Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4617 No. 6 (1964).
4618 No. 7 (1965) "Tour into the Historic Hamlet of Mumford, Wheatland Township."
4619 No. 8 (1966). "Fowlerville Tour, Noting 150 Years of Settlement."
6805 Richardson's Canal House.
6859 Through Lake and Bay; Rochester's Pleasure Resorts, Illustrating Principal Points of Interest of Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay.
6860 Cultural Resource Directory/Arts for Greater Rochester. 1987 ed.
6862 Bands and Bandwagons of the 1890's.
4830 Album of Rochester Views.
4831 Art Work of Rochester, "The Flower City." Published in Nine Parts.
4832 Art Work of Rochester, Published in Nine Parts.
4604 No. 9 (1969). "A Motor Tour in the Monroe County Towns of Henrietta, Rush & Wheatland."
4605 No. 10 (1970). "A Motor Tour in the Marion-Palmyra Area of Wayne County."
4606 No. 11 (1971). "A Motor Tour in Southwestern Monroe County ..."
4607 No. 12 (1972).
4608 No. 13 (1973).
4609 No. 14 (1974).
4850 "Rochester: the City Beautiful." Views and a Historical Sketch of the City Since Its Founding.
4851 Rochester: The Flower City.
6768 Draft General Management Plan/Environmental Assessment. Women's Rights National Historical Park.
4878 Extracts from the Press upon the Musical Work of Cecilia S. P. Cary and Her Pupils.
6772 Women's Rights Trail: Seneca Falls and Waterloo, New York/ Women's Rights National Historical Park.
6773 Historic Haven.
6775 Evolution of Hillside.
4871 Cultural Resources Directory, 1975-1976: A Resource Directory of Artists and Cultural Organizations for Schools in the Greater Rochester Area.
4875 “The Birth of Opera under the Stars.”
4612 No. 1 (1959). "Tour of Caledonia Village."
4664 “Covered Bridge Days.”
4854 Souvenir of Rochester.
4620 No. 9 (1967).
4597 No. 2 (1962). "A Motor Tour East of Childs on the Ridge Road."
4596 No. 1 (1961). "A Motor Tour between Childs and Oak Orchard on the Ridge Road ..."
4657 "Historic Sites Survey."
4659 "'Oldest' Buildings."
6800 Oliver Loud's Country Inn.
6801 The P.A.C.K. Neighborhood.
4654 "Davidson Homestead, Genesee Falls."
6807 Sketches in the 50th Anniversary Times-Union series; Landmark Society of Western New York.
4610 No. 15 (1975).
4611 No. 16 (1976).
6873 A Pictorial Glimpse of the RKO Palace Theatre.
4622 "Belvidere."
4626 "Unique New Office with a Venerable Past ..."
6811 10th Anniversary, City Hallmark.
6812 Urban Vistas '75; a Tour of Homes in the Park/East Area.
6813 Urban Vistas '80; a Tour of Homes in the East Avenue Area.
6814 The Wadsworth Square Neighborhood.
6809 The South Union Neighborhood.
4770 “Fifty Years of Stained Glass Artistry.”
4703 “A Landmark Vanishes.”
4670 “Covered Bridges of Yesteryear: A List of Sites Where Covered Bridges Once Stood in New York State.”
6763 Three Great New York Houses.
4845 Rochester Illustrated.
4846 Rochester Illustrated, Published in Twelve Parts.
4642 "A Heritage of Cobblestone."
4828 "L.E. Walker, Warsaw's Picture Man."
4856 Souvenir of Rochester. Portland, Me.: L.H. Nelson Company, ca. 1903. unp.
4857 Views of "Rochester Beauty." By Home Photographers.
4613 No. 2 (1960). "A Motor Tour East of Caledonia."
4614 No. 3 (1961). "Wheatland Quaker Settlement."
4615 No. 4 (1962). "Tour ... Featuring Caledonia's Participation in the Wa of 1812 and Stone Building Town of Caledonia."
4616 No. 5 (1963). "Tour into York Township."
4798 New York Silversmiths.
4585 "Pardee House."
6792 Historic Houses; Opening the Doors to America's Past.
6788 Early Irondequoit Homes.
6789 The Edgerton Neighborhood.
4767 Walking Tour Guide of the Village of Fairport, Monroe County, New York.
6846 Face to Face; M.W. Hopkins and Noah North.
6848 The Prints of Norman Kent.
4855 Souvenir of Rochester.
4702 Illustrated Guide to Reynolds Arcade, with History of the Arcade from 1828, Plans of Each Floor, Number of Each Office, Names and Business of Each Occupant.
4741 Martin, McGraw & Wiard, Architects.
4746a "A College Arts Complex Shaped by a Strong Master Plan."
4746d "Two Rochester Banks: The Rochester Trust and Safe Deposit Company--The Rochester German Insurance Building."
6784 The Portage Wooden Bridge.
4816 "Floral Painting: A Family Heritage."
5787 A Rochester Retrospective: Painting and Sculpture, 1880-1950; Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, August 1-September 21, 1980.
5791 Up & Down the River: Art & Geography of the Genesee River.
6743 The National Register of Historic Places.
6753 Why Cobblestone?
4598 No. 3 (1963). "A Motor Tour in Cayuga County ..."
4599 No. 4 (1964). "A Motor Tour in Wayne County ..."
4600 No. 5 (1965). "A Motor Tour in Ontario County..."
4601 No. 6 (1966). "A Motor Tour in Niagara County ..."
4602 No. 7 (1967). "A Motor Tour in Eastern Orleans and Western Monroe ..."
4603 No. 8 (1968). "A Motor Tour in Yates and Southern Ontario Counties."
5774 Susan B. Anthony Preservation District House & Garden Tour, 1982.
6776 Four Architectural Styles Commonly Found in Wyoming County.
4847 Rochester Illustrated. A Review of the Origin, Growth and Progress of the Flower City. An Epitome of Human Interest, of Incident and Wonderful Achievement.
4848 Rochester: Photographs in Black.
6757 A Town Called Angelica.
6758 The Architectural Heritage of Genesee County, New York.
6793 Homes of the Scottsville Area; The Smith College Club of Rochester.
4621 No. 10 (1969)."A Tour in the Genesee Valley: Historic Homes and Historic Sites in the Towns of Avon, Caledonia, Rush."
4785 "The Rochester Lamp."
4787 Blue-Decorated Stoneware of New York State; Catalog & Study Guide.
6825 Made in New York State: Handwoven Coverlets, 1820-1860.
5752 Wayne County Cobblestone Architecture: Bounty of the Field and Shore; Self-Guided Tour Map and Information Brochure.
5753 Official Bicentennial Map & Guide to Historic Batavia, New York.
5756 Art Work of Ontario County, New York.
5758 Glancing Backward: A Walking Tour of Early Village Homes.
5759 Granger Homestead, Canandaigua, New York.
5763 19th Century Architecture in Geneva; Exhibit Catalogue Published by the Geneva Historical Society.
5781 Catalogue and Revised Standard List of Mechanics' Tools and Machine Knives, Manufactured by D.R. Barton & Co., 136 Mill Street, Rochester, N.Y.
5779 A Chronicle of Architects and Architecture in Rochester: Prepared for the Twentieth Anniversary Meeting of the
4632 A Circle Tour of Ontario County.
4862 Art Work of Ontario County, New York.
6759 ADAMS, JAMES H., et al. Upjohn Gothic Revival Architecture in Geneva, New York: Original Drawings and Historic Photographs.
4829 ADLER, ELMER. "The First Published Sketch of Rochester."
6744 AEBERLI, WILLIAM. Barns Around Monroe County, an Introduction.
4660 ALEGRE, MITCHELL R. “The Portage Bridge: Magnificence and Mystery.”
4661 ANDERSON, HOMER G. “The Four Wooden Covered Bridges which at One Time Spanned the Genesee River in Livingston County, New York.”
6852 ANDERSON, PATRICIA. The Course of Empire: The Erie Canal and the New York Landscape, 1825-1875.
4662 ANDERSON, STOTT. Guide to the Covered Bridges of New York State.
4689 ANDREWS, JAMES S. (Description of old house on Andrews Street.)
4690 ANGEVINE, EDWARD. A Guide or Hand-Book for Mount Hope Cemetery, with Photo-Engravings and Diagram.
6861 APPLEBY, LARRY. Remembering...the Farman Theatre.
4691 ARNOLD, JAMES B. Colonial Architecture in Rochester.
6822 AUSTIN, BRUCE A. The American Arts & Crafts Movement in Western New York, 1900-1920.
4834 AVERY, RALPH H. Rochester's Old Third Ward: A Portfolio of Drawings.
4835 AVERY, RALPH H. Rochester's Midtown Plaza. Drawings.
4833 AVERY, RALPH H. Rochester's "Mercury"; A Portfolio of Drawings.
4734 BAKANOWSKY, LOUIS J., architect. “The Allendale School: An Expression of Individual Spaces.”
6845 BANNON, ANTHONY, and MARY STANLEY. Grace Woodworth (1872-1967) Photographer Outside the Common Lines.
4786 BARBER, DANIEL M. and GEORGE R. HAMELL. "The Redware Pottery Factory of Alvin Wilcox--at Mid-19th Century."
6783 BARBER, PAUL. The Portage Bridge.
5769 BARNES, JOSEPH W. Rochester's City Halls.” Rochester: History, 40, no. 2 (1978), 1-24.
4651 BARNES, KATHERINE. "A Castile Landmark; The Van Orsdale House."
4652 BARNES, KATHERINE. The Glen Iris Story.
4893 BARONS, VIRGINIA M., ed. Music in Genesee County ...
4625 BARONS, VIRGINIA, ed. The Beauty of Genesee County: Architecture, Recreation, and Scenic Routes.
4746c BARR, VILMA. "Team Approach for a Unified Result."
4677 BARROWS, C. STORRS. The Early Architects of Rochester.
4735 BARROWS, PARKS, MORIN, HALL & BRENNAN, architects. Rochester: n.d. unp.
4639 BEACH, FREDERIC G. Guide to Mount Albion, with Map.
6745 BELLUSCIO, LYNNE Brick Ovens in the Genesee Country, 1789-1860: Architectural and Documentary Evidence,
4663 BENHAM, FLOYD H. “Covered Bridge.”
4783 BENTON, DOROTHY. "The Rochester Lamps."
4552 BETTS, BENJAMIN F. “Early Architecture of Western New York.”
4894 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Warsaw's Early Singing Schools and Musical Societies."
4653 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Our Architectural Heritage."
4903 BITZ, NELLIE E. A Half-Century of Theater in Early Rochester: A Record of the Struggle to Establish a Permanent Theater.
4904 BRADGON, CLAUDE F. "'Song and Light'; A Description of an Outdoor Festival Given at Highland Park, Rochester, N.Y., September 30, 1915."
4576 BRADLEY, WALLACE. "Whistle Stops."
4747 BRAGDON, CLAUDE F., architect. "The New York Central Railway Station at Rochester, N.Y. ..."
4748 BRAGDON, CLAUDE F., architect. "The Rochester Passenger Station."
4553 BRAGDON, CLAUDE F. “Colonial Work in the Genesee Valley.”
4554 BRAGDON, CLAUDE F. “Colonial Architecture in the Genesee Valley.”
4750 BRAGDON, CLAUDE F. More Lives Than One. New York Alfred A. Knopf, 1938. 368 pp. English ed., The Secret Springs: An Autobiography.
4749 BRAGDON, CLAUDE F., and FOSTER & GALE, architects. "The Rochester Chamber of Commerce."
6815 BRAYER, ELIZABETH, and GERALD ALLAN DOELL and M. CHRISTINE KLIM DOELL. The Eastman House Gardens, Two Historical Commentaries.
5778 BRAYER, BETSY. The Warner Legacy in Western
6827 BRAYER, ELIZABETH. MAGnum Opus, The Story of the Memorial Art Gallery.
6863 BRONNER, SIMON J. Old-Time Music Makers of New York State.
4736 BRONSTEIN, HERBERT. The Art and Architecture of Temple B'rith Kodesh: Its Religious Meanings.
4815 BROWN, JOHN W. "First Portrait of Red Jacket."
6766 BROWN, SHARON A. Historic Structure Report: Historical Data Section, Wesleyan Chapel, Women's Rights National Historical Park, New York.
4895 BROWN, WILHELMINA. "The Choirs of Seneca Falls."
6864 CAHN, WILLIAM L. Rochester's Orchestra: A History of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and Its Educational Programming, 1922 to 1989.
5757 CANANDAIGUA CEMETERY ASSOCIATION. Quarter Century Report of Canandaigua Cemetery Association, Canandaigua, New York; Woodlawn Cemetery, 1884-1909.
4751 CANTOR, DOROTHY M. Claude Bragdon and His Relation to the Development of Modern Architectural Theory.
4692 CARD, MARIAN. The Ellwanger and Barry Office.
4784 CARROLL, DAPHNE. "The Complete Story of the Rochester Lamp."
4678 CASSEBEER, WALTER H. Architecture in Rochester.
4836 CASSEBEER, WALTER H. Lithographs of Rochester; Twelve Proofs by Walter Henry Cassebeer ...
4876 CHAFFERS, MADELEINE R. Survey of Musical Life in Rochester from 1817 up to the Civil War.
4693 CHURCH, PHARCELLUS. An Address Delivered at the Dedication of Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, Oct. 2, 1838; and Repeated, by Request, before the
4907 COATES, HILDA A. "Popular Rural Dramas in Rochester, 1900-1915."
4640 COBBLESTONE SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. Our Cobblestone Heritage: Being Accounts of the Church and Schoolhouse at Childs in the Town of Gaines, Orleans County, N.Y., Related Events, Persons and the Cobblestone Society.
4633 COLE, GLYNDON. "Granger Homestead."
4641 COLE, MARC W. "A Master Builder of the Early Nineteenth Century."
4694 COLLINS, ROWLAND L. A Pocket Guide to Mt. Hope Cemetery.
6828 COLLINS, ROWLAND L. The Lillian Fairchild Award, 1924-74.
4555 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. Avery Architectural Library. Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, 2d ed.
4877 COMMUNITY CHORUS OF ROCHESTER. “The Messiah,” George Frederick Handel, by the Community Chorus for Rochester.
4720 COMSTOCK, HELEN. “History in Houses--Rochester, New York.”
4649 CORNWALL, FLORENCE FORBES. Our Village Hall: A Historical Sketch,
4908 CORRIS, WILL. "Mr. Corris and 'The Lyceum,'" as told to Virginia Jeffrey Smith.
4752 COSTA, ERVILLE. "Claude F. Bragdon, Architect, Stage Designer, and Mystic."
4634 CUNNINGHAM, ANNA K. "Parrott Hall--An Italian Villa in Upstate New York."
4737 CUTLER, HOWARD W., architect. Some Recent Work of Howard W. Cutler, Architect.
4796 CUTTEN, GEORGE E. "The Silversmiths of Central New York."
4797 CUTTEN, GEORGE B. "Ten Silversmith Families of New York State."
4897 CUTTING, EDITH. "A York State Songbag: The Douglass-Stevens Manuscript."
6816 CZERKAS, JEAN. Alling Stephen DeForest, Landscape Architect, 1875-1957.
6829 D'AMBROSIO, PAUL S. and CHARLOTTE M. EMANS. Folk Art's Many Faces, Portraits in the New York State Historical Association.
4896 DANA, W.E. (Paper on 19th century musical activity in Livingston County.)
4837 DARROW, C.K. Ye Citie of Rochester, Illustrated.
4788 DAVISON, MARY E., and others. "New York State Potters and Potteries."
4635 DELAVAN, Mrs. Byron H. Granger Homestead, Canandaigua, New York. Canandaigua: Granger Homestead Society, n.d. 16 pp.
4738 DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. The Beauty around Us.
4925 DENGLER, DOROTHY. "Dan Rice, the Circus Clown, as Rochester Knew Him."
6786 DENNIS, JOHN. Highland Park North, a Delightful Part of the City Beautiful.
4800 DINSE JEAN MERRELL. “Private Art Collections in Rochester.”
6817 DOELL, M. CHRISTINE KLIM. Gardens of the Gilded Age: Nineteenth-Century Gardens and Homegrounds of New York State.
6818 DOELL, M. CHRISTINE KLIM. Verdant Frames: Plant Portraits from the Ellwanger and Barry Collection.
6787 DONEGAN, FRANK. A Picture-Perfect Home.
5766 DONOHUE, MARY, ed. A Survey of the Village of Lodi, Seneca County, New York. Prepared by Preservation Planning Workshop, Cornell University and Regional Conference of Historical Agencies.
4801 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “Stowell-Miles Art Gallery.”
4898 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "Music in the Valleys."
6865 DREW, L. GRACE. My Recollections of the Silent Movies.
4721 DRYER, HARWOOD B. “Livingston Park Seminary.”
4753 EBERLEIN, HAROLD D. "Recent Railway Stations in American Cities."
4780 EICH, EDWARD L. Some Notes on Ephraim Gilbert, the Gunmaker.
4781 EICH, EDWARD L. A Check List of Rochester, N.Y., Gunmakers & Gunsmiths, Circa 1815-1900.
4909 ELWOOD, GEORGE M. "Some Earlier Public Amusements of Rochester."
4679 FAIRCHILD, HERMAN L., and J. FOSTER WARNER. Building Stones of Rochester: Nature's Contribution to Local Edifices.
4802 FAISON, S. LANE, JR. Art Tours & Detours in New York State: A Handbook to More than 75 Outstanding Museums & Historic Landmarks in the Empire State Outside New York City.
6755 FANTA, BEN. Terra Cotta.
4775 FENNELL, T.W. "The Grape Table."
6746 FINK, DANIEL. Barns of the Genesee Country, 1790-1915: Including an Account of Settlement and Changes in Agricultural Practices.
5782 FISHER, J. SHELDON. Brigham Young as a Mendon Craftsman: A Study in Archeology.” New York History, 61 (1980), 431-447.
4789 FOLEY, JASENA RAPPLEYE. "The Ontario Glass Manufacturing Company."
4905 FOLWELL, RITA B. "Rochester at Play--1850-1900."
4680 FOOTE, ORLANDO K. Former Rochester Architects.
6790 FORBES, MARTHA KEPPLER. The Victorian Gothic and Its Manifestations in Rochester, New York.
4826 FORDYCE, ROBERT F. Stereo Photography in Rochester, New York, up to 1900.
4695 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. First Families of Rochester and Their Dwellings.
4803 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Art and Artists in Rochester.
4771 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Israel Scrantom's Hammer.
4838 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Casconchiagon: The Genesee River.
4910 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Edwin Booth in Rochester.
4879 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. An Appreciation of David Hochstein.
4681 FRANCE, JEAN, and BETSY BRAYER. Of Town & the River: A Rochester Guide.
4758 FRARY, I.T. "First Church of Christ Scientist, Rochester, New York: Gordon & Madden and Wm. G. Kaelber, Architects."
4584 FRASCH, ROBERT W. "New York's Cobblestone Buildings."
6791 FREEMAN, ANNE M. Historic Preservation: Business Embraces the Past.
4817 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Carlos Leonardo Stebbins."
4926 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "The Great Philadelphia Circus that Came to Pike in 1840."
4655 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Decades at 'The Maples.'"
4739 A. FRIEDERICH & SONS CO., contractors. The 75th Anniversary, A. Friedrich & Sons Company, Construction Contractors, Rochester, N.Y., ...
4629 FULTON, G., JR. "Taintor Homestead, East Avon, N.Y."
5780 GABRIEL, CLEOTA REED. The Arts & Crafts Ideal, the Ward House: An Architect and His Craftsmen.
6831 GEHRET, JEANNE. Sustaining a Heritage of Pride.
6830 GEHRET, JEANNE. Reviving Iroquois Traditions.
4864 GENESEE VALLEY COUNCIL ON THE ARTS. Early Arts in the Genesee Valley, Eighteenth & Nineteenth Centuries.
4865 GENESEE VALLEY COUNCIL ON THE ARTS. Art and History, 1976.
4863 GENESEE VALLEY COUNCIL ON THE ARTS. Horses and Hounds of the Genesee,
6749 GERBER, NANCY. New York Ingenuity.
6832 GERDTS, WILLIAM H. Art Across America: Two Centuries of Regional Painting, 1710-1920.
5765 GIBSON, IRENE M. Historic Sites in Orleans County, New York.
5748 GILL, EDMUND V., JR., and CLAY LANCASTER. Victorian Houses: A Treasury of Lesser-Known Examples.
4818 GOODRICH, LAURENCE B. "Randall Palmer (1807-1845), Artist of Seneca Falls and Auburn, New York."
4921 GOOSSENS, EUGENE. Overture and Beginners: A Musical Autobiography.
4759 GORDON & KAELBER, and other firms, architects. "Eastman Theatre and School of Music."
4760 GORDON & KAELBER. A Monograph of the Work of Gordon & Kaelber, Architects.
4906 GORDON, HELEN R. "The Theater in Rochester."
4899 GRAVELLE, JEAN F. "The Civil War Songster of a Monroe County Farmer."
4872 GREENSPAN, STEPHEN, and GRETE CHANDLER. A Cooperative Framework for the Arts: Recommendations for Supporting and Coordinating Cultural Activities in Rochester-Monroe County, New York.
4656 GUION, ADELAIDE PARTRIDGE. "The Partridge Homestead: 'The White House.'"
4672 GUTHE, ALFRED K. “Archeologists Dig into Monroe County History.”
6853 HAGER, MICHAEL, and RICK MCKEE HOCK and RUTH ROSENBERG-NAPARSTECK. A Portrait of Rochester Through the Lens of Charles Zoller.
4577 HALL, I.F. "An Economic Study of Farm Buildings in New York."
4790 HAMELL, GEORGE R. "Sewer-Pipe Pottery in Rochester, New York."
4556 HAMLIN, TALBOT. Greek Revival Architecture in America: Being an Account of Important Trends in American Architecture and American Life Prior to the War between the States.
4697 HANMER-CROUGHTON, AMY. “Court House Justice.'“
4698 HANMER-CROUGHTON, AMY. “The Cogswell Fountain.”
4696 HANMER-CROUGHTON, AMY. “Historic Reynolds Arcade.”
4819 HARKNESS, BERNARD E., and MABEL G. OLNEY. "John Walton (1834-1914): Artist."
4839 HARRISON, EDWARD P. "How Would You Date This Photograph?
5783 HAUPTMAN, LAWRENCE M. “The Iroquois School of Art: Arthur C. Parker and the Seneca Arts Project, 1935-1941."
4673 HAYES, CHARLES F., III. “Ceramics from Jacksonville--A Mid-19th Century Community in Western New York.”
4674 HAYES, CHARLES F., III. “Historical Archeology in Mendon Ponds Park.”
4578 HAYES, DWIGHT. Outhouses of the Allegheny Hills.
4713 HERSEY, CARL K. "The Architecture of Woodside."
4699 HERSEY, CARL K. “The Gothic Revival Chapel of the Sacred Heart (1890), Rochester, New York.”
4714 HERSEY, CARL K. The Architectural Origins of Woodside (1838).
6866 HIGDON, JAMES M., Jr. Seventy-five Years of Organ Playing: A Survey of Artist Recitals in Rochester, New York, Since 1900.
4764 HOLAHAN, ELIZABETH GIBSON. The Stone-Tolan House.
4675 HOLAHAN, ELIZABETH G. Notes on the Cultural Debris at the Stone-Tolan Site.
6833 HOLCOMB, GRANT, and PATRICIA JUNKER. American Paintings in the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester.
4658 HOLZSCHUH, ELAINE M. "Barn Vent."
4716 HOPKINS, ALPHONSO A. The Powers Fire-Proof Commercial and Fine Art Buildings.
5785 HOTRA, LYNDA McCURDY. Landscape Artists of Canandaigua Lake, 1830-1930.
4701 HUBBELL, MARGUERITE E. A History of 1050 East Avenue, Rochester, N.Y.
4700 HUBBELL, MARGUERITE E. A House That Is a Home.
4746e HUGH STEBBINS & ASSOCIATES, architects. "What the War Memorial Means to Rochester."
4866 HUNGERFORD, EDWARD, and NORMAN KENT. The Genesee Country & the Western New York through which The Genesee So Proudly Flows--Being a Brief Discourse on an Exceedingly Fair & Gentle Land. Embellished with Relief Prints by Norman Kent.
4665 INSHAW, CHARLES C. “The Cayuga Bridge.”
5767 JACKSON, CECELIA B. Historic Homes in and around
5768 JACOBS, STEPHEN W. Wayne County: The Aesthetic Heritage of a Rural Area: A Catalog for the Environment.
5749 JOHNSON, HERBERT A., and RALPH K. ANDRIST. Historic Courthouses of New York State: 18th and 19th Century Halls of Justice across the Empire State.
4557 JOHNSON, HERBERT A., and RALPH K. ANDRIST. Historic Courthouses of New York Sate: 18th and 19th Century Halls of Justice across the Empire State..
6750 JOHNSON, MELVIN W. The Cobblestone Architecture of the Great Lakes Region: An Annotated Bibliography.
6854 KABELAC, KARL SANFORD, ed. Index to Views of Rochester and Monroe County.
4761 KAELBER, WILLIAM G. "Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences, Bausch Hall ..."
6820 KARSON, ROBIN S. Fletcher Steele, Landscape Architect:An Account of the Gardenmaker's Life, 1885-1971.
6821 KARSON, ROBIN. Fletcher Steele's Last Vista.
6819 KARSON, ROBIN. Clarity and Elegance.
6867 KATTEN, JUDITH. Paintings from a Picture Palace.
4820 KELLEY, JAMES L., and LEE S. MONROE. Roy M. Mason, N.A., A.W.S. His Working Sketches and. Watercolors.
5754 KELLOGG, DAWN K. "The Mills Mansion of Mount Morris."
6834 KELLY, SYLVIA. Migrant Art: From Field to Gallery.
6794 KENNEDY, ROGER G. Harvey Ellis - Reconsidering an Elusive American Genius.
4755 KENNEDY, ROGER G. "The Long Shadow of Harvey Ellis."
4867 KENT, NORMAN. "The Erie Canal, a Record in Pastels by J. Erwin Porter."
4840 KENT, NORMAN. Five Original Woodcuts ...
4841 KENT, NORMAN., and BLAKE McKELVEY. Early Rochester Illustrated.
6823 KETCHUM, WILLIAM C., Jr. Potters and Potteries of New York State, 1650-1900.
4791 KETCHUM, WILLIAM C., JR. Early Potters and Potteries of New York State.
4911 KHEEL, PEARL L. A Survey of the Rochester Theater from 1900 to 1910.
6869 KIMBALL, JAMES W. Old-time Country Dancing in Genesee County, pp. 8-18 of Living Traditions in Genesee County; a Two-Day Festival of Folk Artists at the Genesee County Fair's 150th Anniversary.
6868 KIMBALL, JAMES. Country Dancing in Central and Western New York State.
4762 KIMBROUGH, LEE S. "The Importance in Early Iron Skeleton Construction of the Wilder Building (1887-88) in Rochester, New York, and Related Structures."
5792 KING, ROLF. "Sketches of Early German Influence on Rochester's Theatrical and Musical Life." American-German Review, 8
4880 KING, ROLF. “The Rochester Music Conventions of the 1840's.”
4881 KING, ROLF. “Theodore Thomas' First Visit to Rochester.”
4722 KLING, CHRISTIAN G. The Economics of Rehabilitation in the Third Ward, Rochester, New York.
4882 KLINZING, ERNESTINE M. “Music in Rochester: A Century of Musical Progress: 1825-1925.”
4883 KLINZING, ERNESTINE M. “The Making of an Orchestra.”
6870 KLOS, LLOYD E. Milestones of RTOS' First 25 Years.
5794 KNOKE, MARTHA VAN KLEECK. "Diary of a Wisconsin Playgoer (Transplanted)."
5793 KOHLER, KATHARINE B. "The State of the Drama in the Rochester Lyceum Theatre, 1912, 1913, 1914."
4884 KOHLER, STUART A., comp. Music Publishing in Rochester, 1859-1930: A Checklist of the Sheet Music Printed in Rochester in the Collection of the Rochester Museum and Science Center.
5795 KRAUT, GRACE N. An Unfinished Symphony: The Story of David Hochstein.
5796 KRUMMEL, D.W., and others, eds. Resources of American Music History: A Directory of Source Materials from Colonial Times to World War II.
4740 KWIAT, ALICE B. Frank Lloyd Wright in Buffalo and Rochester, New York.
4627 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF GENESEE COUNTY. A Tour, Architectural & Historical, of the Town of Elba.
4725 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. Campbell-Whittlesey House,
4724 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. This Is Rochester: The Third Ward Today.
4726 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. 1976 Historic House Tour of the Corn-Hill Area of Rochester's Old Third Ward.
4727 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. 1977 Historic House Tour of the Corn Hill Area of Rochester's Old Third Ward,
4728 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. A Catalogue and Guide to Early American Decoration ...
6796 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. Central Building of the YMCA, 1916-1988: Documentation Report for Cultural Center Commission.
6795c LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. [Annual House & Garden Tours]: 1987: Maplewood House & Garden Tour.
5775 LANDMARK SOCIETY OF WESTERN NEW YORK. Third Ward House & Garden Tour, 1974 and 1975.
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