Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1034 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. Joseph Ellicott Enters Politics.
1035 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. “Joseph Ellicott's Big Family.”
1036 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. “Politics, Roads, and Taxes in the Holland Purchase.”
1038 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. “Joseph Ellicott and the Bank of Niagara.”
1039 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. “Joseph Ellicott, the Embargo, and the War of 1812.”
1040 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. “The Van Eeghen Collection.”
1037 CHAZANOF, WILLIAM. “Joseph Ellicott and the Grand Canal.”
524 McCarthy, Richard D. “Richard D. Thornbury: Pioneer of Java Center.”
64 McKAIG, THOMAS H. "Place Names of Western New York."
770 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The Metropolis and the Historian.
3108 MURPHY, GEORGE E., and others. "The Eighth New York Heavy Artillery."
1060 PEDERSEN, GILBERT. J. "Early Title to Indian Reservations in Western New York."
4646 SHELGREN, WILLIAM 0., JR. "The Historic American Buildings Survey in Western New York: Exhibit Catalog."
2011 WILLOUGHBY, WILLIAM B. "The Impact of the Erie Canal."
2012 WILLOUGHBY, WILLIAM B. "The Inception of the Erie and the Champlain Canal Projects."
2105 WYLD, LIONEL D. "Boaters and Broomsticks."

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