Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4830 Album of Rochester Views.
4831 Art Work of Rochester, "The Flower City." Published in Nine Parts.
4832 Art Work of Rochester, Published in Nine Parts.
4850 "Rochester: the City Beautiful." Views and a Historical Sketch of the City Since Its Founding.
4851 Rochester: The Flower City.
4854 Souvenir of Rochester.
4845 Rochester Illustrated.
4846 Rochester Illustrated, Published in Twelve Parts.
4856 Souvenir of Rochester. Portland, Me.: L.H. Nelson Company, ca. 1903. unp.
4857 Views of "Rochester Beauty." By Home Photographers.
4855 Souvenir of Rochester.
4847 Rochester Illustrated. A Review of the Origin, Growth and Progress of the Flower City. An Epitome of Human Interest, of Incident and Wonderful Achievement.
4848 Rochester: Photographs in Black.
4829 ADLER, ELMER. "The First Published Sketch of Rochester."
4834 AVERY, RALPH H. Rochester's Old Third Ward: A Portfolio of Drawings.
4835 AVERY, RALPH H. Rochester's Midtown Plaza. Drawings.
4833 AVERY, RALPH H. Rochester's "Mercury"; A Portfolio of Drawings.
4836 CASSEBEER, WALTER H. Lithographs of Rochester; Twelve Proofs by Walter Henry Cassebeer ...
4837 DARROW, C.K. Ye Citie of Rochester, Illustrated.
4838 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Casconchiagon: The Genesee River.
4839 HARRISON, EDWARD P. "How Would You Date This Photograph?
4840 KENT, NORMAN. Five Original Woodcuts ...
4841 KENT, NORMAN., and BLAKE McKELVEY. Early Rochester Illustrated.
4842 MERRITT, HOWARD S. "Prints of the Genesee Falls."
4843 ROBINSON, CHARLES M. "Colin Campbell Cooper's Paintings of Rochester."
4849 ROCHESTER RAILWAY CO. Souvenir of Rochester: Its Attractions and Pleasure Resorts.
4852 Rochester. Rochester: Scrantom, Wetmore & Co., ca. 1915. unp.
4844 ROCHESTER. HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Views of Old Rochester.
4853 SHANNON, MARY R., comp. Genesee Country Scrapbook, Vol. 15 (1976), 153 pp.
4860 VON DER LANCKEN, FRANK. "More of Picturesque Rochester: Results of the 1913 Sketch Competition."
4858 VON DER LANCKEN, FRANK. "Rochester in Black and White."
4859 VON DER LANCKEN, FRANK. "Picturesque Rochester Competition."
4861 WOLFE, ANDREW D. Views of Old Rochester and the Genesee Country, from Indian Days to 1918.

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