Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
720 History of the Town of Sweden. Commemorative Booklet.
724 The Webster Centennial Presents "Fruits from the Forest," a Pageant of the Town of Webster, New York, Commemorating Its 100th Anniversary, 1940. Written by a Committee of Local Citizens.
649 Pleasant Valley: An Early History of Monroe County and Region, 1650-1850.
669 Forest Land to First Class Town: Chili, 150 Years Great! 1822-1972.
6128 Our Spirit Shows, Sesquicentennial Songbook.
6129 Rochester, New York Sesquicentennial, 1834-1984.
6126 Westward ho! - To Rochesterville: Sketches of Early Rochester, Presented for Your Enjoyment by Scrantom's Book & Stationery Co.
677 Hamlin Centennial Sketchbook, 1961.
678 Henrietta Sesquicentennial, 1818-1968 ...
683 Irondequoit Centennial Album, 1839-1939.
6140 A Brief History of Marketview Heights.
6144 Grove Place, 1827-1984: A Quiet Neighborhood of Renaissance.
6145 A History of the Chocolate City Neighborhood.
6162 Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, New York.
711 Pittsford Sesqui-Centennial, 1789-1939.
5434 Souvenir Book of Fairport: Being a Historical Review of Interesting Events Compiled from Early Records of the Town and Village and Other Sources: Down to the Present Time, Together with Illustrations from Early and Recent Photos and Quaint Old Prints, Issued by the Executive Committee of the Old Home Celebration Week of August 2-8, the year 1908.
6090 Penfield, Our Town: Handbook for Citizens.
6091 Fairport Business Directory (Illustrated) and Book of General Information. Containing Names of All Business Firms, Public and Professional Men, etc., with Special Mention of Prominent People.
6097 Pittsford: The Way It Was by Mrs. Mabel Siver's Fourth Grade Classes, 1983-1985.
658 "Settlements of Estates of Early Settlers in Monroe Co."
700 Fairport, New York: Centennial, 1867-1967.
702 Perinton's Heritage: Perinton's Sesquicentennial, 1812-1962.
707 Historical Facts Pertaining to Pittsford, N.Y.
708 Historical Map of Pittsford Portraying Many of Its Sights and Landmarks; A Walking Tour Map of the Four Corners Area, with a Brief History.
6171 Women of Rochester Who Made a Difference: A Sesquicentennial Tribute to Rochester Women (1834-1984).
6172 Woodside's First Family, Silas and Siba Smith: A Sesquicentennial Exhibition, June 1 - September 30, 1984.
6176 Twenty-second Annual Convention of the International Association of Master House Painters of the United States & Canada, Rochester, N. Y., U. S. A., 1912.
6102 Diamond Jubilee Celebration: 75th Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Village of Webster, N.Y., 1905-1980.
6104 Knowing Webster A - Z, Webster Discussion Unit, League of Women Voters of the Rochester Metropolitan Area, Webster, N.Y.
6158 The Third Ward and Its Corn Hill Historic Preservation District.
6159 Winton-Atlantic Neighborhood: Reliving the Past: A History of Our Neighborhood.
6181 City Living: The Faces and Facades of Rochester, N.Y.
6182 The Whole City Catalogue; Greater Rochester's Guide to Personal Excellence.
6178 Rochester, New York: The Beautiful, the Hospitable, the Flower City, the City of Homes, the City of Great Industry, the Quality City....
6179 A Guide to Parks, Beaches, Amusement Resorts, Hotels, Bus Lines, Trolley Lines, Subway, Theatres, Golf Courses, etc./The New York State Railways Rochester Lines.
659 "Some New York State Marriages."
6137 AEBERLI, WILLIAM. Random Highlights on Ole Charlotte.
6138 ANDERSON, C. ANDY. Liberty Pole Square Area.
6139 ARNOLD, WAYNE K. and MICHAEL R. HUFFMAN. Charlotte in the War of 1812: An Account Based on the Words of the Local Pioneers Who Were There.
663 BABCOCK, A. EMERSON. "The City of Tryon and Vicinity."
664 BABCOCK, A. EMERSON. "The Landing Road."
665 BABCOCK, A. EMERSON. "Ellison Park Territory: Most Historic Ground in the Genesee Country."
6112 BARNES, JOSEPH W. Rennes & Rochester, a Silver Anniversary.
6111 BARNES, JOSEPH W. From Flour City to Flower City.
6166 BARNES, JOSEPH W., and MARY LYNN STEVENS HEININGER. 4 Score & 4 Rochester Portraits.
6095 BERGGREN, JOHN A. Historical Markers in Pittsford, New York, 1989.
697 BOWN, BERTHA BRUNER. Some Intimate Items of Early Penfield History.
698 BRAHLER, VERNA K., ed. I Remember When ... Penfield.
6106 BRAYER, BETSY Our Spirit Shows: Rochester Sesquicentennial, 1834-1984, Rochester Sesquicentennial Commemorative Book.
725 BROWN, SELDEN S. "Scottsville and Vicinity."
6141 BROWNCROFT NEIGHBORHOOD HISTORY COMMITTEE.ASSOCIATION. A History of the Browncroft Area. with chart laid in, "Commercial sketch of Winton Road North 1920-1950."
719 BUSH, CHARLES T. The Story of Hiel Brockway, Founder of Brockport; His Life, His Descendants, His Ancestry.
6107 BUTTINO, LOU, and MARK HARE. The Remaking of a City: Rochester, New York, 1964-1984.
675 BUTTS, NELLIE DOTY. "Through Northern Waterways to Grecian Shores."
6142 CANFIELD, DAVID "JOSH". An Introduction to the South Wedge and Its History.
6130 CARR, DEBORAH, et al. Genesee Memories; Adventure in Neighborhood.
6100 CHESNUT, EUNICE. And Papa Cried Hoorah!, a Way of Life in the Nineteenth Century, as Reflected in the Correspondence and Memorabilia of the Dayton Samuel Morgan Family.
645 CLARK, FRANCIS. “Monroe County.”
686 COONEY, HELEN D. An Outline of the Development of Honeoye Falls.
662 CRAWFORD, EDWARD G. "Boyhood on the Genesee, Long, Long Ago."
666 CUMPSTON, DOROTHY. The Building of Brighton, a Town with an Interesting Past and a Promising Future.
6113 DAVIS, WILLIAM T. One Man and the River.
6114 DAVIS, WILLIAM T. The Search for Rochester's Earliest Inhabitants; on the Trail with George Harris, the Pathfinder.
5429 DAY, DAVID H. The Life and Death of a Family Farm: Archaeology, History and Landscape Change in Brighton,
6143 DE ZAFRA, DOROTHEA M. Charlotte's Lighthouse and Its River: How They Came to Be.
6167 DOBROVITZ, PETE. Rochestrivia: An Illuminating Look at Rochester.
722 DUNN, ESTHER A. Webster through the Years.
6127 EAUCLAIRE, SALLY. American Independents, Eighteen Color Photographers.
726 FIELD, FLORENCE ARMSTRONG. Pioneer Families in Wheatland by 1821.
6078 FINN, MARCIA HIBBS, ed. A History of the Town of Brighton Told Through Its Neighborhood, 1814-1989. 60 pp.
6088 FRANK, MAUDE E. Images of Early Penfield; a Collection of Photographs and Memorabilia.
6089 FRANK, MAUDE E. A Retrospective Look at the Town of Penfield, 1976-1989.
687 FRENCH, SEWARD. Commercial, Business and Professional Review of Honeoye Falls. 1902.
723 GAFFNEY, THOMAS.. 50 Years of Progress: Village of Webster, Incorporated 1905.
6103 GAFFNEY, THOMAS. 50 Years of Progress: Village of Webster, Incorporated 1905.
727 GARBUTT, PHILIP. "The Pioneers of Wheatland."
728 GARBUTT, PHILIP. "The Supervisors of Wheatland."
682 GRUPPE, VIRGINIA. Apples and Corn Stubble.
6082 GUSTAFSON, ROBERT J. Supplement to Irondequoit Story: A History of the Town of Irondequoit, Originally Compiled and Written by Maude I. West.
5438 HALE, DAVID G. "Hiel Brockway and the Early Days of Brockport."
5437 HALE, DAVID G. Village of Brockport Sesquicentennial 1829-1979. 1979.
714 HALLOCK, BESSIE A. Preface to Rush, from Prehistoric Times--1824.
715 HALLOCK, BESSIE A. The Town of Rush, 1818-1958.
716 HALLOCK, BESSIE A. ed. Your Folks and Mine: Reminiscences of and about the People of Rush.
717 HALLOCK, BESSIE A. Rush in Retrospect: Town of River, Reeds and Rushes, 1788-1808, 1818-1968.
6161 HALSEY, RICHARD T., compiler. Tombstone Inscriptions from the Old Section of Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, N.Y.
6084 HALSEY, RICHARD T., compiler. Tombstone Inscriptions from the town of Mendon, New York.
6081 HALSEY, RICHARD T., compiler. Cemetery Records for the Town of Greece, New York.
6079 HALSEY, RICHARD T., compiler. Tombstone Inscriptions from Brighton Cemetery, Rochester, New York.
6092 HALSEY, RICHARD T., compiler. Cemetery Records for the Town of Perinton, New York.
718 HARRIS, GEORGE H. "Markhams of Rush."
705 HART, ISABELLA H. History of Pittsford, N.Y.
706 HART, ISABELLA H. Personal Reminiscences of Pittsford.
6168 HENSHAW, BETTY. The Sisters, Then Now.
646 HOSMER, HOWARD C. Monroe County (1821-1971). The Sesqui-Centennial Account of the History of Monroe County, New York.
6131 HOY, CYRUS. Mrs. Gilman H. Perkins and Her World.
6169 HURST, COLEEN, comp. and ed. A Cookbook Historical Commemorating Rochester's Sesquicentennial.
6086 HUSTED, SHIRLEY COX. The Hub of the Universe!
647 HUSTED, SHIRLEY COX. “Monroe County Sesquicentennial, 1821-1971: Town and County Living.”
5433 HUSTED, SHIRLEY COX. What's Cooking in Parma, N.Y.? ... Cook Book with Historical Pictures ...
694 HUSTED, SHIRLEY COX. Capsule History of Hilton and Parma.
695 HUSTED, SHIRLEY COX. Pioneer Days of Hilton, Parma and Ogden. Written to Commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Town of Parma, 1809-1959.
6132 JACKSON, MASON. The Building.
6146 JONES, JEAN. South West Area.
679 KALSBECK, ELEANOR CRANE. A History of the Town of Henrietta, 1790-1835, with Selections from Early Histories.
680 KALSBECK, ELEANOR. CRANE, comp. Henrietta, New York, Sesquicentennial, 1818-1968.
681 KALSBECK, ELEANOR CRANE. Henrietta Heritage.
696 KELLER, ELIZABETH. The Hilton Story: A History of the Village of Hilton, 1805-1959.
6080 KLEINBACH, HAZEL. Highlights of Clarkson History.
6133 KLOS, LLOYD E. A Resident's Recollections.
688 KRIEGER, AMO T. Celebrating ... 150 Years of Living in the Town of Mendon and the Village of Honeoye Falls, 1813-1963
648 LEE, FLORENCE. A Summary of Facts about the County of Monroe, New York.
6147 LOGAN, LORNA, and SHARON LOGAN. Maplewood History.
709 LOGAN, NANCY ALLEN. "The Counties (Monroe): Lore of Pittsford."
6174 LYONS, CHUCK. A Leap from Fame.
667 MacNAB, MARGARET C Tryon in Brighton.
657 MacNAB, MARGARET C. First Footers: Settlers around Monroe County before 1820.
5428 MACNAB, MARGARET SCHMITT, KATHERINE W. THOMPSON, and SHIRLEY COX HUSTED, eds. Northfield on the Genesee: Early Times in Monroe County, N.Y., with Town Minutes and Highway Records, 1796-1814, of Dr. John Ray and Samuel Kempton, Town Clerks, and Biographies of Nearly 500 Early Families.
5430 MACNAB, MARGARET SCHMITT. West Brighton Folk and Lore.
6096 MAGUIRE, LEONARD J., ed. The "Browne" American Letters, 1794-1831, Being a Transcription of a Group of Letters by James Browne, His Relatives and Friends to and from America.
689 MALONEY, DAVID. Honeoye Falls, N.Y. Its Beginning.
721 MARTIN, CHARLOTTE E. The Story of Brockport for One Hundred Years, 1829-1929.
5440 MCGINNIS, ELLA K. Pictorial Wheatland, Vol. 5 and 6.
729 McGINNIS, ELLA K., comp. Pictorial Wheatland. 4 vols.
650 McINTOSH, W.H. History of Monroe County, New York: with Illustrations Descriptive of Its Scenery, Palatial Residences, Public Buildings, Fine Blocks, and Important Manufactories.
6115 MCKELVEY, BLAKE. Rochester History, the Voice of the City Historian.
6108 MCKELVEY, BLAKE. Rochester, a Brief History.
6120 MCNAMARA, ROBERT F. William Frisby Fitzhugh, Co-founder of Rochester.
6148 MEADOWS, DORIS M. Neighborhood as Community: The Nineteenth Ward in Rochester, New York.
651 MONROE COUNTY, Office of County Historian. History Almanac of the County of Monroe ... 1944, '45, '46-48, '51-52, '53-54, '55-56.
652 MONROE COUNTY, Office of County Historian. Historical Markers Placed by State and County in the County of Monroe, State of New York.
670 MONROE COUNTY. Office of County Historian. Monroe County History Tour: A Visit to Points of Interest in the Town of Chili Dating From the Time of Early Settlement to Recent Years.
671 MOORE, CARL C., JR. Chili Chapters: A Condensation of Chili's History Based Primarily on Town Records.
672 MOORE, CARL C., JR. Hidden Strands from the Fabric of Early Chili.
6085 MORRISON, WAYNE E. A History of the Farm Located in the Town of Mendon, Monroe Co., New York.
701 MORRISON, WAYNE E. A History of Fairport and Perinton, 1789-1949.
6149 MOSHOLDER, JERRY, with help from ANN DANIELS. The Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood.
6116 NAUKAM, LAWRENCE W. Family History More than Genealogy.
6076 NAUKAM, LAWRENCE W. and RICHARD T. HALSEY. Cemetery Record Holdings of Monroe Co., New York. Second edition.
6077 NAUKAM, LAWRENCE. Monroe County, N.Y.
6121 NORTHWOOD, BILL. A Young Lion's Tale.
6150 NOWELL, ROBIN. Beyond the Other Side of the Tracks: A Brief History of C.O.N.E.A. (the 5th and 7th Wards).
6151 ODDLEIFSON, CHRISTINA. A Demographic Study of a Block in the Third Ward, Rochester, New York, 1850, 1875, 1905, 1925.
6152 ODDLEIFSON, CHRISTINA. The Continuation of a Demographic Study of One Block in the Third Ward, Rochester, N.Y., Including Oral Histories for the Years 1925, 1960, 1977.
6105 O'RIELLY, HENRY. Sketches of Rochester: With Incidental Notices of Western New York....
6177 ORIENTAL ORDER OF HUMILITY AND PERFECTION. Convention Year Book, 1911-1924.
710 OSTERLING, PHILIP. "Ghost City of Centersville."
653 PECK, WILLIAM F. Landmarks of Monroe County, New York.
6153 POLICICCHIO, SANDY, and BRENDA E. LEE. Dutchtown: changing Faces and Places.
6154 POLMENTEER, VAUGHN. Remembering the Ward.
6155 POLMENTEER, VAUGHN. this is the garden....
6163 POLMENTEER, VAUGHN. Mount Hope's Early Days.
6170 POLMENTEER, VAUGHN. Winter Along the Genesee.
690 POWELL, MARIAN C. A Bicentennial Tribute to the Town of Mendon: Through the Years.
6122 RAUB, DEBORAH FINEBLUM. Bill Davis's River Odyssey.
691 RICH, AUGUSTA E.N. and others, comps. Ogden Centennial Pioneer Reminiscences.
6134 RIEGER, JAMES. Dear Hearts: Clara Louise Werner Ward (1889-1973) and Charlotte Whitney Allen (1891-1978).
6123 ROSENBERG-NAPARSTECK, RUTH. Frankfort: Birthplace of Rochester's Industry.
6124 ROSENBERG-NAPARSTECK, RUTH. Rochester's Pioneer Builders: Relinquishing the Reins of Power.
6175 ROSENBERG-NAPARSTECK, RUTH. The Real Simon Pure Sam Patch.
6110 ROSENBERG-NAPARSTECK, RUTH. Rochester: A Pictorial History.
6119 ROSENBERG-NAPARSTECK, RUTH. A Young People's History of Rochester.
6156 SALTMAN, JULIET. A Fragile Movement: The Struggle for Neighborhood Stabilization.
6135 SANFORD, HAROLD W. Reflections, Personal and Otherwise, on a Forty Years' Residence in Rochester.
5432 SASSAMAN, WALTER. Early Irondequoit: A Reprinting of Eighty-Four of the Pictures which have Appeared in the Irondequoit Press
730 SCHMIDT, CARL F. History of the Town of Wheatland: Scottsville, Mumford, Garbutt, Belcoda, Beulah, Wheatland Center.
731 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Garbutt.
6164 SLOANE, DAVID CHARLES. The Living Among the Dead: New York State Cemetery Landscape as Reflections of a Changing American Culture to 1949.
732 SLOCUM, GEORGE E. "The First Houses in Scottsville."
6157 SMITH, KATHRYN. Brown Square: A Neighborhood for People and Industries.
5439 SMITH, MARY E., and SHIRLEY COX HUSTED, eds. We Remember Brockport: Reminiscences of 19th Century Village History.
6101 SOMERVILLE, JAMES K. Homesick in Upstate New York: The Saga of Sidney Roby, 1843-1847.
5436 SPIEGEL, PAUL M., ed. Pittsford Scrapbook ... Vol. IV.
6098 SPIEGEL, PAUL M., ed. Pittsford Scrapbook V.
5435 SPIEGEL, PAUL M., ed. Pittsford Scrapbook ... Vol. III. Pittsford: Town of Pittsford, n.d.
712 SPIEGEL, PAUL M., ed. Pittsford Scrapbook; Published by the Town of Pittsford.
6109 SPINA, SUZANNE M. and ANNE S. TANNER. In Celebration of Rochester.
6125 SULLIVAN, JOAN. George Clinton Latta: Merchant at the Port of Charlotte.
703 SWEET, A. PORTER S., ed. Perinton Papers: A Collection of Essays Prepared by Members of the Perinton Historical Society.
674 THOMAS, JUNE, ed. From the Wilderness: Town of Gates Sesquicentennial, 1813-1963.
6165 THOMAS, W. STEPHEN, and RUTH ROSENBERG-NAPARSTECK. `Sleeper's' City, the Sesquicentennial History of Mt. Hope Cemetery.
654 THOMPSON, KATHERINE W., and SHIRLEY C. HUSTED, eds. Preface to Tomorrow: Monroe County History Briefly Told and Illustrated.
699 THOMPSON, KATHERINE WILCOX. Penfield's Past, 1810-1960.
676 TIERNAN, MARTIN F. Memoirs.
5431 TOMKIEWICZ, VIRGINIA and SHIRLEY COX HUSTED. Eight Miles Along the Shore: An Illustrated History of Greece, New York, 10,000 B.C. to 1980 A.D.
692 TROWBRIDGE, JOHN T. My Own Story with Recollections of Noted Persons
713 TRUE, CHARLES H. "Pittsford Town Records."
704 TUTTLE, LINN B. After Twenty Years: History of the Village of East Rochester, Its Growth, Development and Future Prospects--In Celebration of 20th Anniversary.
673 TUTTLE, RAY. "The Town of Clarkson," pp. 8-64 in The Town of Clarkson Sesquicentennial, 1819-1969.
655 UNION & ADVERTISER. The Year Book of the Union and Advertiser ... 1888-1913.
6117 VACCA, CAROLYN S. and WANDA ELLEN WAKEFIELD. Housing Conditions as a Predictor for Riot: Rochester, New York, 1964.
6136 VAN DEUSEN, RUTH. Memories of Childhood at Warner Castle.
684 WEST, MAUDE I. Irondequoit Story: A History of the Town of Irondequoit (Suburb of Rochester, County of Monroe, State of New York) Covering the Years 1839-1957.
685 WEST, MAUDE I. , ed. "A Resting Place for Pioneers: Hooker Cemetery, Irondequoit, N.Y."
733 Wheatland, Monroe County, New York. A Brief Sketch of Its History.
693 WHITE, EARL E. 150 Years in Ogden, 100 Years in Spencerport .
668 WILLIAMS, HELEN REYNOLDS. Sesquicentennial History of the Town of Brighton, Monroe County, New York, 1814-1964.
6180 WILSON, PATRICIA. Rochester From A to Z.
661 WITTY, GRACE GOODELL, comp. Alphabetic Listing of the Proper Names Appearing in the Diaries of Dr. Samuel Beach Bradley, 1816-1880.
660 WITTY, GRACE GOODELL, comp. Alphabetical Family Groupings from 1821-1876. Birth Records of Dr. Samuel Beach Bradley for Adjacent Parts of the Towns of Greece, Parma, Ogden, and Gates in Monroe County, New York.
6099 WOLFE, ANDREW D. Pittsford at 200: A Words and Pictures Portrait of Its Village, Farms, Woods, and Meadows.
6093 WOLFE, ANDREW D. Bushnell's Basin, Hamlet on the Erie Canal: A Words-and-Pictures Story of a Tiny Community Created by the Canal and Born Again in the 20th Century.
656 WOLFE, ANDREW D., and others. 60Highways, By-Ways, Folkways of Metropolitan Monroe County: Bicentennial Tourguide to Monroe County Towns and Villages and the City of Rochester.
6094 WOLFE, JOHN S. and SUSAN ROBERTS. Perinton 1812-1987, a Colorful Past, a Vibrant Today, an Exciting Future: A Booklet Commemorating the Celebration of the Town of Perinton's 175th Anniversary in 1987.
6087 WRIGHT, LEITH L. Hilton, U.S.A.: An Illustrated History of the Settlement, Growth and Development of the Village of Hilton, 1805-1981.
6083 ZANDE, SUSAN, ed. Irondequoit 1839-1989: Irondequoit Press - Wolfe Publications Presents a View from the Past, a Vision for the Future.
6118 ZEIGLER, MICHAEL. Three Families, Struggling for a Piece of the Dream.
6173 ZWICK, PATRICIA, ed., et al. Windows to Rochester.

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