Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3540 “'The Clinton Street Universe'“: Schoolboy Newspaper of 1852.”
3541 Columbia School, Rochester, New York, Fiftieth Anniversary, 1891-1941.
3530 “Rochester Schools in 1848.”
3550 "The Rochester School for the Deaf."
3545 Memorial Exercises of the Alumnae Association Held at Livingston Park Seminary, Rochester, N.Y., on Thursday, June Ninth, 1892.
3552 Western New York Institution for Deaf-Mutes, Rochester, N.Y. Historical Sketch, 1876-1893.
3533 ABELL, AARON. “Elementary and Secondary Catholic Education in Rochester.”
3553 ACKLEY, WILLIAM J. A History of the Growth and Progress of the Edison Technical and Industrial High School, Rochester, New York.
3534 AKIN, WILLIAM E. “The War of the Bishops: Catholic Controversy on the School Question in New York State in 1894.”
3519 BENEDICT, LAURA H. History of Allen's Creek School, ed. Henry H. Kings ton, Jr.
3520 BOWEN, M. LUCILE. “The Rochester Free Academy.”
3521 CIVIC COMMITTEE ON UNEMPLOYMENT. The Scope of the Adult Education Program in Rochester.
3539 CLARK, GRACE LIGHT. “History of Clover Street Seminary.”
3554 COULSON, CUTLER J. The Development of the Public Secondary School Curriculum in Rochester, New York, from 1903 to 1935.
3555 DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. The Public School Program: Reprints of a Series of Articles Describing the Program of Instruction Pursued in the Public Schools of Rochester, New York, Published in 1926 in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
3556 ELLIS, MABEL BROWN. The Visiting Teacher in Rochester: Report of a Study.
3522 ELLIS, S.A. “A Brief History of the Public Schools of the City of Rochester.”
3557 EWING, FREDERICK E. The Pay-as-you-Go Theory Viewed from the Experiences of Financing School Buildings in Rochester, New York.
3558 FINCH, CHARLES E. “The Foreign Child in the Rochester Schools.”
3559b FORBES, GEORGE M. A Survey of School-Related Community Organizations in the City of Rochester, New York.
3559f GOODWIN, MABEL C. A History of Public Evening School Instruction in the City of Rochester, 1853-1933.
3559e GRACE, ALONZO G. School Organizations in Monroe County.
3523 GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC. Dept. of N.Y. George H. Thomas Post No. 4. Presentation of National Flags to the Public Schools of the City of Rochester, on Washington's Birthday, 1889 ...
3559a GREENSPAN, STEPHEN H., and FRIEDRICH J. GRASBERGER. Target: The Three E's: Efficiency of Organization, Equity of Financing, Equality of Financing; A Study of the Organizational and Financial Structure of Public Education in Monroe County.
3548 HALPEN, ROSA H. History of the Rochester School for the Deaf, 1876 1936 ...
3559d HAMBURG, MORRIS. A Study of the Efficiency of the Fairport Schools.
3559c HARDY, H. CLAUDE. “A New Kind of School Exhibit.”
3543 HOPKINS, ALICE.L. A Reminiscence of Miss A.D. Doolittle and the Rochester Female Academy.
3559 KITCHELT, FLORENCE CROSS. “'Buttressing the Foundations of Democracy.'“
3560 KITCHELT, RICHARD. “Free Text Books for the Rochester Schools.”
3561 LEVEY, STANLEY V. “The Last Twenty-Five Years in the Public Schools.”
3562 LOMBART, GEORGE A. The Administrations of Herbert S. Weet and James M. Spinning, Successive Superintendents of Schools in Rochester, New York, 1911-1954.
6576 LOVE, NELLIE M. An Analysis of the Junior High School Movement in the City of Rochester, New York.
3524 LUFFMAN, CECIL W. Evolution of the Curriculum of the Common Schools of Parma, New York, from 1825 to 1900 as Revealed by the Textbooks in Use during the Period.
3537 MADDEN, ELIZABETH C. A Century of Love: Academy of the Sacred Heart, 1855-1955.
3565 MADISON HIGH SCHOOL. The Madigraph: The Anniversary Number Commemorating Ten Years of Service and Achievement, 1922-1932.
3528 MATTERN, MARGARET M. “Early Rochester Textbooks, 1821-1850.”
3525 McGREGOR, A. LAURA. “History of the Public Schools of Rochester, New York.”
3526 McGREGOR, A. LAURA. “The Early History of the Rochester Public Schools, 1513 1550.”
3527 McKELVEY, BLAKE. On the Educational Frontier.
3563 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Samuel Parker Moulthrop: Devoted Educator and Good Citizen.
3564 McKELVEY, BLAKE. “Rochester's Public Schools: A Testing Ground for Com munity Policies.”
3542 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Private Educational Enterprise since the Mid-Century.
3535 McQUAID, BERNARD J. The Public School Question as Understood by a Catholic American Citizen.
3536 McQUAID, BERNARD J. Christian Free Schools: or, the Right of Parents to Provide Religious Education for Their Children, without Let or Hindrance.
3567 MONROE COUNTY AREA VOCATIONAL STUDY. Vocational and Technical Education in the Monroe County Area: A Summary Report ...
3566 MONROE COUNTY. Educational Planning Committee. A Proposed Model for a County Federation of School Districts.
3570 NEWTON, MARION BROMLEY. “A Chapter in the Story of Rochester's School Playgrounds.”
3544 NICHOLS, JANE H. Rochester Female Academy: A Historical Sketch, 1837 1912.
3538 OGNIBENE, RICHARD T. Protestant and Catholic Views of Education, 1865 1900: National and Local Views Compared.
3571 OLIVER, ANDREW D. School Buildings of Monroe County.
3572 ORR, NANCY H. A Financial Plan in Support of the Federated Intermediate Educational District: A Report Prepared for the Monroe County Educational Plan-ning Committee.
3573 RAND, HAROLD S. A Study of the Economic and Social Status of Six Thou sand Former Students of Rochester High Schools.
3547 REBASZ, EURITH PATTISON. The Story of the Seventy-Five Years of Livingston Park Seminary.
3546 REBASZ, EURITH PATTISON. The story of Sixty Years: Livingston Park Seminary, Rochester, N.Y., 1858-1918.
3574 REED, JOHN J. A Study of Administrative Aspects of the National Youth Administration in the High Schools of Monroe County, New York.
6577 REESE, WILLIAM J. Power and the Promise of School Reform: Grassroots Movements During the Progressive Era.
3549 REMINGTON, CAROLYN LYON. Vibrant Silence.
3575 RENTSCH, GEORGE J. Open Enrollment: An Appraisal.
3576 RIDLEY, WILLIAM H., JR. A Survey of Cooperative Education Programs: A Research Study Conducted in Rochester, New York and Monroe County, New York, to Investigate the Operation of Cooperative Education Programs, Study Their Structure, Assess Their Performance and Evaluate Their Importance and Value in the Education of Youth in Public Schools.
3588 ROCHESTER BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH. Work-Education Training Centers: The First Two Years. Evaluative Study Summary Report.
3577 ROCHESTER. Board of Education. The Cost of Public School Education, Rochester, New York.
3578 ROCHESTER. Board of Education. The Junior High Schools of Rochester, New York.
3579 ROCHESTER. Board of Education. The Functioning of the Public School Program; A Series of Articles Describing the Functioning of the Work in the Public Schools of Rochester, New York, Published in the Democrat & Chronicle, during the School Year, 1926-27.
3580 ROCHESTER. Board of Education. The Work of the Public Schools.
3581 ROCHESTER. Board of Education. Report of the Citizen's Committee to Study the Expenditures of the Board of Education.
3582 ROCHESTER. Board of Education. Our City, Our Schools: Rochester Public Schools.
3586 ROCHESTER. City School District. Report of the Rochester City School District Task Force on Budget and Management.
3592 ROCHESTER. City School District. UNIQUE: Center for Cooperative Action in Urban Education; Proposal for a Grant ...
3583 ROCHESTER. City School District. Racial Imbalance in the Rochester Public Schools: Report to the Commissioner of Education.
3584 ROCHESTER. City School District. Desegregation of the Elementary Schools: Special Report to the Board of Education.
3585 ROCHESTER. City School District. Grade Reorganization and Desegregation of the Rochester Public Schools: A Report to the Board of Education.
5610 ROCHESTER. City School District. Division of Pupil Personnel Services. Human Rights Activists: Role Models in the Rochester: Community Developed by Project Beacon.
3587 ROCHESTER. Manpower Development and Training Center. The Rochester Multi-Occupational Youth Project.
3529 ROCHESTER. Public School No. 14. Re-Unions of Old 14.
3531 RUCHKIN, JUDITH POLGAR. “The Abolition of 'Colored Schools' in Rochester, New York: 1832-1856.”
3589 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. “Are We Wrong in Using the School Buildings for Social Centers?”
5611 RUSSO, JOHN B. “Educational Revisionism and Recent School Reform: The Case of Rochester, 1960-1973.” "
3590 SCIENCE RESEARCH ASSOCIATES. Attitudes and Opinions of Educators in the Rochester School Systems.
3551 SCOUTEN, EDWARD L. A revaluation of the Rochester Method.
3591 SEYMOUR, HOWARD C. “The Teacher Shortage.”
6578 STEVENS, EDWARD WILLARD, Jr. The Political Education of Children in the Rochester Public Schools, 1899-1917: An Historical Perspective on Social Control in Public Education.
6579 STEVENS, EDWARD W., Jr. School Personnel and Political Socialization: Rochester, New York, 1900-1917.
6580 STEVENS, EDWARD W., Jr. Social Centers, Politics, and Social Efficiency in the Progressive Era.
6581 TEITELBAUM, KENNETH NEIL. Schooling for "Good Rebels": Socialist Education for Children in the United States, 1900-1920.
3532 TRUESDALE, DOROTHY S. “The Three R's in Rochester, 1850-1900.”
3593 U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Hearing Held in Rochester, New York, September 16-17, 1966.
3594 WEET, HERBERT S. “Citizenship and the Evening Use of School Buildings.”
3595 WEET, HERBERT S. “The Development of Public Education in Rochester, 1900-1910.”
5612 WILLIAMS, LYNNE D. One Hundred Years: The Rochester: School for the Deaf, 1876-1976.
3596 WILSON, L.A. “An Example of Factory School Training: Report of L.A. Wilson, Principal of the Rochester Shop School.”
3597 YOUNG, WILLIAM C., and others. Project UNIQUE: United Now for Inte grated Quality Urban-Suburban Education.

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