Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4617 No. 6 (1964).
4618 No. 7 (1965) "Tour into the Historic Hamlet of Mumford, Wheatland Township."
4619 No. 8 (1966). "Fowlerville Tour, Noting 150 Years of Settlement."
4604 No. 9 (1969). "A Motor Tour in the Monroe County Towns of Henrietta, Rush & Wheatland."
4605 No. 10 (1970). "A Motor Tour in the Marion-Palmyra Area of Wayne County."
4606 No. 11 (1971). "A Motor Tour in Southwestern Monroe County ..."
4607 No. 12 (1972).
4608 No. 13 (1973).
4609 No. 14 (1974).
4612 No. 1 (1959). "Tour of Caledonia Village."
4664 “Covered Bridge Days.”
4620 No. 9 (1967).
4597 No. 2 (1962). "A Motor Tour East of Childs on the Ridge Road."
4654 "Davidson Homestead, Genesee Falls."
4596 No. 1 (1961). "A Motor Tour between Childs and Oak Orchard on the Ridge Road ..."
4657 "Historic Sites Survey."
4659 "'Oldest' Buildings."
4610 No. 15 (1975).
4611 No. 16 (1976).
4622 "Belvidere."
4626 "Unique New Office with a Venerable Past ..."
4642 "A Heritage of Cobblestone."
4670 “Covered Bridges of Yesteryear: A List of Sites Where Covered Bridges Once Stood in New York State.”
4613 No. 2 (1960). "A Motor Tour East of Caledonia."
4614 No. 3 (1961). "Wheatland Quaker Settlement."
4615 No. 4 (1962). "Tour ... Featuring Caledonia's Participation in the Wa of 1812 and Stone Building Town of Caledonia."
4616 No. 5 (1963). "Tour into York Township."
4598 No. 3 (1963). "A Motor Tour in Cayuga County ..."
4599 No. 4 (1964). "A Motor Tour in Wayne County ..."
4600 No. 5 (1965). "A Motor Tour in Ontario County..."
4601 No. 6 (1966). "A Motor Tour in Niagara County ..."
4602 No. 7 (1967). "A Motor Tour in Eastern Orleans and Western Monroe ..."
4603 No. 8 (1968). "A Motor Tour in Yates and Southern Ontario Counties."
4621 No. 10 (1969)."A Tour in the Genesee Valley: Historic Homes and Historic Sites in the Towns of Avon, Caledonia, Rush."
4585 "Pardee House."
5752 Wayne County Cobblestone Architecture: Bounty of the Field and Shore; Self-Guided Tour Map and Information Brochure.
4632 A Circle Tour of Ontario County.
4660 ALEGRE, MITCHELL R. “The Portage Bridge: Magnificence and Mystery.”
4661 ANDERSON, HOMER G. “The Four Wooden Covered Bridges which at One Time Spanned the Genesee River in Livingston County, New York.”
4662 ANDERSON, STOTT. Guide to the Covered Bridges of New York State.
4651 BARNES, KATHERINE. "A Castile Landmark; The Van Orsdale House."
4652 BARNES, KATHERINE. The Glen Iris Story.
4625 BARONS, VIRGINIA, ed. The Beauty of Genesee County: Architecture, Recreation, and Scenic Routes.
4639 BEACH, FREDERIC G. Guide to Mount Albion, with Map.
4663 BENHAM, FLOYD H. “Covered Bridge.”
4552 BETTS, BENJAMIN F. “Early Architecture of Western New York.”
4653 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Our Architectural Heritage."
4576 BRADLEY, WALLACE. "Whistle Stops."
4553 BRAGDON, CLAUDE F. “Colonial Work in the Genesee Valley.”
4554 BRAGDON, CLAUDE F. “Colonial Architecture in the Genesee Valley.”
4640 COBBLESTONE SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. Our Cobblestone Heritage: Being Accounts of the Church and Schoolhouse at Childs in the Town of Gaines, Orleans County, N.Y., Related Events, Persons and the Cobblestone Society.
4633 COLE, GLYNDON. "Granger Homestead."
4641 COLE, MARC W. "A Master Builder of the Early Nineteenth Century."
4555 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. Avery Architectural Library. Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, 2d ed.
4649 CORNWALL, FLORENCE FORBES. Our Village Hall: A Historical Sketch,
4634 CUNNINGHAM, ANNA K. "Parrott Hall--An Italian Villa in Upstate New York."
4635 DELAVAN, Mrs. Byron H. Granger Homestead, Canandaigua, New York. Canandaigua: Granger Homestead Society, n.d. 16 pp.
4584 FRASCH, ROBERT W. "New York's Cobblestone Buildings."
4655 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Decades at 'The Maples.'"
4629 FULTON, G., JR. "Taintor Homestead, East Avon, N.Y."
5748 GILL, EDMUND V., JR., and CLAY LANCASTER. Victorian Houses: A Treasury of Lesser-Known Examples.
4656 GUION, ADELAIDE PARTRIDGE. "The Partridge Homestead: 'The White House.'"
4672 GUTHE, ALFRED K. “Archeologists Dig into Monroe County History.”
4577 HALL, I.F. "An Economic Study of Farm Buildings in New York."
4556 HAMLIN, TALBOT. Greek Revival Architecture in America: Being an Account of Important Trends in American Architecture and American Life Prior to the War between the States.
4673 HAYES, CHARLES F., III. “Ceramics from Jacksonville--A Mid-19th Century Community in Western New York.”
4674 HAYES, CHARLES F., III. “Historical Archeology in Mendon Ponds Park.”
4578 HAYES, DWIGHT. Outhouses of the Allegheny Hills.
4675 HOLAHAN, ELIZABETH G. Notes on the Cultural Debris at the Stone-Tolan Site.
4658 HOLZSCHUH, ELAINE M. "Barn Vent."
4665 INSHAW, CHARLES C. “The Cayuga Bridge.”
4557 JOHNSON, HERBERT A., and RALPH K. ANDRIST. Historic Courthouses of New York Sate: 18th and 19th Century Halls of Justice across the Empire State..
5749 JOHNSON, HERBERT A., and RALPH K. ANDRIST. Historic Courthouses of New York State: 18th and 19th Century Halls of Justice across the Empire State.
4627 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF GENESEE COUNTY. A Tour, Architectural & Historical, of the Town of Elba.
4643 LATTIN, CARY H. "The Orleans County Cobblestone Houses."
4644 LATTIN, CARY H. "Out of the Past: Old-Fashioned Smoke Houses."
4645 LYMAN, CURTIS L. "Historical Sketch of the Orleans County Court House, Albion, New York."
4579 MacFARLANE, JANET R. "Octagon Buildings in New York Sate (as of February 1952)."
4630 MAIL, PAUL. A Distinctive /Village: A Survey and Evaluation of Geneseo's Main Street, ed. Betty J. Keller, and others.
4558 McKELVEY, BLAKE. A Directory and Map of Historic Houses and Museums in the Western New York Area.
4559 N.Y. Board for Historic Preservation. Historic Resources Survey Manual.
4586 PETERICH, GERDA. "Cobblestone Arohitecture of Upstate New York."
4623 PHELAN, HELENE C. "The Cooking Fireplace in the Hagadorn House."
4650 PULTNEYVILLE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. A Sightseer's Guide to Pultneyville in the Mid 1800's.
4666 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. “Good-bye Forever, Ellis Chesbro.”
4636 ROSE, CHRISTINA LIVINGSTON. "Main Street, Geneva, New York."
4580 ROUNDS, RUBY M., comp. Octagon Buildings in New York Sate.
4667 RUSSELL, MARIAN A., and ALVIN R. STRIPP. “Main Street Bridge.”
4592 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Cobblestone Masonry.
4591 SCHMIDT, CARL F. "The Cobblestone Houses of Central New York State."
4593 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Preservation & Restoration of Cobblestone Architecture.
4594 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Cobblestone Masonry.
4595 SCHMIDT, CARL F. More Cobblestone House Entrances. Part VII.
4588 SCHMIDT, CARL F. "Cobblestone Masonry."
4589 SCHMIDT, CARL F. "Cobblestone Masonry."
4560 SCHMIDT, CARL F. “Architecture in the Genesee Country.”
4561 SCHMIDT, CARL F. ”Mouldings and Moulding Planes.”
4562 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Fences, Gates and Garden Houses.
4563 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Architectural Mouldings.
4564 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Greek Revival Details.
4565 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Colonial and Post-Colonial Details.
4566 SCHMIDT, CARL F. The Victorian Era in the United States.
4567 SCHMIDT, CARL F. The Early Architecture of the Genesee Valley.
4568 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Restoration and Preservation.
4569 SCHMIDT, CARL F. The Architectural Styles in the Rochester Area.
4570 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Greek Revival Entrances, Part VI.
4581 SCHMIDT, CARL F. "The Octagon Fad."
4582 SCHMIDT, CARL F. The Octagon Fad.
4583 SCHMIDT, CARL F. "The Octagon Fad."
4590 SCHMIDT, CARL F. "Cobblestone Masonry."
4587 SCHMIDT, CARL F. Cobblestone Architecture.
4628 SCHMIDT, CARL F., and ANN. The Architectural Development of LeRoy, New York.
4637 SCHUYLER, MONTGOMERY. "The Architecture of American Colleges. Part 9: Union, Hamilton, Hobart, Cornell, and Syracuse."
4571 SEYMOUR, WHITNEY NORTH, JR. “The Case for the Old Courthouse.”
5750 SHELGREN, OLAF W., JR., and others. Cobblestone Landmarks of New York State.
4646 SHELGREN, WILLIAM 0., JR. "The Historic American Buildings Survey in Western New York: Exhibit Catalog."
4631 SOCIETY FOR THE PRESERVATION OF LANDMARKS IN WESTERN NEW YORK. "A Day in the Historic Genesee Valley," October 11, 1952 ...
4572 SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTURAL HISTORIANS. August Tour 1958 ... Geneva, Canandaigua and Rochester, New York, and the Finger Lakes Region.
5751 SWARTOUT, BARBARA C. Ontario County Cobblestones. Canandaigua: Ontario County Historical Society;
4624 THORNTON, WINIFRED KNIGHT. "A History of the Church Mansion, Belvidere."
4573 U.S. Department of the Interior. National Park Service. The National Register of Historic Places, 1976.
4574 U.S. Historic American Buildings Survey. Historic American Buildings Survey: Catalog of the Measured Drawings and Photographs of the Survey in the Library of Congress, March 1, 1941.
4638 WALKER, BLANCHARD B. "History in Towns: Geneva, New York."
4668 WELLS, JOHN W. Cayuga Bridge.
4669 WELLS, JOHN W. “Cayuga Bridge.”
4671 WETMORE, Mrs. S. A. “The Bridges over Cayuga Lake.”
4676 WOOD, ALICE. Looking for Gilbert Berry's Property.
4648 WRIGHT, RUSSELL J. The Visual and the Historic Resources of the Finger Lakes-Southern Tier Region, N.Y.
4575 ZOOK, NICHOLAS. Houses of New York Open to the Public.

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