Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3763 The Pundit Club. 1500th Meeting, January 5, 1970.
3746 (Rochester Museum 50th anniversary issue.)
3749 The Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum. First Stages: A Brief Report on the Founder and the Collections.
3765 The Fortnightly, Rochester, New York, 1882-1907.
3759 ANDREWS, MARGARET B. Records of the Pundit Club.
3733 CARPENTER, EDMUND S. "The Strange Case of Dr. Came and the Sleeping Man."
3755 DAKIN, RALPH K. The Rochester Academy of Science.
3766 EICHORN, FRANK. The Rochester Numismatic Association.
3756 FAIRCHILD, HERMAN L. History and Work of the Rochester Academy of Science.
3768 FITCH, CHARLES E. The History of the Browning Club, 1884-1910.
3769 FRASER, MARY M. Historical Sketch of the Scottsville Literary Society.
3742 FREEMAN, HARRY H. The Bureau of Municipal Research Investigates the Municipal Museum.
3739 GEORGE EASTMAN HOUSE. Illustrated Guide to the George Eastman House of Photography.
3743 GREENSPAN, STEPHEN H. Rochester Museum-Science Center: A Proposed Metropolitan Approach.
3744 HALL, DONALD S. The Strasenburgh Planetarium.
3734 HAWLIE, NATALIE F. Literature in Rochester, 1865-1905.
3750 HEYDWEILLER, AMELIA M. The Burroughs-Audubon Nature Club.
3751 HOOT, WILLIAM B. History of the Burroughs-Audubon Nature Club of Rochester, N.Y.
3740 LARSON, CEDRIC. Photography's Hall of Fame.
3735 McKELVEY, BLAKE. When Science Was on Trial in Rochester: 1850-1890.
3745 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The Historic Origins of Rochester's Museums.
3761 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The Pundit Club and the City of Rochester.
3762 MOREY, WILLIAM C. Reminiscences of 'The Pundit Club.'
3741 NEWHALL, BEAUMONT. The Eastman House; the First Decade.
3747 PEAKS, MARION R. 'Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow.'
3736 REZNECK, SAMUEL. A Traveling School of Science on the Erie Canal in 1826.
3752 RIPTON, MICHAEL J. Museum Salutes 50th Anniversary of the New York State Archeological Association.
3753 RITCHIE, WILLIAM A. The New York State Archeological Association."
3748 ROCHESTER MUSEUM OF ARTS & SCIENCES. Guide to the Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences.
3737 SCHILD, JOAN L. Dr. Came, the Lightning Man.
3764 SCHILLING, BERNARD N. The University and the Club.
3738 SCRANTON, EDWIN. Rochester's Pioneer Museum, as Described by 'An Old Citizen,' ed. Martha Montague Ash.
3757 STEWART, MILROY N. Rochester Academy of Science.
3760 The Club. "Si quid veri inveneris profer." 1854-1937.
3758 UTZ, JOHN. (History of Rochester Engineering Society.)
3767 WENNERMARK, A. JAMES. The Rochester Philatelic Association.
3754 WRIGHT, GORDON K. Morgan Chapter, New York State Archeological Association.

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