Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1047 The Holland Land Company.
4985 AVERY, JOSEPH. "Visit of Rev. Joseph Avery. From the Original Manuscript ..."
3062 BABCOCK, LOUIS L. "The War of 1812 on the Niagara Frontier."
4979 BACON, DAVID. "Rev. David Bacon's Visits to Buffalo in 1800 and 1801. From Memoranda by the Rev. D.M. Cooper, of Detroit."
1032 BARTLETT, G. HUNTER. Andrew and Joseph Ellicott: The Plans of Washington City and the Village of Buffalo and Some of the Persons Concerned.
3071 BLAKESLEE, SAMUEL. "narrative of Colonel Samuel Blakeslee, a Defender of Buffalo in the War of 1812."
991 BRIDEL, LOUIS. Le Pour et le Contre ou avis a ceaux qui se proposent de passer dans les tats-Unis d'Amerique. Suivi d'une description du Kentucky et du Genesy, deux des nouveaux etablissemens les plus considerables de cette partie du nouveau monde. Paris: Levrault, Schoelli & Comp., 1803. Trans. by H.F. DePuy. “'Le Pour et le Contre': One of the Rarest of Books Relating to Western New York.”
5017 BROWN, JACOB. "Gen. Brown's Inspection Tour up the Lakes in 1819."
4989 BURROWS, ROSWELL. "Visit to Buffalo, in 1806, of the Rev. Roswell Burrows. Extract from His Report to the Groton (Ct.) Union Conference, January 2, 1807."
1042 COLT, JUDAH. Judah Colt's Narrative. Experiences as Pioneer Surveyor in Western New York, and as Agent for the Pennsylvania Population Company, 1789-1808.
5118 DEARBORN, HENRY A.S. "Journals of Henry A.S. Dearborn. A Record of Councils with the Seneca and Tuscarora Indians at Buffalo and Cattaraugus in the Years 1838 and 1839."
1044 ELLICOTT, JOSEPH. “Extracts from Jos. Ellicott's Letter Books and Early Correspondence.”
1045 ELLICOTT, JOSEPH. Reports of Joseph Ellicott as Chief of Survey (1797-1800) and as Agent (1800-1821) of the Holland Land Company's Purchase in Western New York, ed. Robert W. Bingham.
1046 EVANS, ELLICOTT. Reminiscences of Joseph Ellicott.
3075 GALLOWAY, ARCHER. "Firing the First Shot, as Told by the Man Who Fired It. Reminiscences of Archer Alloway."
2020 GEDDES, GEORGE. "The Erie Canal. Origin and History of the Measures that Led to Its Construction."
3076 HALL, AMOS. "Militia Service of 1813-1814, as Shown by the Correspondence and General Orders of Major General Amos Hall."
2022 HAWLEY, MERWIN A. "Origin of the Erie Canal. Embracing a Synopsis of the Essays of the Hon. Jesse Hawley, Published in 1807."
2023 HAWLEY, MERWIN A. "The Erie Canal. Its Origin Its Resources and Its Necessity."
2024 HAWLEY, MERWIN A. "The Erie Canal. Its Origin Considered in Reference to Gouverneur Morris, Joshua Forman, James Geddes and Jesse Hawley."
2074 HILL, HENRY W. "An Historical Review of Waterways and Canal Construction in New York State.
5009 LANGSLOW, RICHARD. A Niagara Falls Tourist of the Year 1817. Being the Journal of Captain Richard Langslow of the Honorable East India Service.
103 LARNED, JOSEPHUS N. The Life and Work of William Pryor Letchworth.
4971 LINDLEY, JACOB. "Jacob Lindley's Journal. His Account of His 'Religious Visit to the Friends in Canada, and to Indians on Buffalo Creek, in 1797.'"
1996 MATHEWS, LOIS KIMBALL. "The Erie Canal and the Settlement of the West."
1000 PORTER, AUGUSTUS. Narrative of Early Years in the Life of Judge Augustus Porter, Written by Him in 1848 for the Young Men's Association of Buffalo.
1000 PORTER, AUGUSTUS. “Narrative of Early Years in the Life of Judge Augustus Porter, Written by Him in 1848 for the Young Men's Association of Buffalo.”
2081 SEVERANCE, FRANK G. ed. "Papers Relating to Canal Enlargement in New York State."
3069 SEVERANCE, FRANK H. "War Losses on the Niagara Frontier."
2034 VANDERKEMP. FRANCIS ADRIAN. "Extracts from the Vander Kemp Papers. From the Hudson to Lake Ontario in 1792."
2037 WESTERN INLAND LOCK NAVIGATION COMPANY. "The Inland Lock Naviagation Company. First Report of the Directors and Engineer."
2038 WESTERN INLAND LOCK NAVIGATION COMPANY. "Second Report of the Western Inland Lock Naviagation Company, 1798."

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