Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3701d Special Libraries In and Around Rochester.
3705 U.S. Bureau of Education. Public Libraries in the United State of American: Their History, Condition, and Management.
3706 "Warsaw Library, 1823."
3703 SOUTHERN TIER LIBRARY SYSTEM. A History of the Public Libraries Served of the Southern Tier Library System.
3679 BARNES, JOSEPH W., and ROBERT W. BARNES. "From Books to Multimedia: A History of the Reynolds Library and the Reynolds Audio-Visual Department of the Rochester Public Library."
3689 BENJAMIN, JOHN A., and JOHN R. RUSSELL. "The Edward G. Miner Library."
3694 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "The Libraries of Warsaw."
3695 COLE, GEORGE W. "Early Library Development in New York State (1800 1900."
3680 COLLINS, ANNE R. "The Reynolds Library."
3696 CONKLIN, WILLIAM D. Acorn to Oak: The Story of the Dansville Library.
5630 COONS, W.R. “Books and People Behind Bars at Attica.”
5631 CUSHING, HENRIETTA S A History of the Avon Free Library, 1914-1978.
3697 DAGHLIAN, PHILIP B. "'The Farmers' Library."
3698 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "Attica's Stevens Memorial Library."
3690 DUNCAN, BARBARA. "The Sibley Music Library."
3691 GILCHRIST, DONALD. "The University of Rochester Libraries."
3681 GREENSPAN, STEPHEN H. Central Library Services in Monroe County: The Problem of Fiscal Equity.
3699 GRIDLEY, SAMUEL H. "Historical Sketch of the Waterloo Library and Historical Society," pp. 7-29 in the Centennial Celebration of General Sullivan's Campaign against the Iroquois, in 1779 ...
3682 HACKER, HAROLD S. Ten Years of Progress: The Monroe County Library System, 1960-1969.
3692 HAYES, CATHERINE D. "The History of the University of Rochester Libraries: 120 Years."
3700 HEDRICK, ULYSSES P. "What Farmers Read in Western New York, 1800-1850."
5632 LOPEZ, MANUEL D. Bibliography of the History of Libraries in New York State.
5633 LOPEZ, MANUEL D. Bibliography of the History of Libraries in New York State. Supplement, 1968-72.
3683 LOWE, JOHN A. "A Free Institution for Self-Education: Rochester Public Library, the First Twenty-Five Years."
3684 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The Semi-Centennial of the Rochester Public Library.
3701b McKELVEY, BLAKE. Charles Hastings Wiltsie Memorial Building, 1937; The New Home of the Pittsford Community Library.
3701 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Early Library Developments In and Around Rochester.
3701a McKELVEY, BLAKE. "The Ambrose Swasey Library."
3685 MILLIKEN, MARY C. A History of the Rochester Public Library from 1912 to 1936.
3701c MOEHLMAN, CONRAD H. "The Historical Society Library."
3686 NELSON, ASSOCIATES. A Reference and Research Library Resources Plan for the Rochester Area: An Analysis of the Proposals of the Commissioner's Committee on Reference and Research Library Resources as Applied to a Selected Region.
3701e PITTSFORD. Community Library. A Pioneer Library.
3687 ROCHESTER. Public Library. Seventeen Years of Service of the Rochester Public Library, 1912-1928.
3702 ROSBROOK, FREDE. "The Law Library."
3704 SUTTON, ALICE T. "Private Libraries in Rochester:"
3693 WATANABE, RUTH T. "Historical Introduction to the Sibley Music Library."
3688 YUST, WILLIAM F. "The History of the Libraries of Rochester."
3707 ZACHERT, ADELINE B. "What Rochester Children Read and Why."
3708 ZWIERLEIN, FREDERICK,J. "St. Bernard's Seminary Library."

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