Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
119 ALLEN, RUSSELL, comp. Alfred Station Bicentennial Weekend Guidebook.
5328 ALLEN, RUSSELL, et al. The Depot at Baker's Bridge.
120 CLAWSON, CORTEZ R. History of the Town of Alfred, New York, from the Earliest Times to the Present.
5329 COTTRELL, HELEN. "Alfred History--A Sketch."
5330 GREENE, SUSAN W. Historic Alfred Station--1980.
5331 KENYON, M. ELWOOD. Village of Alfred, 1916.
121 LANPHEAR, ETHAN. Scenes, Memories, and Travels of Eighty-two Years and Short Sketches of the Lanphear and Potter Families.
5332 PHELAN, HELENE C., ed. "And a White Vest for Sam'l": An Account of Rural Life in Western N.Y. from the Diaries of Maria Langworthy Whitford of Alfred Station, N.Y., 1857-1861.
5333 RHODES, AGNES GREEN "Old Pots and Iron Kettles."
122 WURZ, JANE. Old Times in Alfred.

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