Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
6035 Assessment List Town of Perry 1827.
511 "St. Helena Cemetery Moved."
512 "Portageville Old Catholic Cemetery."
513 "Portageville Pioneer Cemetery."
3407 "Judge Alden S. Stevens--Free Schools and Education of the Masses, His Life's Labor.'"
3409 "Pike English and Classical School..'"
3410 "Proposed Restoration of Middlebury Academy."
6862 Bands and Bandwagons of the 1890's.
4292a "Attica Presbyterian Church:"
547 "West Middlebury Cemetery Inscriptions."
585 "Frink's Corners Cemetery--Town of Sheldon."
586 "Pioneer Cemetery, Sheldon, Route, 20A."
587 "St. John's Dutch Hollow Cemetery,"
588 "Strykersville Cemetery."
446 “Fourth U.S. Census (1820) for Town of Attica, Wyoming County, N.Y.”
545 "Miller Cemetery, Middlebury."
6775 Evolution of Hillside.
6237 Agriculture in Wyoming County Since World War II.
4253 "Seventy-five Years of Methodism at Silver Lake."
6243 Steam Rigs of the Early 1900's.
4664 “Covered Bridge Days.”
503 “Folklore from Rock Glen.”
504 "Bush Cemetery--Gainesville."
505 "Gainesville Pioneer Cemetery."
506 "North Gainesville Cemetery."
3824 “Community Hospital Opened.”
443a “Attica's Old Town Clock.”
445 “The Captain Has a Housewarming.”
436a “Wyoming County Marriages Reported in Batavia Newspapers Prior to 1850.”
577 "Doty Hill or Hodges Cemetery."
617 "Warsaw Village Pioneer Cemetery."
615 "Town Line Cemetery, Warsaw."
4256 "Centennial of Warsaw Church."
3397 "Bennington School District One--1813-1857."
3018 “Myron Holley, Abolitionist.”
531 "Punkshire Cemetery Inscriptions."
532 "Union Corners, Town of Java."
554 "Orangeville Center Cemetery Inscriptions."
555 "Quakertown Cemetery."
556 "Quaker Settlement Cemetery."
557 "Sickly's Corners (Lot 15) Cemetery in East Orangeville."
4302 "Covington U.P. Church, 1828-1953."
4657 "Historic Sites Survey."
4659 "'Oldest' Buildings."
109 “Vanished St. Helena.”
4654 "Davidson Homestead, Genesee Falls."
497 "Beach Cemetery, Eagle."
442a “Attica, New York; Indian Name, Gwe-te-ta-a-ne-te-car-do-oh, 'The Red Village.'“
4196 "Warsaw Episcopal Centennial."
6353 When It Rains It Pours.…
499 "Eagle Village Cemetery."
500 "Lyonsburg Cemetery, Town of Eagle."
3722 "Attica Historical Society Museum."
3732 "Attica Branch of the American Lyceum, 1832-1837."
3812 "Castile Sanitarium Observes Centennial."
3516 "Warsaw School Celebration."
453 "Maxon Cemetery--Attica."
454 "Schaub Cemetery, Town of Attica."
455 "South Attica Cemetery."
450 "Brainard Cemetery, Town of Attica.
451 "Dunbar Cemetery, Attica."
452 "Eastman Cemeter, Attica."
1886 "Labor Troubles--1851."
4142 "Sheldon's St. Cecilia's Celebrates First Century."
2308 "The Mail Comes to Warsaw."
5958 County Home Deaths 1885-1896.
3413 "Seminary Days at Gainesville."
566 “West Perry Cemetery Inscriptions.”
558 "Wilcox Cemetery, Orangeville."
564 “A Rattlsnake Story.”
5957 Cemetery Restoration.
5959 Early Marriages and Deaths in Wyoming County Taken from the Columns of the American Citizen Published in Warsaw.
5966 The Pioneer Cabin.
449 "Attica Centre Cemetery."
537 “Middlebury's 150 Years.”
6511 Company K Remembered.
102 “Letchworth Park Museum.”
535 “Folklore from Middlebury.”
530 "North Java Pioneer Cemetery."
456 "Vernal Cemetery Inscriptions."
1980 "Linus Day, Pioneer Hatmaker of Bennington."
1981 "A Merchant's Ledger, 1840."
459 “A Wolf hunt.”
461 "East Bennington German Cemetery."
462 "Folsomdale Cemetery."
463 "Maple Lawn Cemetery. Bennington Center."
464 "Maxon Farm Cemetery--Bennington."
465 "Summit View Cemetery, East Bennington."
3706 "Warsaw Library, 1823."
510 "Davis Cemetery, Genesee Falls."
528 "Curriers Cemetery, Java."
529 "Java Village Cemetery."
507 "Silver Springs Pioneer Cemetery."
508 "Yates Settlement, Town of Gainesville."
578 "Inscriptions from Old Lamont Cemetery."
4118 "Portageville Catholics Observe Their Centennial."
3080 "The Patriot War."
3081 "Regimental Pay Roll, War of 1812."
6032 Richards Cemetery.
6034 Town of Orangeville - 1892."
487 "Covington Center Pioneer Cemetery."
488 "La Grange Cemetery--Covington."
489 "Mountain Ash Cemetery."
490 "Pearl Creek Cemetery."
447 “The Melven Homestead.”
448 “Pioneers of Nebraska.”
3414 "Short History of School District 16, French Road, Bennington."
3415 "Sunday School on Sucker Brook, 1822-1922."
3322 "First Masonic Lodge."
3323 "Mt. Vernon Lodge Observes Centennial."
4427 “Universalist Church in Wyoming County.”
437a “Reflections from the American Citizen, 1830's.”
543 "Carlton Cemetery, Town of Middlebury."
539 “The Phineas Stauntons.”
542 "Dale Pioneer Cemetery."
4828 "L.E. Walker, Warsaw's Picture Man."
6036 Assessment List Town of Perry 1828.
6568 Dear Old Golden Rule Days.
6040 Perry Hope Cemetery.
6042 St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church (Polish).
6044 Early Glimpses of Pike Village.
6047 Johnsonburg Cemetery.
6048 Listing of the Old Portion of the Varysburg Community Cemetery and 1976 Listing of the Varysburg Cemetery.
6049 Name Index to Marriages Performed by Charles Wilder, Town of Sheldon Justice, 1838-45.
3994 "Sesquicentennial of Attica Baptist Church."
6703 St. Marys Celebrates 100 Years, 1880-1980.
5978 St. Mary's Cemetery.
5986 Cowlesville Village Cemetery.
5989 Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery.
6031 Pleasant View Cemetery.
2897 "Early Days at the County Farm."
2898 "We Are Sixteen."
6784 The Portage Wooden Bridge.
1062 "Sesqui-Centennial of Ellicott Survey."
5997 Atlantic Crossing in 1834 Revealed in Gordon Diary.
3133 "The County Soldiers' Monument."
5872 An Interview with Miss Blanche Knapp, Secretary to Mr. Letchworth.
6026 Dale Cemetery.
6061 A List of Warsaw Residents.
609 “Reminiscences of Warsaw Village.”
611 “Warsaw's Pioneer Orchard.”
613 “Warsaw, Queen of Wyoming Valley.”
614 "Hatch Cemetery, Town of Warsaw."
615 "Sharp District Cemetery, Warsaw."
6052 St. Cecilias Catholic Church Cemetery, Sheldon, Wyoming County.
3019 “Origins of Abolitionist Movement.”
624 "Hermitage Cemetery."
625 "'Shepard Road' Cemetery, Wethersfield."
626 "Wethersfield Cemetery Inscriptions."
4197 "St. Clement's Episcopal Cemetery--Wethersfield Springs."
525 “The Smith Farm at Java Village.”
439 “China that became Arcade, 1807-1957.”
440 “Heads of Families, Census of 1810.”
442 (Heads of Families, Census of 1830.)
444 “Wyoming County Marriages and Deaths Reported in Livingston County Newspapers Prior to 1850.”
441 (Heads of Families, Census of 1820.)
445 “Wyoming County Deaths Reported in Batavia Papers before 1850.”
474 “Taberlea Farm.”
475 "Clark Cemetery, Town of Castile."
476 "Reservation Cemetery, Castile."
527 "Blakely Cemetery, Torry Hill Road, Java."
2170 "The Rochester and State Line Road."
619 “The Reuben Doolittle House.”
3086 "War of 1812 Memories."
6008 Banister Settlement - Where Two Roads Crossed.
6009 Capsule History of Gainesville.
6010 Henry Bush, Jr. of E. Gainesville, Pioneer & Farmer.
6015 Portageville Village Cemetery.
6023 Scenes of Java Village.
6776 Four Architectural Styles Commonly Found in Wyoming County.
548 "Wright's Corners Cemetery."
549 "Wyoming Village Cemetery."
3073 "Deacon Butler's Court Martial."
2398 "Early Phones in Perry."
4008 "History of the First Baptist Church of Hermitage."
5974 Arcade Rural Cemetery.
6462 The Volunteer Firemen's Association.
6464 G.O.P. Party Roots in Arcade.
6886 Journal of a Mission to the Holland Purchase, State of New York, 1814.
6600 Educational Buildings.
1281 "1855 Farm Produce Prices."
4402 "Perry Center Congregational Church."
3848 “'To Work and to Serve': Wyoming County Hospital Women's Auxiliary.”
598 ALEGRE, MITCHELL R. “The Woman in 19th Century Warsaw.”
4660 ALEGRE, MITCHELL R. “The Portage Bridge: Magnificence and Mystery.”
6710 ALEGRE, MITCHELL R. Trinity Church, a Community of Faith.
5871 ANDERSON, MILDRED. The Old Rafting Place.
94 ANDERSON, MILDRED HILLS. “The Valley People.”
6566 APPLEBY, LARRY. Memories of Warsaw High.
6861 APPLEBY, LARRY. Remembering...the Farman Theatre.
5955 BALLINGER, DENISE. Time Again for the Pioneer Picnic.
6024 BANNISTER, DORIS. The Town of Middlebury.
6783 BARBER, PAUL. The Portage Bridge.
3131 BARBER, RAYMOND G. (Articles on 24th N.Y. Light Artillery: 5th N.Y. Cavalry; 44th N.Y. Infantry.)
3132 BARBER, RAYMOND G. "Civil War Roll of Honor ..."
6017 BARBER, RAY The Town of Java.
6509 BARBER, RAYMOND Wyo. Co. Civil War Soldiers.
6458 BARBER, RAY Wyoming County Sheriff's Posse.
6003 BARBER, VERNON True Tales of Bliss to My Grandson David.
4651 BARNES, KATHERINE. "A Castile Landmark; The Van Orsdale House."
466 BARNES, KATHERINE. “Chronicles of Castile.”
590 BARROWS, Mrs. D.M. “The Silver Homestead.”
1972 BENHAM, F.H. "The Old Stone Mill at Lamont, N.Y."
501 BENHAM, FLOYD H. “Early Yates Settlement and an Indian Stage Robbery.”
4663 BENHAM, FLOYD H. “Covered Bridge.”
6506 BISHOP, LEWIS The War of 1812 on the Niagara Frontier.
1973 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "The Bradley; Warsaw Salt Community."
600 BISHOP, LEWIS H. “The South Warsaw Story.”
601 BISHOP, LEWIS H. “Warsaw's Crystal Brook.”
602 BISHOP, LEWIS H. “Martinville.”
3139 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Warsaw Veterans of the Spanish-American War."
6059 BISHOP, LEWIS H. Warsaw's Places of Public Accommodation.
3399 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "South Warsaw School."
3400 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Warsaw's Cobblestone Masonic Temple."
4653 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Our Architectural Heritage."
4894 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Warsaw's Early Singing Schools and Musical Societies."
3694 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "The Libraries of Warsaw."
3165 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "The Letchworth Rifles."
1974 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Warsaw's Relyea Creek and Its Industries."
1975 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "The Salt Industry of Wyoming County."
1976 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "The Saltvale Settlement, Town of Middlebury."
3398 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Madame Broughton: Warsaw Educator Extraordinary."
2396 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "History of Telephone Operation in Warsaw."
2291 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Stagecoach Cays at Warsaw."
2894 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Annals of the Warsaw Fire Department."
2896 BISHOP, LEWIS H. "Warsaw's Gas & Electric Facilities."
6567 BISHOP, LEWIS H. Warsaw's Cobblestone School.
6058 BISHOP, LEWIS H. `Ringing Through the Valley'; Tower Clocks and Bells of Warsaw.
6057 BISHOP, LEWIS H. Once Stood Chace's Mill....
6055 BISHOP, LEWIS H. Elbert Eli Farman.
6056 BISHOP, LEWIS H., and ANITA RIPSTEIN The Frank Family of Warsaw.
567 BOWEN, H.M. “The Thomas Dole House in Pike.”
568 BOWEN, H.M. “Great Pike Fire of 1909.”
6510 BOYER, AMY The Civil War Monument.
477 BRADLEY, HORACE. “Memories of Pearl Creek.”
468 BRADT, MARGARET J. “Early Castile.”
6037 BRIGHAM, ALBERT PERRY. Trivial Memories of a College Professor.
604 BROOKS, H.J. “Amzi Wright--Pioneer and Patriot,”
6025 BROWN, RICHARD H. The Stantons of Middlebury.
5862 BURBANK, JUDIA. A Time to Remember.
469 BURLINGHAM, CHARLES D. “Statement of Charles D. Burlingham.”
99 BURNAP, MILTON. “St. Helena in the 1850's.”
6038 BUSH, BONNIE. The Last Day.
559 CAFFREY, BESSEY WHITMAN. “Tale of the Checkerboard Tavern.”
618 CAFFREY, BESSEY WHITMAN. “More Memories of James L. Blodgett,”
4107 CAHILL, DAVID. St. Patrick's Parish, Java Center, 1828-1954.
6060 CAHILL, EMMETT. The Shipmans of Warsaw.
6466 CAPWELL, ALLEN L. A Time in September.
5956 CARLTON, JUVENILIA. This Life I Live.
5979 CHAFFEE, E.E. Wolf in the Night.
591 CHAPMAN, RUSHA M. “West of Silver Lake in Pioneers Days.”
6039 CONLEY, RAYMOND and DAVID ROCHE, compilers. St. Joseph Cemetery, Perry, N. Y.
3401 COOK, HELEN M. "The Sponsor Keeps a Diary."
6267 COOK, TOM. Remembering a Genesee Lumber Camp.
584 COON, WILLIAM H. “The Pioneer of Varysburg.”
478 CROMWELL, FRANCES. “A Pioneer Family of Covington.”
514 CUTLER, JOSHUA E. “Extracts from the Diary of Joshua E. Cutler,” ed. Howard C. Lyon.
6046 DAY, JULIA PEARL KEENEY. Backward Turn Backward.
5992 DEGOLYER, CALVIN S., Jr. Another View of Castile.
6522 DEGOLYER, CALVIN. The Castile Community Club.
6268 DEGOLYER, CALVIN. Whaley's Saw Mill.
5991 DEGOYLER, CALVIN. The House Above the Valley.
1100 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "Erin's Sons in Java."
4235 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "Centennial of Methodism in Arcade."
6344 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. Perry, a New York Mill Town, 1902, the Tale of a Girl Reporter.
6569 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. Early Rural Schools.
4801 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “Stowell-Miles Art Gallery.”
620 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “The Epic of James Lewis Blodget;”
621 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “Earlier Days at Wethersfield Springs.”
2379 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "The Newspapers of Wyoming County."
5975 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. The Cemeteries of the Town of Arcade.
517 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “Java Vigilance Society.”
4054 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "The Baptists of West Middlebury."
6018 DOUGLASS, HARRY. The Warners, Pioneers of Java.
515 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “The Barbers of Java.”
516 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “Curriers through the Years.”
579 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “Among Sheldon Pioneers.”
4390 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "Congregationalism in Arcade: Sesquicentennial of United Church Observed."
502 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “Glimpses of Gainesville, 1805-1955.”
583 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “Strykersville Sketches.”
605 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “A Notable Landmark: The Seth M. Gates House, Erected in 1824, Home of the Warsaw Historical Society.”
606 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “Warsaw's Pioneer Days and Ways.”
607 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “The Days of Dale.”
492 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “Bliss, Then and Now.”
493 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “This Once Was Eagle.”
3698 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "Attica's Stevens Memorial Library."
592 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “Yesteryears at Silver Lake.”
3726 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. Wyoming Historical Pioneer Association, 1872-1952."
4050 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. Warsaw Baptist Sesquicentennial.
4055 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. First Wyoming Baptist Church, 1810-1960.
3093 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “A New Birth of Freedom.”
2984 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “The Legend of William Morgan.”
438a DOUGLASS, HARRY S. “Reflections in an 1850 Mirror.”
2208 DOUGLASS, HARRY S. "The Indomitable Arcade & Attica."
6027 DUMBLETON, CINDY. Gas Lamps in the Village.
569 FAIRBANK, CALVIN. “Early History of Pike.”
6004 FANCHER, LUCIA. The Town of Eagle.
6066 FANCHER, LUCIA. Growing Up Memories.
431 FISHER, PEARL N. “Famous People Who Have Visited Wyoming County.”
432 FISHER, PEARL N. “Anecdotes & Stories of Wyoming County.”
6424 FOOTE, GLENN. Rural Mail Route Delivery.
4817 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Carlos Leonardo Stebbins."
4926 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "The Great Philadelphia Circus that Came to Pike in 1840."
3074 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Military Affairs in Pike."
1977 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "The Early Foundries of Wyoming County."
3404 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Seminary Days in Pike."
1048 FRENCH, ROBERT M. Merchandizing New Lands.
494 FRENCH, ROBERT M. “Wing Street-A Cradle for Emancipation.”
570 FRENCH, ROBERT M. “A.P. Sherril and His Country Emporium.”
562 FRENCH, ROBERT M. “John Garnsey--Pioneer Settler and Mexican War Veteran.”
571 FRENCH, ROBERT M. “Early Days in Pike, 1806-1906.”
4243 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "The First and Second Methodist Episcopal Churches of Pike."
4655 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Decades at 'The Maples.'"
440a FRENCH, ROBERT M. “Obed Thornton, the Last of the Pioneers.”
3909 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "A Doctor of the Old School, Wallace J. French, M.D."
6045 FRENCH, ROBERT. A Pioneer Village.
573 FRENCH, ROBERT M. “The Three Musketeers of Pike.”
5960 FRENCH, ROBERT M. Thoughts on Pioneer Living and the Role of the Pioneer Woman.
4024 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Temporal Affairs of a Pioneer Church."
4341 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "Pioneer Presbyterian Missionary at Pike."
1505 FRENCH, ROBERT M. “'And the Smoke of Their Burning Rose up Ever.'“
575 FRENCH, ROBERT M. “Pike Folk Lore.”
2294 FRENCH, ROBERT M. "The Olean. Trail."
471 FULLER, LENA TOWNE. “Castile Five Corners Area.”
479 GAYTON, SAMUEL D. “A Brief History of the Old Town of Covington.”
1283 GAYTON, SAMUEL. "Pioneer Thresher."
595 GAYTON, SAMUEL. D. “Pioneer Picnics in the Gay Nineties.”
433 GAYTON, SAMUEL D. “Queer Travellers of the Highway.”
550 GAYTON, SAMUEL D. “Quakertown, Past and Present.”
3816 GREENE, EDWARD. "Recollections of Early Days at the Water Cure with Dr. Cordelia Greene."
6345 GREGORY, DAVID. Wolf Creek Water Power.
6704 GROVER, JOHN. Saint Michael's R. C. Church.
6238 GROVER, NICKY. Farming in the 1860's-1890's.
3405 HEILBRONNER, LESLIE L. "Perry Graduates 75th Class."
3012 HERRICK, J.P. “Story of a Noble Life: Rev. Calvin Fairbank and His Work for the Slaves.”
4658 HOLZSCHUH, ELAINE M. "Barn Vent."
6681 HOY, FRANCIS. 175th Anniversary, First Baptist Church, Attica, N. Y.
472 HURD, NORMAN G. “Early Castile.”
5987 JANISH, ALMA. The Town of Bennington.
3134 JOHNSON, JOHN W. "A Sheldon Soldier in the Civil War."
536 JONES, FRANKLIN P. “Civil War Years in Middlebury as Seen through the Diary of Franklin P. Jones.”
6484 JONSON, GEORGE WASHINGTON. A Journey to Arcade by Buffalo Abolitionist, 1844.
6426 KILBURN, JANICE. Cowlesville Post Office Celebrates 150th Anniversary.
5963 KINGSLEY, EFFIE M.C.S. The Flood of July 4, 1902.
5964 KIRCHGRABER, R. NORMAN. The Conway-Dundon History.
6493 KIRK, JANE. Susan Look Avery, Nineteenth Century Reformer.
3818 KURTZ, DONALD. "The Warsaw Sanitarium."
2971 KUTOLOWSKI, KATHLEEN SMITH. “Identifying the Religious Affiliations of Nineteenth Century Local Elites.”
6346 KUTTER, HUBERT L. Eugene P. Norton and the Pineapple Cheese Factory.
5980 KUTTER, HUBERT. The Attica Earthquake of 1929.
6603 LANE, DAVID M. Warsaw Public Library.
622 LANG, GLADYS M. “Life at Barney's Pond, Wethersfield.”
1056 LEWIS, SIMEON D. "Land Policies in Wyoming County."
480 LYON, FLORENCE. “Wormwood and Goose Grease.”
519 LYON, FLORENCE. A Memorable Trip.
6570 LYON, FLORENCE. Village School.
6020 LYON, FLORENCE. A Lyon Growls.
6275 LYON, FLORENCE. Come to the Fair.
518 LYON, FLORENCE. “Sweet Sugar-time Memories.”
520 LYON, HOWARD C. “Tales from North Java.”
521 LYON, HOWARD C. “The Southburg: Williamsburg, Town of Java.”
522 LYON, HOWARD C. “Memories of North Java.”
523 LYON, HOWARD C. “The Fire: May Nature Use Its Power for Retribution?”
6028 MACDOWELL, MRS. CHARLES. The Board Walk.
436 MacWETHY, LOU D. “Great Men in the Eyes of a Boy.”
6249 MAHONEY, VELMA WINTER. Dad Was a Thresher, Story of Charles E. Winter.
481 MARTIN, VIAHNETT SPRAGUE. “A Belated 'Thank You' to My First American Teacher.”
482 MARTIN, VIAHNETT SPRAGUE. “Wyoming County Memories.”
484 MARTIN, VIAHNETT SPRAGUE. “We Had a Cadillac--1906.”
5977 MASON, JEFFREY C. The Town and Village of Arcade.
6721 MATSON, JANET, and NORMA SPENCER. Building with God Through the Years; Sesquicentennial Celebration Brick Presbyterian Church, Perry, N. Y. 1834-1984.
2211 MATTESON, HENRY C. "Early Days on the B.A. & A. Railroad."
2972 McELWAIN, JOHN A. “1820 Election in Warsaw.”
6325 MCGUIRE, GORDON. To Union Organize?
3135 McGUIRE, GORDON. "Wyoming County's Last Civil War Veteran."
486 McKEEVER, WINIFRED W. “Early Days in Covington.”
5981 MCQUILKIN, KATHERINE GAY. The Attica We Once Knew....
3904 MEACHEM, JOHN G. "Story of a Doctor: The Autobiography of Dr. John G. Meachem, Sr."
4408 MERKLE, GRACE, and ARDETH MENGS. "After Ninety Years: Immanuel Evangelical & Reformed Church of Orangeville."
5982 MERLE, WILLIAM J. A Historical Sketch of the Merle Family Read at Their First Reunion, August 22, 1925.
6062 MILLAR, MELVILLE B. Liberty Street.
4025 MILLEN, Mrs. James. "Baptist Organizations in Pike."
3136 MILLER, CHARLES F. "With the 6th New York Cavalry in the Civil War."
5998 MILLIGAN, KAREN C. The Town of Covington.
6609 MOAG, IMOGENE. Covington Historical Society's 25th Anniversary.
5999 MOAG, VIOLA. A Child's Leisure Long Ago.
495 MOORE, WILLIAM. “Autobiography of William Moore.”
6261 MORGAN, WILLIAM J. Apples in the Oatka Valley.
6216 MORGAN, WILLIAM J. The Irish of Pearl Creek.
976 MORRIS, THOMAS. “Mementoes of Western Settlement. Narrative of Events in the History and Settlement of Western New York, in the Personal Recollections of Thomas Morris, Esqu. Communicated by Henry O'Rielly.”
6021 MORSE, JACOB. Early Letters from Java.
6467 MOTZ, LORA WINCHESTER. Feelings - Reactions.
6610 MURPHY, Mr. and Mrs. J. Leonard. Attica Historical Society.
6250 NEVINGER, CHET. Steam Versus Man Power in 1918.
6005 NOBLE, FRANK. Bliss, New York.
6006 NOBLE, FRANK. One Hundred Years of Bliss.
6007 NOBLE, FRANK. The Streets of Bliss.
5965 NOBLE, FRANK. Con-Artists, Swindlers, and Crooks.
538 ORTON, HEMAN H. “A Student at Middlebury Academy, 1835-1836.”
6663 OVERTON, WAHNETTA H. The Alpha Omega Class of 1936 WCCH.
6683 PADDOCK, EARL. Sixty Years of Church Life.
1335 PAGE, HENRY N. "Fair Facts,"
485 PAINE, Mrs. Floyd. “Covington Observes Anniversary.”
5993 PHILLIPS, ERCIL. Old Inns Never Die....
3102 PIERSON, WELLINGTON K. “Wyoming County during the Civil War.”
3701e PITTSFORD. Community Library. A Pioneer Library.
6347 PLOWE, LAUREEN. Wyoming County National Bank.
4262 POSTE, DONALD E. “Centenary of Free Methodism, 1860-1960.”
4268 POSTE, DONALD E. "Centennial of the First Free Methodist Church of Perry."
6011 PRENTICE, JACK. `The Little House.'
3411 PUTNAM, JULIA. "Early Schools of Warsaw."
6400 REDDY, WILLIAM L. Tonawanda Valley and Cuba Railroad `Inspection.'
6012 REINSTEIN, JULIA BOYER. A Memory Garden.
3412 REYNOLDS, CAROLINE. "Belles-Lettres from Middlebury-1844-1845."
580 REYNOLDS, Mrs. George. “The Johnsonburg Story.”
551 REYNOLDS, Mrs. George. “A Century-Old Farm.”
6053 RICE, BETTY. Silver Lake and the Postal Card.
6041 RICE, BETTY. European Immigration into Perry Community 1940-1950.
4429 RICE, CLARK T., and BETTY. "Perry Universalist Society and Church, 1807-1968."
6739 RICE, ELIZABETH HIDDEMEN. The Shaker Peddler.
4827 RICE, ELIZABETH. "The Silver Image--Photography in Ferry."
6348 RICHARDSON, C. KIHM. Manufacture of Syrup Cans at Java Village.
6022 RICHARDSON, C. KIHM. Memories of Java & Strykersville.
6729 RING, WILSON S. The Kibbe's and the Currier's Church.
6572 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. The Schoolhouse at Harris.
6051 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. A Village in the Valley.
5875 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. Forever in the Valley.
6641 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. The Doctor and His Medicine.
5983 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. Tongues of Fire; Fires of Attica.
6571 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. Gone...But Not Forgotten.
6050 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. Straub's Hotels.
6245 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. J. S. Barnes & Sons.
6778 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. Bricks Are Forever....
6461 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. The Attica Fire Department.
6468 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. The Gray Walls.
6210 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. Slaves Upon the Purchase.
4666 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. “Good-bye Forever, Ellis Chesbro.”
6242 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. Hard Times - Good Times.
6514 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. Dragoons....
5967 RIPSTEIN, ANITA. The Conables of Wyoming County.
5968 RIPSTEIN, ANITA GEPHART. Crime and Justice.
5969 RIPSTEIN, ANITA GEPHART. The Earth Moves.
5988 RIPTSTEIN, ANITA M. The Wolf Howls: The First Settlement of Bennington.
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