Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
193 Genealogical Records of the Pioneer Families of Avon, N.Y. Pierson, Waterous, Hosmer, Martin, Etc., and Their Descendants ...
190 AVON (town). Commission for Conservation of the Environment. Horse Shoe Pond. Avon: 1972. 12 pp.
191 BROOKS, CLINTON E. The Story of Avon …
192 DAVIS, E.H. Avon.
194 HALBIG, JOSEPH B., and others. Explanation and Description of the Overlay Maps that Illustrate Factors of Environmental Importance in the Town of Avon, Livingston County, New York.
195 PRESTON, MARIE C. Avon: Heart of the Genesee Country.
5351 PRESTON, MARIE CLEARY. Avon: Heart of the Genesee Country.
196 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. What to Think about and Do in Avon, N.Y.
197 SAVAGE, ROBERT. "The White Horse Inn."

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