Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3356 BARRACO, ANTHONY M. The Wadsworth Family of Geneseo, New York; A Study of Their Activities Which Relate to Public Education in New York State and to the State University College of New York at Geneseo.
3357 CALHOUN, DANIEL. The Intelligence of a People.
3358 FINEGAN, THOMAS F. Teacher Training Agencies: A Historical Review of the Various Agencies of the State of New York Employed in Training and Preparing Teachers for the Public Schools of the State. (11th Annual Report of the State Education Department, Vol. 2)
3359 FINEGAN, THOMAS F. The Township System: A Documentary History of the Endeavor to Establish a Township School System in the State of New York from the Early Periods through the Repeal of the Township Law in 1918. (14th Annual. Report of the State Education Department, Vol. 1)
3360 FINEGAN, THOMAS F. Free Schools: A Documentary History of the Free School Movement in New York State. (15th Annual Report of the State Education Department, Vol. 1) 682 pp.
3361 FITCH, CHARLES E. The Public School: History of Common School Education in New York from 1633 to 1904.
5597 GARDINER, SARA L., comp. Educational Corporations of New York State.
3362 GIFFORD, WALTER J. Historical Development of the New York State High School System.
3363 HOMIER, HARLAN H., ed. Education in New York State, 1784-1954 ...
3364 HOUGH, FRANKLIN B. Historical and Statistical Record of the University of the State of New York during the Century from 1784 to 1884.
3365 JOINT COMMITTEE ON RURAL SCHOOLS. Rural School Survey of New York State: A Report to the Rural School Patrons.
5598 MABEE, CARLETON. Black education in New York State from Colonial to Modern Times.
5599 MABEE, CARLETON. “A List of the First Black Schools in New York State, from Colonial Times to 1945.” Afro- Americans in New York Life and History, 2 (1978), 9-14.
3367 MILLER, GEORGE F. The Academy System of the State of New York.
3366 MILLER, JULIUS B. School and Community: A Study of the Demographic and Economic Background of Education in the State of New York.
3368 MOHR, JAMES C. “Free School Law of 1867: A Chapter in the Reconstruction of the North.”
3368 MONTGOMERY, HELEN B. “The Last Ten Years of the Rochester Schools.”
3369 N.Y. Division for Youth. The School Dropout Problem: Rochester.
3370 N.Y. State Commission on the Quality, Cost, and Financing of Elementary and Secondary Education. The Fleischmann Report ...
3371 N.Y. State Education Department. Master Plan for School District Reorganization in New York State, Revised.
3369 N.Y. University. Regents' Inquiry into the Character and Cost of Public Education. School District Atlas of the State of New York,
3372 PEASE, JANE HANNA. “James Wadsworth: Educational Reformer.”
3373 ROCHESTER AREA COLLEGES. Toward Developing a Coordinated System of Post-secondary Continuing Education in the Genesee Valley Region.
3374 SOPER, WAYNE W. “Development of State Support of Education in New York State.”

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