Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4703 “A Landmark Vanishes.”
4767 Walking Tour Guide of the Village of Fairport, Monroe County, New York.
4702 Illustrated Guide to Reynolds Arcade, with History of the Arcade from 1828, Plans of Each Floor, Number of Each Office, Names and Business of Each Occupant.
4741 Martin, McGraw & Wiard, Architects.
4746a "A College Arts Complex Shaped by a Strong Master Plan."
4746d "Two Rochester Banks: The Rochester Trust and Safe Deposit Company--The Rochester German Insurance Building."
5774 Susan B. Anthony Preservation District House & Garden Tour, 1982.
5779 A Chronicle of Architects and Architecture in Rochester: Prepared for the Twentieth Anniversary Meeting of the
4689 ANDREWS, JAMES S. (Description of old house on Andrews Street.)
4690 ANGEVINE, EDWARD. A Guide or Hand-Book for Mount Hope Cemetery, with Photo-Engravings and Diagram.
4691 ARNOLD, JAMES B. Colonial Architecture in Rochester.
4734 BAKANOWSKY, LOUIS J., architect. “The Allendale School: An Expression of Individual Spaces.”
5769 BARNES, JOSEPH W. Rochester's City Halls.” Rochester: History, 40, no. 2 (1978), 1-24.
4746c BARR, VILMA. "Team Approach for a Unified Result."
4677 BARROWS, C. STORRS. The Early Architects of Rochester.
4735 BARROWS, PARKS, MORIN, HALL & BRENNAN, architects. Rochester: n.d. unp.
4750 BRAGDON, CLAUDE F. More Lives Than One. New York Alfred A. Knopf, 1938. 368 pp. English ed., The Secret Springs: An Autobiography.
4747 BRAGDON, CLAUDE F., architect. "The New York Central Railway Station at Rochester, N.Y. ..."
4748 BRAGDON, CLAUDE F., architect. "The Rochester Passenger Station."
4749 BRAGDON, CLAUDE F., and FOSTER & GALE, architects. "The Rochester Chamber of Commerce."
5778 BRAYER, BETSY. The Warner Legacy in Western
4736 BRONSTEIN, HERBERT. The Art and Architecture of Temple B'rith Kodesh: Its Religious Meanings.
4751 CANTOR, DOROTHY M. Claude Bragdon and His Relation to the Development of Modern Architectural Theory.
4692 CARD, MARIAN. The Ellwanger and Barry Office.
4678 CASSEBEER, WALTER H. Architecture in Rochester.
4693 CHURCH, PHARCELLUS. An Address Delivered at the Dedication of Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, Oct. 2, 1838; and Repeated, by Request, before the
4694 COLLINS, ROWLAND L. A Pocket Guide to Mt. Hope Cemetery.
4720 COMSTOCK, HELEN. “History in Houses--Rochester, New York.”
4752 COSTA, ERVILLE. "Claude F. Bragdon, Architect, Stage Designer, and Mystic."
4737 CUTLER, HOWARD W., architect. Some Recent Work of Howard W. Cutler, Architect.
4738 DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. The Beauty around Us.
4721 DRYER, HARWOOD B. “Livingston Park Seminary.”
4753 EBERLEIN, HAROLD D. "Recent Railway Stations in American Cities."
4679 FAIRCHILD, HERMAN L., and J. FOSTER WARNER. Building Stones of Rochester: Nature's Contribution to Local Edifices.
4680 FOOTE, ORLANDO K. Former Rochester Architects.
4695 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. First Families of Rochester and Their Dwellings.
4681 FRANCE, JEAN, and BETSY BRAYER. Of Town & the River: A Rochester Guide.
4758 FRARY, I.T. "First Church of Christ Scientist, Rochester, New York: Gordon & Madden and Wm. G. Kaelber, Architects."
4739 A. FRIEDERICH & SONS CO., contractors. The 75th Anniversary, A. Friedrich & Sons Company, Construction Contractors, Rochester, N.Y., ...
5780 GABRIEL, CLEOTA REED. The Arts & Crafts Ideal, the Ward House: An Architect and His Craftsmen.
4759 GORDON & KAELBER, and other firms, architects. "Eastman Theatre and School of Music."
4760 GORDON & KAELBER. A Monograph of the Work of Gordon & Kaelber, Architects.
4696 HANMER-CROUGHTON, AMY. “Historic Reynolds Arcade.”
4697 HANMER-CROUGHTON, AMY. “Court House Justice.'“
4698 HANMER-CROUGHTON, AMY. “The Cogswell Fountain.”
4699 HERSEY, CARL K. “The Gothic Revival Chapel of the Sacred Heart (1890), Rochester, New York.”
4714 HERSEY, CARL K. The Architectural Origins of Woodside (1838).
4713 HERSEY, CARL K. "The Architecture of Woodside."
4764 HOLAHAN, ELIZABETH GIBSON. The Stone-Tolan House.
4716 HOPKINS, ALPHONSO A. The Powers Fire-Proof Commercial and Fine Art Buildings.
4700 HUBBELL, MARGUERITE E. A House That Is a Home.
4701 HUBBELL, MARGUERITE E. A History of 1050 East Avenue, Rochester, N.Y.
4746e HUGH STEBBINS & ASSOCIATES, architects. "What the War Memorial Means to Rochester."
4761 KAELBER, WILLIAM G. "Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences, Bausch Hall ..."
4755 KENNEDY, ROGER G. "The Long Shadow of Harvey Ellis."
4762 KIMBROUGH, LEE S. "The Importance in Early Iron Skeleton Construction of the Wilder Building (1887-88) in Rochester, New York, and Related Structures."
4722 KLING, CHRISTIAN G. The Economics of Rehabilitation in the Third Ward, Rochester, New York.
4740 KWIAT, ALICE B. Frank Lloyd Wright in Buffalo and Rochester, New York.
4725 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. Campbell-Whittlesey House,
4724 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. This Is Rochester: The Third Ward Today.
4726 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. 1976 Historic House Tour of the Corn-Hill Area of Rochester's Old Third Ward.
4727 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. 1977 Historic House Tour of the Corn Hill Area of Rochester's Old Third Ward,
4728 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. A Catalogue and Guide to Early American Decoration ...
4723 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. The Landmark Society Views the Third Ward.
5772 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. 170 Years in One Square Mile: A Strolling Tour of Downtown
5775 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. Third Ward House & Garden Tour, 1974 and 1975.
5776 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. Historic House Tour of the Corn Hill Area of Rochester's Old Third Ward, 1976-1984.
4704 LEE, FLORENCE. “The Old Stone Lighthouse at Charlotte.”
4756 LIPSCOMB, MARY E. "The Architecture of Harvey Ellis in Rochester, New York.
4685 MALO, PAUL. Landmarks of Rochester and Monroe County: A Guide to Neighborhoods and Villages.
5770 MAPLEWOOD NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION. The First Annual Maplewood Tour of Homes.
4763 MARUOKA, SUSANNE KEAVENEY. "The Architecture of Andrew Jackson Warner in Rochester, New York."
4717 MATTHEWS, JAMES. A Description of Powers' Commercial Fire-Proof Buildings, with the Most Important Statistics Connected with Their Construction, an Enumeration of the Most Interesting Objects to Be Seen from the Tower, an Account of the Weather Signal Office, and a History of the Buildings, that Formerly Stood on This Site.
4682 McKEE, HARLEY J. Amateur's Guide to Terms Commonly Used to Describe Historic Buildings.
4683 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Old and New Landmarks and Historic Houses.
4684 McKELVEY, BLAKE. “An Historic Site Tour of Old and New Landmarks.”
4757 McKELVEY, BLAKE. A Rediscovery--Harvey Ellis, Architect. A Joint Exhibition of Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester and Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum, Rochester, New York, Exhibited at Memorial Art Gallery, December 8, 1972-January 14, 1973.
4718 METCALFE, A.H. "The Powers Building--A Rochester Landmark."
4765 MONROE COUNTY. County Historian's Office. Landmarks of Brighton.
5771 NINETEENTH WARD COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION. The Eleventh Annual Nineteenth Ward House Tour. Saturday October 17, 1981.
4705 OLNEY, MABEL G. “The Old Stone Warehouse: No. 1, Mt. Hope Avenue.”
4715 PEET, ANNIE OLMSTEAD. "Alfred Mason Badger."
4706 PETERS, EDMUND A. “Rochester in 1839.”
4744 ROCHESTER BUILDING ASSOCIATION. Rochester Building ... Important Construction Steps Taken for a Greater Rochester.
4686 ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. Urbanarium. Main Street: Rochester, New York.
4743 ROCHESTER SAVINGS BANK. The Story of 40 Franklin Street, Main Office of Rochester Savings Bank, the Bank of the Golden Rule.
4687 ROCHESTER SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTS. A Chronicle of Architecture and Architects in Rochester Prepared for the Twentieth Anniversary Meeting of the Rochester Society of Architects …
4742 ROCHESTER. City Council. Civic Center, Rochester, New York. A Group of City-County Buildings Planned and Centrally Located to Better Serve You.
4729 SCHILD, JOAN L. “The Campbell-Whittlesey House in Rochester, New York.”
4707 SCHMIDT, CARL F. “Post-Colonial Architecture of Rochester.”
4708 SCHMIDT, CARL F. “Greek Revival Architecture in Rochester.”
4709 SCHMIDT, CARL F. “The Post-Colonial Entrance in Rochester.”
4710 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Greek Revival Architecture in the Rochester Area.
4766 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Beautiful Doorways in the Town of Penfield, Monroe County, N.Y.
4688 SCHMIDT, CARL F., and ANN. Architecture and Architects of Rochester, N.Y.
4730 SCHMIDT, CARL F., and ANN. Jonathan Child and His House.
4745 SECURITY TRUST CO. Security Tower Plaza, One East Avenue Rochester, New York.
4731 SELDEN, MARJORIE WARD. The Interior Paint of the Campbell-Whittlesey House, 1835-1836, with Reference to the Procedures of House Painting Prior to 1836, ed. Helen C. Ellwanger.
5773 SOUTH WEDGE ACTING TOGETHER NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION. 2d Annual S.W.A.T. House Tour, Saturday May 15, 1982 ...
4754 SWAIN, GEORGE F., and others. Report of a Committee of Experts Appointed to Investigate Suggested Sites for New Passenger Station of New York Central and Hudson River Railroad at Rochester, N.Y.
4746 WENNER & FINK, architects. "Modern Facilities, Traditional Style: Postwar Plan for the Asbury-First Methodist Church, Rochester, N.Y."
4768 WESTERN MONROE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Morgan Manning House: Home of the Western Monroe Historical Society.
4732 WILLIAMS, HENRY L., and OTTALIE K. Great Houses of America.
5777 WILLIS, WAYNE C. Preservation, Social Conflict, and the Future of Rochester's Old Neighborhoods: Corn Hill and Beyond.
4733 WILLSEA, MARGARET J. “Campbell-Whittlesey House.”
4711 WILTSIE, CHARLES H. “The First Church Sun-Dial.”
4769 WOLFE, ANDREW D., ed. Architecture Worth Saving in Pittsford, Elegant Village.
4719 YARRINGTON, JAMES. "The American Right of History."
4746b YORK & SAWYER, architects. "R.I.T.'s New Campus--A Unique Design Collaboration."

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