Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4893 BARONS, VIRGINIA M., ed. Music in Genesee County ...
4894 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Warsaw's Early Singing Schools and Musical Societies."
4895 BROWN, WILHELMINA. "The Choirs of Seneca Falls."
4897 CUTTING, EDITH. "A York State Songbag: The Douglass-Stevens Manuscript."
4896 DANA, W.E. (Paper on 19th century musical activity in Livingston County.)
4898 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "Music in the Valleys."
4899 GRAVELLE, JEAN F. "The Civil War Songster of a Monroe County Farmer."
4900 PALMER, BELLE L. "The Musical Organizations of Seneca Falls."
4902 SCHRADER, ARTHUR F. "Arcade Revisited: Some Additional Notes for A Songster."
4901 THOMPSON, HAROLD W., and EDITH E. CUTTING, eds. A Pioneer Songster. Texts from the Stevens-Douglass Manuscript of Western New York, 1841-1856.

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