Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1494 "Census of Agriculture, 1964, Allegany County."
1482 "A Farm Census of New York State Taken by the Children in the Rural Schools."
1485 BECK, R.S. "Types of Farming in New York."
1483 BOND, MAURICE C., Comp. (Census data for New York counties by towns, U.S. Census of Agriculture, 1935.)
1486 BOND, MAURICE C., comp. (Census data for New York counties by towns, U.S. Census of Agriculture, 1940.)
1487 BOND, MAURICE C., comp. "1945 Census Data, New York, by Counties."
1488 BOND, MAURICE C., and others, comps. "Census Data--1875 to 1945—Shows Some Changes in Allegany County Agriculture and Land Use."
1489 BOND, MAURICE C., comp. (Census Data for New York Counties by towns, U.S. Census of Agriculture, 1950)
1490 BOND, MAURICE C., comp. "Vegetables: Location and Trends, New York State (with U.S. Comparisons), 1918-1953."
1492 BRATTON, C.A., comp. "1954 Census of Agriculture, Allegany County."
1493 BRATTON, C.A., comp. "Census of Agriculture, 1959, Allegany County."
1495 KNAPP, H.B. "Wholesale Prices of Apples and Receipts of Apples in New York City for Twenty Years."
1484 LAMONT, T.E. "Agricultural Production in New York, 1866-1937."
1499 NEW YORK CROP REPORTING SERVICE. New York State Agricultural Prices and Cash Receipts from Farm Marketings, 1940-1963.
1498 PEARSON, FRANK A. "Forty Years of Farm Prices in New York State. Revised Index Numbers for New York State Farm Prices."
1500 PRESSLY, THOMAS J., and WILLIAM H. SCOFIELD Farm Real Estate Values in the United States by Counties, 1850-1959. Seattle:
1497 RONK, S.E. "Prices of Farm Products in New York State, 1841 to 1935."
1496 WARREN, GEORGE F. "Prices of Farm Products in New York."
1491 WARREN, STANLEY W., and W. McD. HERR. "Locations of Agricultural Production in New York State."

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