Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
5218 N.Y. Office of State History. Research and Publications in
4929 ANDERSON, DAVID D. “English Travelers to Niagara, 1785-1830.”
3780 ATWATER, EDWARD C. “Hulbert Harrington Warner and the Perfect Pitch: Sold Hope; Made Millions.”
6475 BALDASTY, GERALD J. The New York State Political Press and Antimasonry.
2910 BARKAN, ELLIOTT R. “The Emergence of a Whig Persuasion: Conservatism, Democratism, and the New York State Whigs.”
3631a BARTLETT, MURRAY. "The Story of Geneva College."
1340 BELLUSH, JEWEL. “Milk Price Control: History of Its Adoption, 1933.”
4502 BISHOP, MORRIS. “In the Footsteps of Mormon.”
1341 BRUNGER, ERIC. “A Chapter in the Growth of the New York State Dairy Industry, 1850-1900.”
3037 BULL, MARY SHERWOOD. “'Women's Rights and Other “Reforms” in Seneca Falls:' A Contemporary View,” ed. Robert E. Riegel.
3810 CARSON, GERALD. "Bloomers and Bread Crumbs."
4440 CLARK, LEMUEL. Peddler's Protest, ed. Wheaton P. Webb.
5065 CLEVELAND, HOSES C. "Journal of a Tour from Riverhead, Long Island, to the Falls of Niagara in June 1831," ed. N.R. Howell.
3090 COREY, ALBERT B. “The Civil War and Your Community.”
1008 COWAN, HELEN I. “Charles Williamson and the Southern Entrance to the Genesee Country.”
4509 CROSS, WHITNEY R. “Mormonism in the 'Burned-Over District.'“
5887 CUMMING, JOHN, ed. A Missionary Among the Senecas: The Journal of Abel Bingham, 1822-1828.
4796 CUTTEN, GEORGE E. "The Silversmiths of Central New York."
4797 CUTTEN, GEORGE B. "Ten Silversmith Families of New York State."
4788 DAVISON, MARY E., and others. "New York State Potters and Potteries."
3803 DE LANCEY, MARGARET MUNRO. "Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell's Graduation—An Eye-Witness Account by Margaret Munro DeLancey," ed. Wendell Tripp.
4925 DENGLER, DOROTHY. "Dan Rice, the Circus Clown, as Rochester Knew Him."
1988 ELLIS, DAVID M. "Rise of the Empire State, 1790-1820."
1072 ELLIS, DAVID M. "The Yankee Invasion of New York, 1783-1850."
5261 FAIBISOFF, SYLVIA G., and others, comps. A Bibliography of Newspapers in Fourteen New York State Counties.
2967 FAUSOLD, MARTIN L. James W. Wadsworth, Jr. “James W. Wadsworth Sr. and the Meat Inspection Act of 1906.”
6672 FOLTS, JAMES D. The Fanatic and the Prophetess: Religious Perfectionism in Western New York, 1835-1839.
3948 FOX, DIXON RYAN. “The Protestant Counter-Reformation in American.”
849 FREEMAN, ASHER. The Autobiography of Asher Freeman, ed. Blake McKelvey.
3598 FRENCH, WILLIAM M. “How We Began to Train Teachers in New York.”
3094 FROST, JAMES A. “The Home Front in New York during the Civil War.”
3043 GALPIN, W. FREEMAN. “Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Gerrit Smith.”
1358 GATES, PAUL W. "Ulysses Prentiss Hedrick: Horticulturist and historian."
1270 GATES, PAUL W. "Agricultural Change in New York State, 1850-1890."
4818 GOODRICH, LAURENCE B. "Randall Palmer (1807-1845), Artist of Seneca Falls and Auburn, New York."
4952 GRANT, FRANCIS. "Journal from New York to Canada, 1767."
2343 HAMILTON, MILTON W. “The Spread of the Newspaper Press in New York before 1830.”
5001 HAMTON, AARON "Aaron Hamton's Diary," ed. Edna L. Jacobsen
3700 HEDRICK, ULYSSES P. "What Farmers Read in Western New York, 1800-1850."
291 HENDRICK, ULYSSES P. "Early Geneva."
4486 HENDRICKS, Mrs. Walter A., and ARNOLD J. POTTER. “The Universal Friend: Jemina Wilkinson.”
2297 HOLMES, OLIVER W. "Sunday Travel and Sunday Mails: A Question which Troubled Our Forefathers."
632 HORTON, THEODORE M. “Folk of the Finger Lake Country during the Presidential Campaign of 1868,” ed. John T. Horton.
6526 HUFF, ROBERT A. Anne Miller and the Geneva Political Equality Club, 1897-1912.
5208 HUMPHREY, JOHN A. New York State's Library Program.
2155 HUNGERFORD, EDWARD. "Early Railroads of New York."
2265 INSHAW, CHARLES C. Steamboating on the Finger Lakes.
5079 JOHNSON, GEORGE W. "A Journey across New York State in 1833, as Recounted in His Manuscript Journal by George Washington Johnson," ed. Julia Hull Winner.
2969 KROUT, JOHN A. “The Maine Law in New York Politics.”
4821 LITTLE, NINA FLETCHER. "Itinerant Painting in America, 1750-1850."
996 LIVERMORE, SHAW. “Advent of Corporations in New York.”
4579 MacFARLANE, JANET R. "Octagon Buildings in New York Sate (as of February 1952)."
1509 MARTI, DONALD B. "Early Agricultural Societies in New York: The Foundations of Improvement."
3654 MAY, ARTHUR. J. "A University Dream that Failed."
3055 MAY, Arthur J. “Susan B. Anthony: Perspective on a Pioneer.”
3156a MAZUZAN, GEORGE T., and NANCY WALKER. "Restricted Areas: German Prisonerof-War-Camps In Western New York, 1944-1946."
3951 McELROY, JAMES L. “Social Control and Romantic Reform in Antebellum America: The Case of Rochester, New York.”
1273 McNALL, NEIL A. "King Wheat in the Genesee Valley."
3633 MKUNI, FESTUS BANDA. "Some Letters of Festus Mkuni, an African Student at Hobart College, 1961-1964."
3016 MYERS, JOHN L. “The Beginnings of Anti-Slavery Agencies in New York State, 1833-1836.”
3017 MYERS, JOHN L. “The Major Effort of National Anti-Slavery Agents in New York State, 1836-1837.”
2001 NORTON, JOHN R. "New York State Government and the Economy: 1819-1846."
6241 OKADA, YASUO. The Economic World of a Seneca County Farmer, 1830-1880.
999 PALTSITS, VICTOR H. “Judge Augustus Porter, Pioneer of Niagara Falls, with an Account of His Business Day Book of 1818 to 1822.”
999 PALTSITS, VICTOR H. Judge Augustus Porter, Pioneer of Niagara Falls, with an Account of His Business Day Book of 1818 to 1822.
2927 POCOCK, EMIL. “Wet or Dry? The Presidential Election of 1884 in Upstate New York.”
2260 RAPP, MARVIN A. New York's Trade on the Great Lakes, 1800-1840.
3103 RAYBACK, ROBERT J. “New York State in the Civil War.”
3736 REZNECK, SAMUEL. A Traveling School of Science on the Erie Canal in 1826.
5279 ROACH, GEORGE W. The Historical Records Survey in New York State.
1015 ROACH, GEORGE, ed. Johnstone-Troup Correspondence.
6274 ROSSELL, DAVES. Tended Images: Verbal and Visual Idolatry of Rural Life in America, 1800-1850.
3531 RUCHKIN, JUDITH POLGAR. “The Abolition of 'Colored Schools' in Rochester, New York: 1832-1856.”
6186 SAFRAN, FRANCISKA. The Preservation of the Holland Land Company Records.
4779 SCHILD, JOAN L. "Furniture Makers of Rochester, New York."
1063 SILSBY, ROBERT W. "The Holland Land Company in Western New York."
902 SILVER, HENRY D. "Diary of a One-Horse Enterpriser: Fifty Years Ago in Upstate New York," ed. James W. Silver.
981 SIZER, THEODORE. “John Trumbull, 'Patriot-Painter,' in Northern New York.”
3662 SLATER, JOHN R. "The First Hundred Years of the University of Rochester."
1291 SMITH, DAVID C. "Middle Range Farming in the Civil War Era: Life on a Farm in Seneca County, 1862-1866."
3634 SMITH, F. WILSON. "Benjamin Hale--Educator of Geneva College."
6101 SOMERVILLE, JAMES K. Homesick in Upstate New York: The Saga of Sidney Roby, 1843-1847.
2388 STERN, MADELEINE B. "James D. Bemis: Country Printe."
2389 STERN, MADELEINE B. "Some 19th Century Upstate Publishers."
4782 SWINNEY, HOLMAN J. "New York State Gunmakers: A Partial Checklist."
2007 THOMPSON, D.G. BRINTON. "Samuel B. Ruggles and His Correction with the Erie Canal."
4624 THORNTON, WINIFRED KNIGHT. "A History of the Church Mansion, Belvidere."
5254 U.S. Historical Records Survey, Illinois. "Preliminary Check List of Batavia Imprints 1819-1876."
1029 VAN DEUSEN, JOHN G. Robert Troup: Agent of the Pulteney Estate.
1004 WANDELL, SAMUEL H. Oliver Phelps.
5235 WELLMAN, JUDITH, comp. Dissertations in New York State History.
3609 WILBUR, STEPHEN D. "Random Data on the Cost of Education in a New York Normal School in 1869; Selected from the Diary of Stephen D. Wilbur."
4535 WILLERS, DIEDRICH. “The First Months of Mormonism: A Contemporary View by Rev. Diedrich Willers,” ed. D. Michael Quinn.
4492 WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR. “Portrait of a Prophetess.”
4825 WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR. "J.L.D. Mathies, Western New York Artist."

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