-1976.
5381 An Easter Egg.
5383 Geneva Centennial Celebration, 1806-1906. Souvenir Program.
5384 Geneva Daily Times, May 16, 1906.
5385 Geneva Daily Times, July 15, 1983.
5386 Geneva on Seneca Lake.
5387 Geneva Sesqui-Centennial Celebration, Commemorating 150 years of Progress, August 18-24, 1957 ...
280 ADAMS, JOHN Q., and ROBERT S. BREED. Historic Geneva.
256 ALDRICH, LEWIS C., comp. History of Ontario County, New York, with Illustrations and Family Sketches of some of the Prominent Men and Families, ed. George S. Conover.
304 BANNISTER, CALEB. Town of Phelps--Its History, Agricultural Prosperity, & c., An Address, Delivered Before the Officers and Members of the Phelps Agricultural Society upon the Occasion of Its First Fair and Cattle Show, Held at Vienna, Sept. 23d & 24th, 1852.
281 BEAN, CHARLES D. Geneva Historical. Descriptive of Its Scenery, Palatial Residences, Public Buildings, Fine Blocks and Important Industries.
282 BEAN, CHARLES D. Four Centennials.
283 BEAN, CHARLES D. Advance Chapters of the Charles D. Bean Reminscences.
284 BEAN, CHARLES D. An Historic Journal.
5379 BEAN, CHARLES D. Geneva Historical Descriptive of Its Scenery, Palatial Residences, Public Buildings, Fine Blocks and Important Industries. Published under the auspices of the Delphian Literary Society.
5926 BRAINARD, SALLY D., et al. Unmasking the Past: Millers Corners - Ionia, 1789-1989.
321 BRISTOL, EDWIN L. "The Town of Seneca, Ontario County."
325 BROWN, Mrs. Clarence L., Jr. "James Lyle Gillis: Early Settler of Victor, N.Y."
285 BRUMBERG, G. DAVID, and ROBERT E. DORAN, comps. The Historic Geneva Calendar for Engagements, Noting Important Events of 1775.
286 BRUMBERG, G. DAVID. The Making of an Upstate Community: Geneva, New York, 1750-1920.
5380 BRUMBERG, G. DAVID. "Geneva, New York: A Community Study, 1786-1860."
5909 CLARK, LOUIS M. A Book of Facts About the City of Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York, 1789-1991.
5902 CLARK, LOUIS M. The Ontario County Historical Society Proudly Presents the Bicentennial Plate; The Official Commemorative Plate in Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Ontario County, 1789-1989.
5359 CLARKE HAZLETT, CHRISTOPHER. "Lost in Transition: The Story of West Bristol."
264 CLARKE, CAROLINE COWLES RICHARDS. Diary of Caroline Cowles Richards, 1852-1872, Canandaigua, N.Y.
5903 COLF, MARY LOEPER, JOHN I. LOEPER, and RUTH NIGHTINGALE. All Name Index to History of Ontario Co., New York.
287 CONOVER, GEORGE S. Early History of Geneva.
5372 COOK, ROBERT G. A History of Canandaigua Lake.
5918 EDLER, MARGE. Winter Journey.
301 ELWELL, Mrs. Loren. "Champion Horse Trader."
5382 EMMONS, E.T. The Story of Geneva.
326 FAGAN, ROSE M., and others. A History of Victor, New York. Victor: Bicentennial Commission, 1976. 144 pp. A History of Victor, New York.
328 FISHER, J. SHELDON. "Ghosts."
5391 FISHER, J. SHELDON. A Victor Album: A Pictorial History of the Town of Victor, New York.
5924 FISHER, J. SHELDON. The Groaning Tree and Other Stories of Country Folk Life. Experienced and Recorded in Fishers, New York by J. Sheldon Fisher.
288 FISHER, JACK C. Geneva, A Study in Urban Geography.
5919 GELSER, BRUCE MAXFIELD. The Settlers of Naples, 1790.
5917 GIFFORD, FREDERICK LOREN. The Early History of the Village of Clifton Springs: Incorporated on April 8, 1859, 1859-1984 (125 Years).
265 GRANDER, J. ALBERT. A History of Early Canandaigua.
5365 GRANGER, J. ALBERT. The History of Canandaigua: An address Delivered at the Centennial Celebration, July 4, 1876.
5388 GRILLS, RUSSELL A., and ROBERT E. DORAN, comps. The Historic Geneva Calendar …
5916 GROVER, KATHRYN. Geneva's Changing Waterfront, 1779-1989.
276 GUE, BENJAMIN F. Diary of Benjamin F. Gue in Rural New York and Pioneer Iowa, 1847-1856, ed. Earle D. Ross.
290 HADLEY, JAMES. Diary, 1843-1852, of James Hadley, Tutor and Professor of Greek in Yale College, 1845-1872, ed. Laura Hadley Moseley.
295 HARFORD, LUCILE M. The Country Cousin: A Chronicle of the Town of Geneva, Ontario County, New York State.
261 HAYES, GEORGE M. "Tales from the Bristol Hills."
291 HENDRICK, ULYSSES P. "Early Geneva."
5910 HOTRA, LYNDA MCCURDY. Mary Clark Thompson: Canandaigua's Magnificent Benefactress.
5366 HOTRA, LYNDA MCCURDY. Canandaigua, 1850-1930: A Photographic History of the Village and the Lake.
5911 HOY, CYRUS, ed. Mary P. Hamlin: Memoirs and Letters.
273 HUYETT, JOYCE. "The History of East Bloomfield, New York."
277 KATKAMIER, ALLEN B. The History of the Township of Farmington, New York. With Biographies of Prominent Citizens.
268 KIRKHAM, STANTON D. North and South: Notes on the Natural History of a Summer Camp and a Winter Home.
5905 KNOBLAUCH, VALERIE, Compiler. Ontario County: Pictorial Reflections in the Finger Lakes Region.
266 KOCH, C.H., and W.E. NICHOLS, comps. Canandaigua as It Is Today: An Illustrated Souvenir Book, Containing a Comprehensive Review of the Natural Advantages and Resources of Canandaigua and Its Surrounding Territory, with Accurate Historical Sketches and Descriptions of Representative Establishments and Biographies of People Now Prominent in the Industrial Life of the County of Ontario.
262 KREIGER, AMO T. "Epitaphs of Bristol Pioneers."
5922 LIGHTFOOTE, RODNEY S. A History of the Town of Seneca.
5906 MAFFIN, CLYDE M., and DOROTHY E. MAFFIN, compilers. Index to the History of Ontario County, New York...edited by George S. Conover, compiled by Lewis Cass Aldrich.
5375 MATSON, RANDALL W. Skip Pierce's Guide on Canandaigua Lake Fishing.
257 McINTOSH, W. H. History of Ontario Co., New York, with Illustrations Descriptive of Its Scenery, Palatial Residences, Public Buildings, Fine Blocks, and Important Manufactories …
297 MELIOUS, MARY O., comp. Gorham, 1876-1976.
258 MILLIKEN, CHARLES F. A History of Ontario County, New York and Its People.
259 MILLIKEN, CHARLES F. “Ontario County Place Name.”
267 MILLIKEN, CHARLES F. "The Old Town."
292 MONROE, JOEL H. A Century and a Quarter of History: Geneva from Seventeen Hundred and Eighty-Seven to Nineteen Hundred and Twelve …
269 MOODY, ROBERT E. "Nundawaga Society for History and Folklore."
298 MOODY, ROBERT E., ed. Town of Gorham Scrapbook.
5907 NAUKAM, LAWRENCE W. Ontario County, N. Y. Cemetery Record Index.
320 NORTON, JOHN N. Allerton Parish: A Tale of the Early Days of Western New York ...
308 OAKS, MABEL E. Phelpstown, a Continued. Story.
309 OAKS, MABEL E. Oaks Corners, 1790-1976.
310 OAKS, MABEL E. Phelps' Background of War: A Bicentennial Review.
305 OAKS, MABEL E. The Corners.
306 OAKS, MABEL E. "The Oaks of Oaks Corners, N.Y."
307 OAKS, MABEL E. Phelpstown Footprints.
323 PARKER, ANNE. "Lonely Lucy of Frost Town."
322 PARKER, ARTHUR C. "Alf's Tough Oxen."
270 PARKER, MARTHA A. "Festivals: Genundowa, at Canandaigua Lake."
5921 PARMELEE, JOHN M. 200 Years of the Town of Phelps.
5357 PIERCE, PRESTON E. Ontario's Heritage—Our Place in History: An Anthology of Original, Rare Readings on Local History and Culture.
5908 PIERCE, PRESTON E. Index to the Burial Places of Revolutionary Patriots In and Around Ontario County, New York.
296 POWERS, FREDERICK. Kashong: A History from the Ancient to the Modern …, ed. Carol Alexander.
5376 REED, RUTH and FRANCES STURM. The History of the Vine Valley, Canandaigua Lake.
5368 RICHARDS, ANNA. Anna Tells Her Story. Adapted by Julia Eiche from Caroline Richards' Village Life in America.
5369 RICHARDS, CAROLINE COWLES. Village Life in America …
312 RIDLEY, HELEN POST. When Phelps Was Young.
5389 RIFKIND, CAROLE. Main Street--The Face of Urban America.
5378 ROBINSON, WILLIAM D. Bloomfield, or Life in a Country Village.
5913 SCHROEDER, VIRGINIA and MARILYN HERR-GESELL. Memories and Traditions of Bloomfield, 1789-1989: Sketchbook II.
5370 SHELTON, WILLIAM H. "Our Country Town."
5371 SILES, WILLIAM H. "A Vision of Wealth: Speculators and Settlers in the Genesee Country of New York, 1788-1800."
5912 SILES, WILLIAM H. Wilderness Investment: The New York Frontier During the Federal Period, pages 138-164 of World of the Founders: New York Communities in the Federal Period, edited by Stephen L. Schecter and Wendell Tripp.
324 SIMMONS, DORLEAH K. "South Bristol, Ontario County."
271 SIMPSON, ROBERT B. Studies in Population Geography, Canandaigua Lake Region, New York.
260 SMITH, JAMES C. An Autobiographical Sketch …
293 SMITH, WARREN H. An Elegant but Salubrious Village: A Portrait of Geneva, New York.
278 STEWART, A.M. "Sesquicentennial of Farmington, New York, 1789-1939."
302 SUTTON, SEYMOUR H. Annals of Naples.
5925 SZYMANSKI, JAN, compiler. Celebrate Victor, 1813-1988, 175 Years. A Booklet Commemorating the Celebration of the Town of Victor's 175th Anniversary in 1989 in Conjunction with Ontario County's 200th Year.
294 VAIL, ROBERT W.G. "The Photographer of the "Elegant and Salubrious Village' -- Recollections of the Life and Work of a Wet-Plate Photographer in a Small Town by His Son."
263 WAITE, D. BYRON. History of the Town of Canadice, Ontario County, N.Y.
303 WARREN, LOUISE. "Purchase and Organization of Naples."

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