Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
912 "Folklore in Rochester."
1432 ADAMS, M. SAMUEL. "Apple Evaporating in Wayne County."
3789 ADAMS, SAMUEL HOPKINS. "Our Forefathers Tackle an Edipemic--The Cholera of 1832."
337 ALLEN, HELEN E. "The Jumping Bass of Oak Orchard Creek."
636 ANDERSON, ROBERT. Weather Lore of a Summer Boy.
3733 CARPENTER, EDMUND S. "The Strange Case of Dr. Came and the Sleeping Man."
6195 CHIERICI, ROSE MARIE. Making it to the Center: Migration and Adaptation Among Haitian Boat People.
941 COAPMAN, DAVID. "The Grave of Sam Patch."
4897 CUTTING, EDITH. "A York State Songbag: The Douglass-Stevens Manuscript."
909 DENGLER, DOROTHY. "Tales of Buried Treasure in Rochester."
2148 DIETTERLE, OTTO C. "Road Talk."
942 DORSON, RICHARD M. "Sam Patch, Jumping Hero."
594 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “The Legend of the Serpent.”
4898 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "Music in the Valleys."
1280 EDMUNDS, JAMES M. "A Western New York Farm Inventory--1829."
301 ELWELL, Mrs. Loren. "Champion Horse Trader."
572 FRENCH, ROBERT M. “The Laziest Man in Pike.”
1978 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "A.P. Sherril and His Country Emporium."
6341 FREUND, HUGO, and AMY RASHAP. Flag and Rush Industry of Savannah, New York.
4899 GRAVELLE, JEAN F. "The Civil War Songster of a Monroe County Farmer."
4514 HANSEN, HAROLD I. “Hill Cumorah Mormon Pageant.”
638 HARRIS, HAROLD. “Pang Yang's Poet-Chronicler.”
596 HAWLEY, HERBERT J. “The Sea Serpent of Silver Lake.”
261 HAYES, GEORGE M. "Tales from the Bristol Hills."
84 HAZEN, GEORGE A. “A Vampire of Seneca Lake.”
2231 HILTON, GEORGE W. and JOHN F. DUE. The Electric Interurban Railways in
4445 HUGUENIN, CHARLES A. The Amazing Fox Sisters.
3817 JOHNSON, JOSEPHINE M. "The Water Cure at 'The San.'"
414 JOHNSON, LAURENCE A. "The Money Diggers' of Rose."
945 KAVANAGH, KATHLEEN M. "The Limited Fame of Sam Patch."
6834 KELLY, SYLVIA. Migrant Art: From Field to Gallery.
6868 KIMBALL, JAMES. Country Dancing in Central and Western New York State.
262 KREIGER, AMO T. "Epitaphs of Bristol Pioneers."
230 LA BARBERA, MICHAEL. "An Ounce of Prevention, and Grandma Tried Them All."
709 LOGAN, NANCY ALLEN. "The Counties (Monroe): Lore of Pittsford."
2096 LOGAN, NANCY A. "Look for a Post!"
6560 MATTERA, GLORIA. The BOCES-Geneseo Migrant Center: History and Development.
63 McDAVID, RAVEN I., JR. "The Folk Vocabulary of New York State."
34 MERRILL, ARCH. “Old Legends Never Die.”
269 MOODY, ROBERT E. "Nundawaga Society for History and Folklore."
2124 O'DONNELL, THOMAS F. "'I'm Afloat!' on the Raging Erie."
710 OSTERLING, PHILIP. "Ghost City of Centersville."
2300 PALMER, RICHARD F. "The Era of the Drover."
323 PARKER, ANNE. "Lonely Lucy of Frost Town."
322 PARKER, ARTHUR C. "Alf's Tough Oxen."
270 PARKER, MARTHA A. "Festivals: Genundowa, at Canandaigua Lake."
634 PARKER, MARTHA A. “On Rumpus Hill.”
947 PARSONS, GERALD. "Second Thoughts on a 'Folk Hero': or, Sam Patch Falls Again."
3020 RAPP, MARVIN A. “'Nigger' in the Woodpile.”
6874 ROARK-CALNEK, SUE. The Expressive Culture of Migrant Farmworkers: Theme and Constraint in Contemporary Performance.
4902 SCHRADER, ARTHUR F. "Arcade Revisited: Some Additional Notes for A Songster."
117 SHEAR, HAZEL M. “Tales of Murder and Mystery from Allegany County.”
4489 UPSON, RUTH. “New Jerusalem and the Public Universal Friend.”
948 WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR. "Reply to Gerald Parsons' 'Sam Patch.'"
4494 WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR. “Jemima Wilkinson: Historical Figure and Folk Character.”
3518 WISBEY, HERBERT A., JR. "Notes from a Schoolmaster's Diary."
122 WURZ, JANE. Old Times in Alfred.
4919 WYLD, LIONEL D. "A Farce on Erie Water."

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