Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3801 “An Early Rochester Physician.”
3746 (Rochester Museum 50th anniversary issue.)
2233 “A Horse Car.”
3550 "The Rochester School for the Deaf."
4585 "Pardee House."
4816 "Floral Painting: A Family Heritage."
1722 "Fashions and Optics--A Century of Progress."
4785 "The Rochester Lamp."
3790 ALLEN, PHYLLIS. "The Fever: Genesee Country Disease."
2218 ANDREWS, MELVIN D. The Street Car Passes.
1775 ANDREWS, MELVIN D. "Fifty Years in a Rochester Industry."
3731 ASH, MARTHA MONTAGUE. Emerson Lectures in Rochester.
2305 BAILEY, JOHN H. "The Rochester Post Office."
4783 BENTON, DOROTHY. "The Rochester Lamps."
2628 BENTON, DOROTHY. "Rochester Parks."
4930 BOARDMAN, EDWARD T. “'The View is Grand'--So Said DeWitt Clinton.”
3173 CASE, WHEELER G. "Military Markers in Rochester and Monroe County."
3755 DAKIN, RALPH K. The Rochester Academy of Science.
3766 EICHORN, FRANK. The Rochester Numismatic Association.
2109 ENNIS, DAVID. "Navigating on the Erie Canal."
328 FISHER, J. SHELDON. "Ghosts."
886 FLORENCE, LOUISE. "Sunday at the Glen House: A Letter of 1880 Describing the Simple Pleasure of Early Rochester Life," ed. Landis Smith.
4905 FOLWELL, RITA B. "Rochester at Play--1850-1900."
3742 FREEMAN, HARRY H. The Bureau of Municipal Research Investigates the Municipal Museum.
891 GOLER, FRANK H "Rochester of the Seventies."
4906 GORDON, HELEN R. "The Theater in Rochester."
1522 GORDON, HELEN R. “Rochester--From 'Flour' to 'Flower.”
4672 GUTHE, ALFRED K. “Archeologists Dig into Monroe County History.”
4673 HAYES, CHARLES F., III. “Ceramics from Jacksonville--A Mid-19th Century Community in Western New York.”
4674 HAYES, CHARLES F., III. “Historical Archeology in Mendon Ponds Park.”
3750 HEYDWEILLER, AMELIA M. The Burroughs-Audubon Nature Club.
4675 HOLAHAN, ELIZABETH G. Notes on the Cultural Debris at the Stone-Tolan Site.
3794 HOLTON, GLADYS REID. "The Western Barge.'"
3834 HOLTON, GLADYS REID. “The History of Nursing in Rochester.”
2634 HORSEY, RICHARD E. "The Lilac, Official Flower of Rochester."
2633 HORSEY, RICHARD E. "Plants and Trees in Highland Park."
3046 HOWARD, MARTHA TAYLOR. “Rochester Memorials to Susan B. Anthony.”
4704 LEE, FLORENCE. “The Old Stone Lighthouse at Charlotte.”
2494 MacFARLANE, JANET R. "Changes in Broad Street Surface."
4913 MacFARLANE, JANET R. "Corinthian Academy of Music."
2478 MacFARLANE, JANET W. "Rochester Fires."
924 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Christmas Traditions in Rochester.
760 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Rochester's Historic Markers."
2391 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The Western Union Centennial.
803 McKELVEY, BLAKE. Rochester's Historic Markers.
835 McKELVEY, BLAKE. The Anniversary of Rochester's Permanent Settlement in 1812.
1536 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Flour-Milling--Key to Rochester's Early History."
2061 MCVEAN, ALBERT F. "Canal Boats and Boat Captains."
946 MERRILL, ARCH. "Sam's Last Leap."
2120 NARAMORE, SALLY. "South of Court Street, the Weighlock."
3353 PARKER, ARTHUR C. "A Thousand Visitations of an Area."
2066 PARKER, ARTHUR C. "The Old Genesee Valley Canal."
1731 PARKER, ARTHUR C. "Edward Bausch, Microscopist."
2392 PARKER, ARTHUR C. "The Western Union Office."
1525 PAYNE, THOMAS G. “A 'Pipe Dream' of the Seventies.”
2484 PEAKE, MARION R. "Fire Fighting in Rochester, 1819."
3747 PEAKS, MARION R. 'Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow.'
4706 PETERS, EDMUND A. “Rochester in 1839.”
3752 RIPTON, MICHAEL J. Museum Salutes 50th Anniversary of the New York State Archeological Association.
3753 RITCHIE, WILLIAM A. The New York State Archeological Association."
4777 SAYWARD, HENRY L. "Western New York Clocks."
4588 SCHMIDT, CARL F. "Cobblestone Masonry."
4560 SCHMIDT, CARL F. “Architecture in the Genesee Country.”
4561 SCHMIDT, CARL F. ”Mouldings and Moulding Planes.”
3738 SCRANTON, EDWIN. Rochester's Pioneer Museum, as Described by 'An Old Citizen,' ed. Martha Montague Ash.
1692 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. “The Old National Hotel.”
3757 STEWART, MILROY N. Rochester Academy of Science.
81 STONE, PETER M. “Ghost Towns of the Genesee.”
1608 SULLIVAN, MADELYN H. "Vision in a Cornerstone."
1575 THOMAS, W. STEPHEN. “History of Rochester Invention.”
3767 WENNERMARK, A. JAMES. The Rochester Philatelic Association.
3786 WILLIAMS, JOHN R. “Great Pioneer Inventions--The Mignon Cold Lamp: The Product of Rochester Genius.”
4536 WILLIAMS, JOHN R. “Brigham Young, Builder of the Mormon Empire: Mementoes in the Museum.”
4733 WILLSEA, MARGARET J. “Campbell-Whittlesey House.”
4676 WOOD, ALICE. Looking for Gilbert Berry's Property.
3754 WRIGHT, GORDON K. Morgan Chapter, New York State Archeological Association.

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