Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3384 "Town School Histories."
179 “The Centennial Celebration of the Organization of Livingston County.” LCHS, 1918-22, pp. 15-43.
2259 "Opening the Navigation of Canaseraga River,"
224 "Report of the Town Committee--Lima."
3087 "York Volunteers in the War of 1812."
228 AMES, L. J. "Mt. Morris."
218 ATWELL, G.W. (Paper on early history of Lima.)
178 ATWELL, GEORGE W. “The Town Names of Livingston.”
1502 BENNETT, C.D. “The Pineries of Portage.”
246 BENNETT, C.D. "Portage."
1276 BENNETT, C.D. "Farm Fences."
3072 BOYD, WILLIAM P. "War of 1812-14."
232 BROWN, Mrs. E. A. "Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shannon, Pioneer Residents."
219 BUNNELL, ALONZO D. "Early Years in Lima."
3307 BUNNELL, ALONZO G. “Odd Fellowship in Livingston County.”
3723 BUNNELL, ALONZO O. Reminiscences of the Historical Society.
204 COE, AMOS D. "Conesus."
3623 CONGDON, LAFAYETTE. "The History and Influence of Genesee Weleyan Seminary."
4307 DANA, W.E. (History of the First Presbyterian Church of Avon at East Avon.)
4896 DANA, W.E. (Paper on 19th century musical activity in Livingston County.)
192 DAVIS, E.H. Avon.
3724 DOTY, LOCKWOOD R. What the Society Has Done in Collecting and Preserving County History.
220 GOODRICH, CHARLES D., comp. (List of settlers' names from Liber 'A', Lima Town records, 1797-1817.)
2256 GRANT, ROBERT. York Landing.
101 HALL, EDWARD H. “The Giver and the Gift.”
243 HAMPTON, ISAAC. "Ossian."
244 HAMPTON, ISAAC. "Ossian."
3064 HANFORD, FRANKLIN. "The Genesee Valley in the Navy."
718 HARRIS, GEORGE H. "Markhams of Rush."
205 HITCHCOCK, SOLOMON. "Conesus."
2185 KINGSBURY, H.D. "The Conesus Lake Railroad."
1939 KINGSBURY, H.D. "Livonia--The Distilleries."
1287 LEATHERSICH, DAVID. "Farming as Conducted in Caledonia in 1838."
4772 MATE, FRED W. “Blacksmithing.”
245 McCURDY, ANDREW. "Ossian."
3077 McLEAN, A.H. "Caledonia."
201 McLEAN, A.H. "Caledonia."
1288 McLEAN, A.H. "Caledonia."
252 McNAIR, DAVID. West Sparta.
2381 MILLS, M.H. "The Mt. Morris Press."
254 NEWTON. A.D. "Streams of York."
237 PERINE, F.M. "North Dansville."
2882 PROCTOR, L.B. "The Judge and Lawyers of Livingston County and Their Relation to the History of Western New York."
3630 ROHRBACH, JOHN. "History of the Geneseo State Normal School."
3730 RORBACH, JOHN. The Log Cabin of This Society and Those of the Early Pioneers.
1061 SAMSON, WILLIAM H. "The Treaty of Big Tree."
241 SANDERS, C.K. "Nunda."
217 SEARS, E.W. (Paper on businesses in Leicester)
247 SMITH, JESSE. "Sparta."
3847 SPRATLING, WILLIAM P. “Address ...”
4304 VAN TYNE, H. K. "History of the United Presbyterian Church in Cuylerville, N.Y."
216 WEMETT. J.J. "Hemlock Lake."
242 WHITCOMB, MERRICK. "Historic Nunda."

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