Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
949 Sketch of Rochester,
6035 Assessment List Town of Perry 1827.
6074 The Sesquicentennial History of Penn Yan, New York, 1833-1983.
720 History of the Town of Sweden. Commemorative Booklet.
724 The Webster Centennial Presents "Fruits from the Forest," a Pageant of the Town of Webster, New York, Commemorating Its 100th Anniversary, 1940. Written by a Committee of Local Citizens.
608 125th Anniversary Celebration, Warsaw, New York.
511 "St. Helena Cemetery Moved."
512 "Portageville Old Catholic Cemetery."
513 "Portageville Pioneer Cemetery."
279 "From a Farmington, Ontario Co., N.Y., Account Book."
426 Historical Highlights of the Village of Wolcott...
428 "Old Livingston Cemetery ..."
5894 Memoirs; Remembering Geneseo on the Occasion of Its 200th Year.
5896 Town of Livonia History...from the Pioneer Settlement by Solomon Woodruff and Other Early Settlers to the Present.
407 "Furnaceville Cemetery in Wayne County, New York."
146 Phillips Creek Methodist Church: Items Copied from Belmont Dispatch 1902-1908, 1909-1912.
147 The Centennial Book, Wellsville, New York, Settled 1831 ...
429 "Van Vleet Cemetery, Township of Wolcott ..."
406 "Lakeside Cemetery of Ontario Twp. ..."
546 "Old Cemetery at Wright's Corners..."
547 "West Middlebury Cemetery Inscriptions."
156 The Sesqui-Centennial of Genesee County.
157 Official Bicentennial Map & Guide to Historic Batavia, New York.
585 "Frink's Corners Cemetery--Town of Sheldon."
586 "Pioneer Cemetery, Sheldon, Route, 20A."
587 "St. John's Dutch Hollow Cemetery,"
588 "Strykersville Cemetery."
964 The Lilac City: Live, Work & Play in Rochester, New York.
446 “Fourth U.S. Census (1820) for Town of Attica, Wyoming County, N.Y.”
545 "Miller Cemetery, Middlebury."
5947 Palmyra, New York, 175th Year, 1789-1964.
5888 Living Traditions in Genesee County; A presentation of Genesee County Folk Artists and Traditions at Genesee Arts Council's Annual Fourth of July "Picnic in the Park."
193 Genealogical Records of the Pioneer Families of Avon, N.Y. Pierson, Waterous, Hosmer, Martin, Etc., and Their Descendants ...
198 "In Honor of the Scottish Pioneers."
129 Angelica, New York: History and Memorial, 1805-1955.
649 Pleasant Valley: An Early History of Monroe County and Region, 1650-1850.
503 “Folklore from Rock Glen.”
504 "Bush Cemetery--Gainesville."
505 "Gainesville Pioneer Cemetery."
506 "North Gainesville Cemetery."
445 “The Captain Has a Housewarming.”
436a “Wyoming County Marriages Reported in Batavia Newspapers Prior to 1850.”
577 "Doty Hill or Hodges Cemetery."
617 "Warsaw Village Pioneer Cemetery."
615 "Town Line Cemetery, Warsaw."
443a “Attica's Old Town Clock.”
352 Morrison's history of Ovid, Seneca Co., New York. 1794-1876.
422 "Walworth Freewill Cemetery in Wayne County, New York."
76 New York News Letter, Vol. 33, no. 5 (Sept. - Oct. 1900), 32 pp.
669 Forest Land to First Class Town: Chili, 150 Years Great! 1822-1972.
531 "Punkshire Cemetery Inscriptions."
532 "Union Corners, Town of Java."
554 "Orangeville Center Cemetery Inscriptions."
555 "Quakertown Cemetery."
556 "Quaker Settlement Cemetery."
557 "Sickly's Corners (Lot 15) Cemetery in East Orangeville."
340 Historical Sketches of the Village and Township of Gaines.
135 Cuba, Incorporated as a Village for a Century, 1850-1950.
138 Friendship, N.Y. Sesqui-Centennial Times.
106 “An Ornamental Farm.”
107 “Letchworth Park Presented to New York State.”
109 “Vanished St. Helena.”
442a “Attica, New York; Indian Name, Gwe-te-ta-a-ne-te-car-do-oh, 'The Red Village.'“
497 "Beach Cemetery, Eagle."
498 "Eagle Village Cemetery."
499 "Eagle Village Cemetery."
500 "Lyonsburg Cemetery, Town of Eagle."
911 Five O'Clock. 'Old Times Number.'
453 "Maxon Cemetery--Attica."
454 "Schaub Cemetery, Town of Attica."
455 "South Attica Cemetery."
450 "Brainard Cemetery, Town of Attica.
451 "Dunbar Cemetery, Attica."
452 "Eastman Cemeter, Attica."
927 Maplewood Community History ...
5885 Gentle Slopes and Homespun Folks: Town of Genesee Sesquicentennial, 1830-1980.
49 Lenderman's Thousand Characters and Ten Thousand Practical Facts from Common Life. Introduced in an Amusing and Exciting Narrative of His Own Varied and Singular Life…
5958 County Home Deaths 1885-1896.
566 “West Perry Cemetery Inscriptions.”
560 “Excerpts from the Day Books of Two Pioneer Physicians at Perry Center, New York.”
145 The Rushford Centennial, August 16-21, 1908. With Other Data and Reminiscences.
558 "Wilcox Cemetery, Orangeville."
564 “A Rattlsnake Story.”
5954 Town of Wolcott Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1810-1960 (Comprising the Towns of Huron, Butler, Wolcott and Rose)....
5957 Cemetery Restoration.
5959 Early Marriages and Deaths in Wyoming County Taken from the Columns of the American Citizen Published in Warsaw.
5966 The Pioneer Cabin.
449 "Attica Centre Cemetery."
184 Livingston County, New York, Sesquicentennial, 1821-1971.
537 “Middlebury's 150 Years.”
275 "Tombstone Inscriptions from East Bloomfield, N.Y."
189 Proceedings of the Century Association in Honor of the Memory of Brig. Gen. James S. Wadsworth and Colonel Peter A. Porter; with the Eulogies Read by William J. Hoppin and Frederick I. Cozzens. December 3, 1864.
102 “Letchworth Park Museum.”
535 “Folklore from Middlebury.”
530 "North Java Pioneer Cemetery."
456 "Vernal Cemetery Inscriptions."
459 “A Wolf hunt.”
461 "East Bennington German Cemetery."
462 "Folsomdale Cemetery."
463 "Maple Lawn Cemetery. Bennington Center."
464 "Maxon Farm Cemetery--Bennington."
465 "Summit View Cemetery, East Bennington."
510 "Davis Cemetery, Genesee Falls."
528 "Curriers Cemetery, Java."
529 "Java Village Cemetery."
507 "Silver Springs Pioneer Cemetery."
508 "Yates Settlement, Town of Gainesville."
210 Geneseo's Centennial, September 11th, 1890. Report of the Celebration, Literary and Other Exercises, and Poem and Addresses as Delivered.
240 Nundarama: Sesquicentennial Souvenir.
840 History of Rochester Portrayed in Stamps.
912 "Folklore in Rochester."
578 "Inscriptions from Old Lamont Cemetery."
272 A Bicentennial Sketchbook of Bloomfield, New York, 1789-1976.
274 A Short History of the Town of East Bloomfield, County of Ontario, New York.
6126 Westward ho! - To Rochesterville: Sketches of Early Rochester, Presented for Your Enjoyment by Scrantom's Book & Stationery Co.
6128 Our Spirit Shows, Sesquicentennial Songbook.
6129 Rochester, New York Sesquicentennial, 1834-1984.
299 "Greenhouse Cemetery."
871 "Two Interesting Letters."
6034 Town of Orangeville - 1892."
313 (Crittenden Cemetery, Phelps, N.Y.)
314 "Pioneer Cemetery in the Town of Phelps."
315 "Inscriptions from Pinewood Cemetery ..."
316 "Some Burials at the Old Cemetery ..."
317 “Cemetery in the North Part of Town of Phelps.” Same, 5 (1962), 184-85. 318. "Westfall Cemetery ..."
319 An Informal History of Richmond, New York; for the Settlements of Honeoye, Allen's Hill, Richmond Mills, Richmond Center and Dennison's Corners.
6032 Richards Cemetery.
677 Hamlin Centennial Sketchbook, 1961.
678 Henrietta Sesquicentennial, 1818-1968 ...
683 Irondequoit Centennial Album, 1839-1939.
424 "Fish Cemetery ..."
797 "Documents of Early Rochester."
300 "Sunnyside Cemetery, Located East of Manchester Village, …
164 Byron Sesquicentennial, 1820-1970. Souvenir Program and History …
165 "The Story of Maple Hill Cemetery, North Darien, N.Y."
172 "Tombstone Inscriptions."
176 "Tombstone Inscriptions."
179 “The Centennial Celebration of the Organization of Livingston County.” LCHS, 1918-22, pp. 15-43.
327 The Program. Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town of Victor, Ontario County … 1913 …
5899 The Way We Were.
5901 Town of York Historical Society's Old York Times III: Retsof Celebration Edition, Saturday, September 10, 1988.
597 The Silver Lake Serpent: A Full Account of the Monster, as Seen in the Year 1855.
487 "Covington Center Pioneer Cemetery."
488 "La Grange Cemetery--Covington."
489 "Mountain Ash Cemetery."
490 "Pearl Creek Cemetery."
447 “The Melven Homestead.”
448 “Pioneers of Nebraska.”
470 Castile Historical House.
437a “Reflections from the American Citizen, 1830's.”
5392 A History of the Town of Victor, Ontario County, New York, 1656-1898.
5393 History of Victor ...
5394 Clifton Springs Scrap Book.
5395 Naples Record, July 4, 1976.
5390 "A Thriving New York Village, a Review of the Social and Business Advantages of Geneva."
5398 90th Anniversary, 1859-1949, and Opening of New Banking Rooms, June 1949, Marine Midland Trust Company of Albion.
5400 As We Were--The Life and Times of the 19th Century in Seneca Falls, New York.
5401 As We Were--The Life and Times of the Early 20th Century in Seneca Falls, New York. Vol. 2.
402 Macedon Village Cemetery, Wayne County ..."
311 Phelps Sesqui-Centennial Celebration Presents the Historical Spectacle "Conquest of the Years" August 10th, 11th and 12th …
5904 Inventory to the Naturalization Records of the Ontario County Clerk, 1803-1932, by the Staff of the Ontario County Records Center and Archives.
830 Official Programme and Souvenir of the Rochester Semi-Centennial, June 9th and 10th, 1884.
6140 A Brief History of Marketview Heights.
6144 Grove Place, 1827-1984: A Quiet Neighborhood of Renaissance.
6145 A History of the Chocolate City Neighborhood.
199 The Caledonia-Mumford Bicentennial Book, 1976.
543 "Carlton Cemetery, Town of Middlebury."
544 "Cemetery at Dale."
539 “The Phineas Stauntons.”
542 "Dale Pioneer Cemetery."
6036 Assessment List Town of Perry 1828.
6040 Perry Hope Cemetery.
6042 St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church (Polish).
6047 Johnsonburg Cemetery.
6048 Listing of the Old Portion of the Varysburg Community Cemetery and 1976 Listing of the Varysburg Cemetery.
6049 Name Index to Marriages Performed by Charles Wilder, Town of Sheldon Justice, 1838-45.
6044 Early Glimpses of Pike Village.
951 Horner's Rochester City Guide, and Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge, Carefully Compiled.
815 In Honor of Nathaniel Rochester. Exercises Held at Rochester, New York, Saturday Afternoon, June Twenty-eight, Nineteen Twenty Four ...
6162 Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, New York.
737 Proceedings at the Annual Festivals of the Pioneers of Rochester, Held at Blossom. Hall, September 30, 1847, and October 13, 1848.
734 Rochester in 1827, with a Map of the village.
711 Pittsford Sesqui-Centennial, 1789-1939.
802 "Map of Rochester in 1814."
806 The Pioneers Days of Rochester Illustrated.
5421 Lake Keuka.
5423 "Bonnie" Dundee (Yates County)
5424 Dundee, 1847-1947: A Beautiful Village in the Heart of the Finger Lakes, New York State.
5425 Recollections of Early Days ... Printed to Commemorate the Dedication of the Dundee Area Historical Society Museum.
5426 Souvenir History Book, the 125th Anniversary Incorporation of the Village of Dundee, New York, 1848 ...
5978 St. Mary's Cemetery.
5434 Souvenir Book of Fairport: Being a Historical Review of Interesting Events Compiled from Early Records of the Town and Village and Other Sources: Down to the Present Time, Together with Illustrations from Early and Recent Photos and Quaint Old Prints, Issued by the Executive Committee of the Old Home Celebration Week of August 2-8, the year 1908.
5986 Cowlesville Village Cemetery.
5989 Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery.
289 "Geneva: Queen City of the Finger Lakes."
6031 Pleasant View Cemetery.
331 Record of the Orleans County Pioneer Association; Original Minutes, 1858 to 1905.
425 "Williamson Cemetery, Wayne County ..."
5914 The War Years in Bloomfield, 1941-1945.
5915 History of the Town of Farmington, New York, 1788-1988: Town of Farmington Bicentennial.
5997 Atlantic Crossing in 1834 Revealed in Gordon Diary.
5920 Naples Bicentennial Souvenir Program.
5923 Chronicles of Ash Grove, 1882-1982.
5872 An Interview with Miss Blanche Knapp, Secretary to Mr. Letchworth.
6026 Dale Cemetery.
6061 A List of Warsaw Residents.
5334 Town of Amity Sesquicentennial, 1830-1980.
5335 Town of Bolivar, New York, Sesquicentennial, 1825-1975.
5336 Town of Burns, A History ...
5337 Town of Genesee, 1830-1980, Sesquicentennial: Gentle Slopes and Homespun Folks. Little Genesee: 3
5338 History of the Village of Scio.
5338 History of the Village of. Scio.
5339 Scio Sesqui-Centennial, Scio, N.Y. ... 1823-1973.
5340 The Early History of Whitesville, on the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Formation of the Township of Independence, 1821-1971.
5344 Souvenir of Batavia, Photogravures ...
5347 Town of Pembroke Bicentennial History.
5353 A History of Dansville.
223 "Oak Ridge Cemetery at Lima, N.Y."
224 "Report of the Town Committee--Lima."
609 “Reminiscences of Warsaw Village.”
613 “Warsaw, Queen of Wyoming Valley.”
614 "Hatch Cemetery, Town of Warsaw."
615 "Sharp District Cemetery, Warsaw."
611 “Warsaw's Pioneer Orchard.”
6052 St. Cecilias Catholic Church Cemetery, Sheldon, Wyoming County.
6091 Fairport Business Directory (Illustrated) and Book of General Information. Containing Names of All Business Firms, Public and Professional Men, etc., with Special Mention of Prominent People.
6090 Penfield, Our Town: Handbook for Citizens.
6097 Pittsford: The Way It Was by Mrs. Mabel Siver's Fourth Grade Classes, 1983-1985.
658 "Settlements of Estates of Early Settlers in Monroe Co."
834 The Book of the Rochester Centennial.
5419 Penn Yan Chronicle-Express, 150th Anniversary Issue, Dec. 26, 1974.
5420 Keuka. Lake-Side Life in Central New York.
5451 Rochester People's Yellow Pages: Vocations for Social Change Collective, 2nd ed.
784 "Growth of Cities in the United States."
780 "The City that Reaches Outward Touches Every Corner of the World: Rochester."
624 "Hermitage Cemetery."
625 "'Shepard Road' Cemetery, Wethersfield."
626 "Wethersfield Cemetery Inscriptions."
353 "1800 Federal Census, Heads of Families, Town of Ovid, Seneca. County."
700 Fairport, New York: Centennial, 1867-1967.
702 Perinton's Heritage: Perinton's Sesquicentennial, 1812-1962.
707 Historical Facts Pertaining to Pittsford, N.Y.
708 Historical Map of Pittsford Portraying Many of Its Sights and Landmarks; A Walking Tour Map of the Four Corners Area, with a Brief History.
527 "Blakely Cemetery, Torry Hill Road, Java."
437 “Busy Little Arcade.”
439 “China that became Arcade, 1807-1957.”
440 “Heads of Families, Census of 1810.”
442 (Heads of Families, Census of 1830.)
444 “Wyoming County Marriages and Deaths Reported in Livingston County Newspapers Prior to 1850.”
438 “Progress with a Past.”
441 (Heads of Families, Census of 1820.)
443 “Marriages from the 'Western New Yorker,' ... Warsaw, New York.”
445 “Wyoming County Deaths Reported in Batavia Papers before 1850.”
474 “Taberlea Farm.”
475 "Clark Cemetery, Town of Castile."
476 "Reservation Cemetery, Castile."
525 “The Smith Farm at Java Village.”
619 “The Reuben Doolittle House.”
831 Celebration of the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the City of Rochester. Exercises Held in Convention Fall, October Nineteen, Nineteen Hundred Nine. 1834-1909.
866 "Scrantom Letters on the Beginnings of Rochester,"
411 The First Settlement and Early History of Palmyra, Wayne County, N.Y. A Review of Rev. Mr. Eaton's Thanksgiving Sermon, with Notes and Additions, by the "Wayne Democratic Press;" Embracing Some Incidents and Anecdotes Hitherto Unpublished.
412 A Memorial of the Celebration at Palmyra, N.Y of the Centennial Fourth of July, 1876, Including the Oration by Theodore Bacon, and a Sketch of the Early History of Palmyra, by Rev. Horace Eaton, D.D.
413 Palmyra, Wayne County, New York.
416 Village of Savannah Centennial, 1867-1967.
6008 Banister Settlement - Where Two Roads Crossed.
6009 Capsule History of Gainesville.
6010 Henry Bush, Jr. of E. Gainesville, Pioneer & Farmer.
6015 Portageville Village Cemetery.
6019 History of the Town of Java, compiled by Java Historical Society.
5950 Arms' Crossroads - Wallington.
548 "Wright's Corners Cemetery."
549 "Wyoming Village Cemetery."
6023 Scenes of Java Village.
952 Rochester City Index and Guide Book.
5931 A Souvenir Book of the Village of Albion, Orleans County, New York.
5935 The Sesquicentennial of the Town of Kendall, 1812-1962.
5936 Little Town on the Towpath; Knowlesville, New York, 1815-1990; Our 175th Anniversary, August 18-19, 1990.
6171 Women of Rochester Who Made a Difference: A Sesquicentennial Tribute to Rochester Women (1834-1984).
6172 Woodside's First Family, Silas and Siba Smith: A Sesquicentennial Exhibition, June 1 - September 30, 1984.
6176 Twenty-second Annual Convention of the International Association of Master House Painters of the United States & Canada, Rochester, N. Y., U. S. A., 1912.
5318 Illustrated and Descriptive Guide Book of the Syracuse, Geneva & Corning Railway Route, from Lyons, N.Y. to Antrim, Pa. ...
5321 Seneca Lake, Including Watkins Glen, Long Point and Geneva. A Handbook for Tourists through Central New York.
5321 Seneca Lake, Including Watkins Glen, Long Point and Geneva. A Handbook for Tourists through Central New York.
5974 Arcade Rural Cemetery.
5881 Belfast, New York, a Brief Look into the Past.
5882 Cuba.
6102 Diamond Jubilee Celebration: 75th Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Village of Webster, N.Y., 1905-1980.
6104 Knowing Webster A - Z, Webster Discussion Unit, League of Women Voters of the Rochester Metropolitan Area, Webster, N.Y.
6158 The Third Ward and Its Corn Hill Historic Preservation District.
6159 Winton-Atlantic Neighborhood: Reliving the Past: A History of Our Neighborhood.
6178 Rochester, New York: The Beautiful, the Hospitable, the Flower City, the City of Homes, the City of Great Industry, the Quality City....
6179 A Guide to Parks, Beaches, Amusement Resorts, Hotels, Bus Lines, Trolley Lines, Subway, Theatres, Golf Courses, etc./The New York State Railways Rochester Lines.
6181 City Living: The Faces and Facades of Rochester, N.Y.
6182 The Whole City Catalogue; Greater Rochester's Guide to Personal Excellence.
5356 The Daily Messenger (Canandaigua), April 28, 1972.
5360 Canandaigua, a Bicentennial Potpourri.
5361 (Canandaigua Bicentennial Calendar.)
5362 Canandaigua Daily Messenger, Sesquicentennial Edition, Dec. 9, 1947.
5363 Finger Lakes Festival, August 16, 17, 18, and 19--1951 Sesqui-Centennial Commemorating Canandaigua's 150th Birthday ... Canandaigua: 1951.
5364 Glimpses of Canandaigua and the Lake.
5367 The "Old Cemetery." An Historical Statement about the Condition of the Cemetery and the People Buried There and about Its Care.
5358 Bristol Briefs. Town of Bristol, Ontario County? New York.
5373 The Gem of the Inland Lakes ...
5374 A Lake of Ice. A Discovery which Greatly Mystifies the Scientists Threatens a Cold Summer: and Throws Canan-daigua into a Fever of Excitement. Reprinted from the Ontario County Times of April l, 1885.
5377 A Bicentennial Scrapbook of Bloomfield, New York, 1789-1976.
5383 Geneva Centennial Celebration, 1806-1906. Souvenir Program.
5384 Geneva Daily Times, May 16, 1906.
5385 Geneva Daily Times, July 15, 1983.
5386 Geneva on Seneca Lake.
5387 Geneva Sesqui-Centennial Celebration, Commemorating 150 years of Progress, August 18-24, 1957 ...
5381 An Easter Egg.
5413 Palmyra,
5417 Wayne County, Turning the Century.
953 Pocket Directory Containing General Information of the City of Rochester, 1891.
963 Introducing Rochester to You.
956 Rochester Guidebook; Maps and Illustrations ...
957 Eighteenth Convention of the National Association of Letter Carriers, Rochester, N.Y. Souvenir, September 4th to 9th, 1911.
958 The City of Rochester and Vicinity. Where to Go, How to Go, and What to See in and About the Flower City ...
960 Introducing Rochester to You.
961 Rochester, City with a Purpose.
659 "Some New York State Marriages."
47 ABBOTT, ELOISE MILES. Personal Sketches and Recollections: In a Series of Familiar Letters to a Friend. And Miscellaneous Essays.
878 ABBOTT, GEORGE. 'Mister Abbott.'
163 ABDELLA, LIZ. Materials Available on Bethany Town. History at the Town Historian's and at the Town Clerk's Office.
280 ADAMS, JOHN Q., and ROBERT S. BREED. Historic Geneva.
876 ADAMS, SAMUEL HOPKINS. Grandfather Stories.
14 ADAMS, SPENCER L. The Long House of the Iroquois...
833 ADAMS. MORRIS. "The Last Quarter of Rochester's Century on Parade; The Golden Era: 1910-1934."
6137 AEBERLI, WILLIAM. Random Highlights on Ole Charlotte.
627 ALDRICH, LEWIS C., ed. History of Yates County, N.Y.
256 ALDRICH, LEWIS C., comp. History of Ontario County, New York, with Illustrations and Family Sketches of some of the Prominent Men and Families, ed. George S. Conover.
598 ALEGRE, MITCHELL R. “The Woman in 19th Century Warsaw.”
5323 ALLEGANY COUNTY. Office of Economic Development, Allegany County Beckons.
337 ALLEN, HELEN E. "The Jumping Bass of Oak Orchard Creek."
792 ALLEN, JOHN G. History of Rochester in Verse with Illustrations.
119 ALLEN, RUSSELL, comp. Alfred Station Bicentennial Weekend Guidebook.
5328 ALLEN, RUSSELL, et al. The Depot at Baker's Bridge.
124 ALLEN, W. A. Almond, N.Y.
125 ALMOND HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Souvenir Program: 175th Anniversary of the Founding of Almond, 1796-1971.
5937 ALTSCHULER, GLENN C., and JAN M. SALTZGABER. Clearinghouse for Paupers: The Poorfarm of Seneca County, New York, 1830-1860.
133 ALVAREZ, GRACE D. The Cuba of New York State: A Study in Hispanic Toponymy of the Empire State.
423 AMERICAN LEGION, Williamson Post No. 394. A Directory and Brief History of the Town of Williamson (with Map), as Compiled by Members of Williamson Post, No. 394, the American Legion.
89 AMERICAN SCENIC AND PRESERVATION SOCIETY. Letchworth Park in Danger: A Plea for Its Defense.
90 AMERICAN SCENIC AND PRESERVATION SOCIETY. The Proposed Dam and Storage Reservoir at Portage, N.Y. ...
228 AMES, L. J. "Mt. Morris."
6068 AMSBURY, FRED G. Caught in Time: A View of the 1890's.
6138 ANDERSON, C. ANDY. Liberty Pole Square Area.
161 ANDERSON, GALUSHA. When Neighbors Were Neighbors; A Story of Love and Life in Olden Days.
207 ANDERSON, HELEN TRAVER. The Diamonds Are Dancing; A History of Conesus Lake.
91 ANDERSON, MILDRED, and MARIAN PIPER WILLEY. St. Helena, Ghost Town of the Genesee, 1797-1954.
92 ANDERSON, MILDRED HILLS. Genesee Echoes: The Upper Gorge and Falls Area from the Days of the Pioneers.
93 ANDERSON, MILDRED HILLS. Genesee Memories and the Flood of '72: A Companion Story to Genesee Echoes.
94 ANDERSON, MILDRED HILLS. “The Valley People.”
95 ANDERSON, MILDRED HILLS. Gibsonville--The Vanished Village.
5871 ANDERSON, MILDRED. The Old Rafting Place.
5322 ANDERSON, MILDRED L. St. Helena, Ghost Town of the Genesee, 1797-1954. 2nd ed.
636 ANDERSON, ROBERT. Weather Lore of a Summer Boy.
491 ANDREWS, ANTHONY. “Wyoming County.”
460 ANDREWS, ANTHONY, comp. “Civil War Roll of Honor, Town of Bennington, Wyoming County.”
877 ANGEVINE, R. ELBERT. Short Skyride: A Story of Golden Days in Rochester.
5860 ARKSEY, LAURA, et al. American Diaries, an Annotated Bibliography of Published American Diaries and Journals.
6139 ARNOLD, WAYNE K. and MICHAEL R. HUFFMAN. Charlotte in the War of 1812: An Account Based on the Words of the Local Pioneers Who Were There.
778 ARNOT, RAYMOND H. "The City of Rochester, Illustrated."
779 ARNOT, RAYMOND H. Rochester; Backgrounds of Its History."
907 ASH, MARTHA MONTAGUE. "The Social and Domestic Scene in Rochester, 1840-1860."
841 ATWATER, MOSES. Moses Atwater of Canandaigua, N.Y. to Samuel J. Andrews of Derby, Conn. A Packet of Letters Relating to the Early History of Rochester, 1812-14.
218 ATWELL, G.W. (Paper on early history of Lima.)
178 ATWELL, GEORGE W. “The Town Names of Livingston.”
190 AVON (town). Commission for Conservation of the Environment. Horse Shoe Pond. Avon: 1972. 12 pp.
663 BABCOCK, A. EMERSON. "The City of Tryon and Vicinity."
664 BABCOCK, A. EMERSON. "The Landing Road."
665 BABCOCK, A. EMERSON. "Ellison Park Territory: Most Historic Ground in the Genesee Country."
357 BAILEY, PRICE W. "The Personal Narrative of Price W. Bailey."
5422 BAKER, ASBURY H. Memories.
5955 BALLINGER, DENISE. Time Again for the Pioneer Picnic.
304 BANNISTER, CALEB. Town of Phelps--Its History, Agricultural Prosperity, & c., An Address, Delivered Before the Officers and Members of the Phelps Agricultural Society upon the Occasion of Its First Fair and Cattle Show, Held at Vienna, Sept. 23d & 24th, 1852.
6024 BANNISTER, DORIS. The Town of Middlebury.
1 BARBER, JOHN W., and HENRY HOWE. Historical Collections of the State of New York; Containing a General Collection of the Most Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, &c. Relating to Its History and Antiquities, with Geographical Sketches of Every Township in the State.
6017 BARBER, RAY The Town of Java.
6003 BARBER, VERNON True Tales of Bliss to My Grandson David.
775 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "The annexation of Charlotte."
776 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "Canaltown:' A Focus of Historical Traditions."
772 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "The Annexation of Brighton Village."
773 BARNES, JOSEPH W. "The City's Golden Age."
6111 BARNES, JOSEPH W. From Flour City to Flower City.
6112 BARNES, JOSEPH W. Rennes & Rochester, a Silver Anniversary.
6166 BARNES, JOSEPH W., and MARY LYNN STEVENS HEININGER. 4 Score & 4 Rochester Portraits.
467 BARNES, KATHERINE. The Genesee Country and Especially the Story of Castile.
466 BARNES, KATHERINE. “Chronicles of Castile.”
589 BARNES, KATHERINE. “The Glory That Was Silver Lake.”
96 BARNES, KATHERINE. Rainbow's End: The Story of Letchworth Park.
162 BARONS, VIRGINIA. The Town of Bergen: A History.
590 BARROWS, Mrs. D.M. “The Silver Homestead.”
2 BARTON, JAMES L. Address on the Early Reminiscences of Western New York and the Lake Region of Country. Delivered before the Young Men's Association of Buffalo, February 16, 1848.
358 BEACH, B.F. Seneca Falls Sixty or More Years Ago.
166 BEACH, CANDACE. "Diary of Candace Beach."
175 BEACH, MRS. JAMES. A Comprehensive and Illuminating History of the Village of Corfu in the Township of Pembroke, Genesee County, New York …
359 BEACH, W.H. "History of Bridgeport."
5864 BEALE, IRENE A. Genesee Valley Events, 1668-1986.
5865 BEALE, IRENE A. Genesee Valley Women, 1743-1985.
5348 BEALE, IRENE A. Genesee Valley People, 1743-1962.
281 BEAN, CHARLES D. Geneva Historical. Descriptive of Its Scenery, Palatial Residences, Public Buildings, Fine Blocks and Important Industries.
282 BEAN, CHARLES D. Four Centennials.
283 BEAN, CHARLES D. Advance Chapters of the Charles D. Bean Reminscences.
284 BEAN, CHARLES D. An Historic Journal.
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