Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4976 AVERY, JOSEPH. "Joseph Avery's Journal, 1799."
968 BOYD, JULIAN P. “Attempts to Form New States in New York and Pennsylvania, 1786-1796.”
910 DOW, HARRIET BROWN. "Rochester, the City of Beginnings."
3174 DOW, HARRIET BROWN. "Caledonia in the Nation's Wars."
1012 EVANS, PAUL D. The Pulteney Purchase.
2296 HOLMES, OLIVER W. "The Stage-Coach Business in the Hudson Valley."
61 MAAR, CHARLES. "Origin of the Classical Place Names of Central New York."
5147 POTTER, LYDIA VAN HOUSEN. A Trip to Chicago in 1843.
1642 REED, EDWARD P. “Rochester and the Shoe Industry.”
980 SHERWOOD, J.B. “The Military Tract.”
4488 ST. JOHN, ROBERT P. “Jemima Wilkinson.”
2010 WHITFORD, NOBLE E. "Effects of the Erie Canal on New York History."

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