Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4585 "Pardee House."
5752 Wayne County Cobblestone Architecture: Bounty of the Field and Shore; Self-Guided Tour Map and Information Brochure.
4584 FRASCH, ROBERT W. "New York's Cobblestone Buildings."
4586 PETERICH, GERDA. "Cobblestone Arohitecture of Upstate New York."
4587 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Cobblestone Architecture.
4588 SCHMIDT, CARL F. "Cobblestone Masonry."
4589 SCHMIDT, CARL F. "Cobblestone Masonry."
4592 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Cobblestone Masonry.
4591 SCHMIDT, CARL F. "The Cobblestone Houses of Central New York State."
4593 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Preservation & Restoration of Cobblestone Architecture.
4594 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Cobblestone Masonry.
4595 SCHMIDT, CARL F. More Cobblestone House Entrances. Part VII.
4590 SCHMIDT, CARL F. "Cobblestone Masonry."
5750 SHELGREN, OLAF W., JR., and others. Cobblestone Landmarks of New York State.
5751 SWARTOUT, BARBARA C. Ontario County Cobblestones. Canandaigua: Ontario County Historical Society;

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