Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1438 BRYANT, WILLIAM R., and HOWARD E. CONKLIN. "New Farmland Preservation Programs in New York."
1439 CONKLIN, HOWARD E., and ROBERT E. LINTON. The Nature and Distribution of Farming in New York State.
1440 GUSTAFSON, A.F. "Soil and Field-Crop Management for Southwestern New York."
1441 GUSTAFSON, A.F. "Soil and Field-Crop Management for Northwestern New York."
1442 HARDY, ERNEST E. The Agricultural Regions of New York State: A Mid- Century Description.
1443 HARDY, ERNEST E., CHARLES S. HUNT, and GERALD W. OLSON. "The Oswego River Basin: Climate, Soils and Intensity of Agriculture."
1444 HOWE, F.B., and H.R. ADAMS. "Soil Erosion in New York."
1445 NOBE, KENNETH C. An Agricultural Regions Concept for New York State.
1446 NOBE, KENNETH C. "The Extent and Intensity of Farming in Western New York State."
1447 PRUNDEANU, IULIAN, and PAUL J. SWERMAN. "An Evaluation of Some Economic Factors and Farmers' Attitudes that May Influence Acceptance of Soil Conservation Practices."
1448 SILVERNAIL, RICHARD G. The Agricultural Land Use of the Western Finger Lakes Region of New York: 1600-1959
1449 VAUGHAN, LAWRENCE M. "Abandoned Farm Areas in New York."

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