Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4770 “Fifty Years of Stained Glass Artistry.”
4798 New York Silversmiths.
4785 "The Rochester Lamp."
4787 Blue-Decorated Stoneware of New York State; Catalog & Study Guide.
5781 Catalogue and Revised Standard List of Mechanics' Tools and Machine Knives, Manufactured by D.R. Barton & Co., 136 Mill Street, Rochester, N.Y.
4786 BARBER, DANIEL M. and GEORGE R. HAMELL. "The Redware Pottery Factory of Alvin Wilcox--at Mid-19th Century."
4783 BENTON, DOROTHY. "The Rochester Lamps."
4784 CARROLL, DAPHNE. "The Complete Story of the Rochester Lamp."
4796 CUTTEN, GEORGE E. "The Silversmiths of Central New York."
4797 CUTTEN, GEORGE B. "Ten Silversmith Families of New York State."
4788 DAVISON, MARY E., and others. "New York State Potters and Potteries."
4780 EICH, EDWARD L. Some Notes on Ephraim Gilbert, the Gunmaker.
4781 EICH, EDWARD L. A Check List of Rochester, N.Y., Gunmakers & Gunsmiths, Circa 1815-1900.
4775 FENNELL, T.W. "The Grape Table."
5782 FISHER, J. SHELDON. Brigham Young as a Mendon Craftsman: A Study in Archeology.” New York History, 61 (1980), 431-447.
4789 FOLEY, JASENA RAPPLEYE. "The Ontario Glass Manufacturing Company."
4771 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Israel Scrantom's Hammer.
4790 HAMELL, GEORGE R. "Sewer-Pipe Pottery in Rochester, New York."
5783 HAUPTMAN, LAWRENCE M. “The Iroquois School of Art: Arthur C. Parker and the Seneca Arts Project, 1935-1941."
4791 KETCHUM, WILLIAM C., JR. Early Potters and Potteries of New York State.
4772 MATE, FRED W. “Blacksmithing.”
4792 McVEAN, ALBERT F. "The Morganville Pottery."
4773 MONROE COUNTY. Office of County Historian. Rochester Museum Tour for Young People: Ancient Arts and Crafts and Modern Application.
4793 NEWLANDS, DAVID L. "The Morganville Pottery Site, New York State."
5784 RETTEW, GAYLE A., WILLIAM H. SIENER, and JANICE TAUER WASS. “Behold the Labour of My Tender Age”: Children and Their Samplers, 1780-1850.
4776 ROBERTS, KENNETH D., and JANE W. Planemakers and Other Edge Tool Enterprises in New York State in the Nineteenth Century.
4794 ROCHESTER MUSEUM & SCIENCE CENTER. Clay in the Hands of the Potter: An Exhibition of Pottery Manufactured in the Rochester and Genesee Valley Region, c. 1793-1900.
4777 SAYWARD, HENRY L. "Western New York Clocks."
4778 SCHILD, JOAN L. "Pioneer Cabinet makers of Rochester."
4779 SCHILD, JOAN L. "Furniture Makers of Rochester, New York."
4799 SCHILD, JOAN L. "Silversmiths of Rochester."
4795 SCOON, CAROLYN. "New York State Stoneware in the New-York Historical Society,"
4782 SWINNEY, HOLMAN J. "New York State Gunmakers: A Partial Checklist."
4774 TIFFANY STUDIOS. A Partial List of Windows Designed and Executed by Tiffany Studios ...

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